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Topic: "rRview" of 'Found' tour Coventry UK 17th Oct 2008
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Oct 18, 2008 05:10PM)
Last night I made the trek in to Coventry city to a pup called :the tin angel; on Medieval Spon Street.

Quick bit of background. This is the first FOUND (www.foundmagazine.com) Magazines European tour. They .found・ Brett some years ago and kidnapped him taking him on tour for a few weeks. Then they decided to drag him over to Europe to perform with them. For those of you who don・t know what the heck FOUND magazine is:- it is described as :a community arts program; that normal people all over the world can contribute to. It started when Davy Rothbart was left a note V well not for him but for :Mario; on Davy・s car. He started collecting notes that were :floating; around in public. Lost notes and all kinds. The found magazine is a collection of funny stories, sad and moving stories and darn right RUDE stories (well in Dirty FOUND anyway). All captivating and hard to put down! But that is not what I am :reviewing; KK.. so on to the showKK.

Well the beer was hot and the crowd ColdK.. not the best combination! The comment of the night came from Peter (Davys brother V not that this will help but hey!) he paused half way though his second song and looked at the crowd and said :what is up with you guys you look bloody miserable V did someone die in here in the last 4 hours;. It really was a slow crowed HARD work for all of the people performing.

So a quick synopsis of the night:-

Brett V starts the show with some great side show stuff (review to follow).
Davy V introduces FOUND and reads some of his favourites.
Pete V Closes the show with some songs based on found notes.

I won・t be reviewing the parts from Davy and Pete V other than GREAT stuff and if you get chance to see the show V go to it! Well worth the entry fee!

Down to business:-


What can you say about Brett V well you could say :he was the son of a preacher man!;. You could say he needs a hair cut, you could try to get him to say :Hi I・m Brett Loudermilk, and I am an addict; (you would need to get him to add in V to red Bull!). You could say lots of things V but what interests me the most (and why I went over there) was to seeing him perform. Yes I have seen him on you tube etc and all the publicity stuff but I wanted a live show V well I got it! Not from the audience particularly V like I already said V TOUGH crowd! Not very responsive and hard work.

So to the business that they call the showKK.

Bret introduced himself V gave a bit of a history told us all about good old uncle :atheist preacher faith healer / con man; really setting the scene and :giving reason; for some of the things he did V I really liked the story he wove and brought us in to his world!
He started with Blockhead V it went down really well! Really grossed them out V his patter was fluid and well rehearsed! He then went on and asked for a lighter V FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY K.. a bloke form the bar WAKS over to the stage are and hands him the lighter V despite the fact that he had his arm up to catch it. DOUGH to subtle for Coventry! He used the lighter to spark up a fire breathing stunt! Great control!. What I really liked was his :magic trick; taking he flame and throwing it up catching it back on the lighter! Not because it was fun or cool V but funny BUT more than that he followed it by SHOVING the lighter up his NOES! I swear down the women to the right of the stage jumped out of her seat and screamed! And she had the :best view; in terms of seeing how he did it (if that makes sense V IE she should have been the least likely to be surprised) I guess what I am saying is FANTASTIC technique and VERY polished.

Bret sets the crowd up well V he tells us he wanted to be a con man just like his uncle- but he cant lie! So had to get in to sideshow. He has a FANTASTIC grasp of crowd psychology and it was GREAT to see him work.

He moved on to do mouse trap on tongue a great little routine and again great patter. Lots of gags and sight gagsKK

Then we move on to the real work of the show. He pulls out his Back scratcher and gives his back a scratch V he goes on to sort out he niggly scratch at the back of the throat :kind of like I・ve got a pube stuck or something; the girls at eh back of the pub were making googly eyes at him! Then he swallows the thing!

He moved on to swallow his swords. His first sword is his smallest V he again weaves a tale and brings us in to his world V I am sure the punters were not aware of this but it was great to see him work so well (and so *** hard!). He lubes up he swallows he get his applause V he gets it out and wipes his mouth (that・s right isn・t it Brett? Its all in the mouth wipe you said V you get that bit in and you win!). His second sword he gets an audience member up to pull the sword out V he works her well and it goes well V UNTIL the removal of the sword (lots of jokes and by play) then she pulls the sword out it drops and bangs his teeth! Her face was a picture! She FREAKED out!

He moves on to his final sword V a wobbly bladed BIG one! VERY scary to look at V some great history of the sword and the reason for its shape V all feeling quite rough at this point!. He swallows it and his neck wobbles like a jelly V audience flips (as in goes quiet! V it was a great response really but did not feel like it or sound like it in many ways but if a pub is quiet in Coventry SOMETHING BIG IS GOING ON!)

Then on to his finale V Brett makes a balloon willy (rhymes with clock for you American boys and girls) V oh may be that is not the finale V he goes on and swallows a fully inflated modelling balloon. Completely gob smacked the punters! Fantastic work from Brett, he really did a great job with a tough crowd!

It was a pleasure to see him working and we had a great night hanging out before this show (well I did V can・t speak for him really!). I got to see lots of pictures of his life and stuff! Some pictures of his family and girlfriend V lovely bunch of people ;) He has some great pictures! Isn・t that right Brett? ;)

The FOUND guys then came on to do their thing V I have to be honest it was a tough act to follow. The simple folk of Coventry were rather impressed by Brett・s skills. I・m sure he would have got some 'offers' if you know what I mean ;) Not much in tips though - UK not used to tipping!

If anyone in the UK and Europe can get to see the FOUND show I would strongly recommend it!

So that・s my bit on Brett and the FOUND tour from Coventry on the 17the October 2008.

GREAT JOB BRETT! And The rest of the FOUND crew.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Oct 18, 2008 06:17PM)
That's our boy! Great review Dave (though hard to read, are you using a Bulgarian keyboard?

Brett the new major STAR of Personal Stunting. :) Woo Hoo!!!
Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Oct 18, 2008 09:44PM)
Thanks so much for the kind words Dave. It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to cut up some jackpots.

You were at the WORST show of the tour. My act went down alright, I guess, but Davy and Peter bombed, and seeing them bomb is a once in a lifetime experience, it's like seeing the well oiled machine fall apart. The entire audience was just mean mugging us. At one point in the show a dunk guy on the street starts p*$$ing in the window of the venue. Wow. Good stuff, and trust me the night only got crazier.

NEVER go to Coventry if you can help it, such a weird ass place.

Again, Dave you were awesome, thanks for coming out. I hope you enjoy the book.

Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Oct 18, 2008 10:01PM)
Oh and the atheist preacher is my grandfather (who is alive and well)(Doug has even chatted with him) not uncle.

Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Oct 19, 2008 04:23AM)
On 2008-10-18 23:01, Freak Prodigy wrote:
Oh and the atheist preacher is my grandfather (who is alive and well)(Doug has even chatted with him) not uncle.



So you noticed I was not really paying attention then? Did I insinuate that he was no longer with us? Sorry

No just have shocking memory - and shocking typing skills - oh and Im crap at this reading and writing thing! It's why I had to become a Dyslexia teacher - they are the only ones who understand me! :) I am not insulting dyslexics (I am one remember) and some of the best people in the world are dyslexic (did I mention I am dyslexic? :) )

Even thought they BOMBED they still did great - I really enjoyed it -

As I heard Jim Cellini say (several times - I think my DVD player was stuck on repeat) "You are only as good as your audience" So yes you were all SH!T :)

I feel like I should step in and defend Coventry! I blame the Germans! If they had done a proper job of levelling the place when they bombed it, it may have turned out better? Nah I dont think so either! And I dont have anything else on defending Coventry.

Just to put it in to perspective During Bretts part - he was dissing his home state West Virginia (well not dissing but just telling us how dull it was! And how your brothers and sisters are likely to be your Cousins too) When some woman at the back chips in with "NO Virginia is Great it's really COOL! I had to intervene - "are you from Coventry?" I asked - "yes" comes the oh so proud reply. The ONLY thing I could say was "well that explains it then!"

I have to say that I love Coventry! I went to university there and after growing up in a small village it was like the centre of the universe (socially speaking). It is also the place I first got laid and also I got engaged there (NOT at the same time I might add quickly). But the people have always been a little ..... erm ....... shall we say slow. Mmmm this is not a good advert for me and my degree from Coventry University is it? May be I would not have got a BSc from anywhere else :).

It was a shame that the audience were not good but it was a GREAT night out and if I can get to see them again on this European tour I WILL and will try to get to see them again next time they are over.