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Topic: Best of the Magic Café
Message: Posted by: Geoff Weber (Apr 17, 2003 08:50AM)
I would like to see a new Archive section created with the title above. There are some threads I have read that are of such interest and merit, that I think they need to be forever preserved in an easily accessible location. One such thread is the Expert Card Technique thread where PChosse has described a fascinating history of this book. I think I'm not the only one who finds this thread and several others threads to be of exceptional quality... If this archive becomes established, threads could be nominated for "Best of" status in the "speak to the manager" forum... If they recieved the nessicary number (say 10 or more) of seconds and thirds, then it becomes archived, (but not locked)
Message: Posted by: Paul Chosse (Apr 17, 2003 09:54AM)
Great Idea! I think there should be some sort of rating method though, lest everyone who likes something nominates and we wind up with yet another unwieldy section.

Best, PSC
Message: Posted by: Uli Weigel (Apr 17, 2003 11:17AM)
Very good idea, Geoff!
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Apr 17, 2003 12:43PM)
maybe a downloadable PDF or CD?
Message: Posted by: Alessandro Scotti (Apr 18, 2003 09:32AM)
I like the idea too!
So far I've been "archiving" the most interesting posts myself but that gets messed up very quickly... count another vote in! :)
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (May 4, 2003 01:27AM)
Very cool idea.

I like it.

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 4, 2003 01:48AM)
I won't make any promises, but will honestly give this idea some thought. Thanks for the input everyone. :smoke:
Message: Posted by: ebyrne (May 23, 2003 06:59PM)
I'd like to show support for this too. I just recently joined the forum and have spent days wading through lots of posts, but have only made a dent in the new ones. There is definitely some great stuff here that would be well suited to a best forum. Perhaps we could also only include the important posts too. I know its not nice to cut people out, but sometimes there is a lot of: "Great idea.", "I love it.", or "Please tell me more."

My number one nomination for this forum is pchosse's post on ECT.

-Gene :bg:
Message: Posted by: Dragona (May 23, 2003 08:06PM)
I too want to see something like this. It is a very good idea Geoff.
Message: Posted by: xicepik (May 26, 2003 11:24AM)
I had the same idea Geoff.. You are reading my mind ! Stop it! :bg:

Seriously, it's really good for beginners like me.. :)
Message: Posted by: Dave Le Fevre (May 27, 2003 06:06AM)
Excellent idea!

And the moment that I saw the title of this thread, Paul Chosse's ECT thread came to mind as a top candidate.

Message: Posted by: JMagi (May 30, 2003 07:16PM)
I'll add my support. I don't post very often to the Café but I enjoy reading the excellent posts that pop up now and then.