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Topic: "Blockbuster" By Jay Sankey
Message: Posted by: Review King (Oct 23, 2008 12:30PM)
Jay has a new release. Check out the video clip.

From Jay

"The new KING KONG of card tricks is here! 'BLOCKBUSTER' has arrived!!!

Order it NOW for JUST $32.00! Save an AMAZING 20% on the regular $40.00 price!


A signed playing card OR signed business card appears nailed to a block of wood!

Last month we shipped out a handful of pre-release copies and the comments have been incredible!

"Sankey is a true genius! I really admire the simplicity of Blockbuster and the practicality of the method. A real killer." -Franklin S.

"I developed an INSANE 2-card transposition handling with Blockbuster that makes people scream! Definitely my new favorite effect." - Keith T.

"Jay, you've done it again!" -Christopher L.

"There's only one problem with Blockbuster. There's no way to follow it! Love it! -Kelly T.

"Sankey's Blockbuster really IS the new king of card magic!" -Simon T.

"People don't know what hit them. One of the strongest routines I've ever performed." -Miko W.

"Blockbuster makes most card tricks look LAME in comparison. Brilliant!" -Brendan R.

"Blockbuster is going to be HUGE." -Hugh D.

"I killed with it last night at a friend's party. Used my business card. Really built it up and everybody went crazy. Totally hardcore." -Max G.

"Jay said it would blow my mind, and it did. Very clever! Real magic! -Alex F.

Order 'BLOCKBUSTER' right now and SAVE 20%!!

And if you order it today, we will ship it out in the next 24 HOURS because we have them IN STOCK RIGHT NOW!

Also, as SPECIAL ADDED BONUS we'll include a 1-page write-up of Keith Tanger's killer 2-card BLOCKBUSTER TRANSPOSITION for FREE! (I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it!)

Order BLOCKBUSTER today for JUST $32.00 and SAVE AN AMAZING 20%!

PS. I will NOT have BLOCKBUSTER with me at my upcoming lectures. Take advantage of this special offer today!
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Oct 23, 2008 01:07PM)
HA-HA!! I was getting worried.
I received my Sankey newsletter this morning for BLOCKBUSTER but couldn't find
the Official Kavanagh Press Release anywhere on the Café. Phew!

Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Oct 23, 2008 01:54PM)
Wish he would have shown a bit more of the effect on his release video.
Message: Posted by: Doctor D (Oct 23, 2008 02:25PM)
On 2008-10-23 14:54, MSD921 wrote:
Wish he would have shown a bit more of the effect on his release video.

Same here. As is, the critical moment has been cut out from the demo. I can see why, and I don't blame Jay for it, but it keeps me from making a well informed purchase.
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Oct 23, 2008 02:46PM)
Agreed Doctor D.
As per the usual, I will wait until someone can give a well-informed review...
Message: Posted by: SplitSpades11 (Oct 26, 2008 03:34PM)
On 2008-10-23 14:54, MSD921 wrote:
Wish he would have shown a bit more of the effect on his release video.
Definitely.I sure it still rocks though.
Message: Posted by: Magicsquared (Oct 26, 2008 08:55PM)
In my opinion, effects like these have a logical flaw. If you could make a card appear nailed to a block of wood, why would you only show the card once it's no longer nailed to the block of wood? In other words, why (beyond the fact the method necessitates it) would you remove the card and have them examine it, rather than have them look at the card while it's still attached to the block?

In that way, the image of a card nailed to a block of wood is almost TOO compelling because you can't allow them to see the card while it's still attached. It's like a linking card routine that ends with you saying, "In fact, the only way to separate these cards is to rip them apart." And then you hand them two unlinked cards to examine. Nobody cares about UNlinked cards, they wanted to see them when they were together.

Creating intriguing images and then destroying them (removing the card from the block, tearing apart the linked cards, smashing the bottle with the coin in it) has always struck me as a sad way to end a routine.
Message: Posted by: Alex Linian (Oct 27, 2008 12:49AM)
I could find it a logical sequence to link, then unlink, a set of cards while in the process ripping and restoring parts of them. With a convicing display of the linked phase, the entire demonstration could be interpreted as a coherent story about "Melting Cardboard" or something along those lines.

Simply ripping them after they are linked is an unfinished story created either by a showmanship mistake, or by a self indulgent performer, who doesn´t really care about sharing the moment with the audience.

This same flaw appears in Blockbuster, god knows why.

It is very much like performing a Haunted Deck until a card is halfway out of the deck... then picking up the entire deck while squaring it up, spreading through the cards until you get to the selected card, and handing it out for examination.


It is simply a badly told story.


I take back this commentary if Blockbuster doesn´t use (part of) David Williamson´s method for restoring a transposed card, done under a block of wood.

(the Missing "part" of Mr. Williamson´s method is a natural off-beat moment, replaced by editing in the demo and probably by possibly illogical patter during performance)