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Topic: Lowest prices for Johnson gaffs?
Message: Posted by: kcquinn50 (Oct 26, 2008 07:23PM)
I have found scoopsmagicshop.com to have the lowest prices on Johnson coin gaffs.
Although they don't carry any of the silver coins.
Does anyone know of a store with better prices?
I've been tempted to buy Tango, as it seems there quality is also good (from reading posts here), but scoops prices are so low on Johnson I'll probably go with them.
Message: Posted by: rochaz (Oct 27, 2008 08:17AM)

You may want to take a look at "www.i-magicnation.com"
I just recently purchased a Johnson CSB set from them for a very good price!
The best part is that I recieved my package in three days(w/minimal shipping costs)..... :)
Good Luck!

Best Regards,
Message: Posted by: walking_liberty (Oct 27, 2008 08:26AM)
Magic Warehouse stocks a lot of the silver johnson gaffs.

Message: Posted by: Jared Cassidy (Oct 27, 2008 04:31PM)
I recently picked up a couple silver Johnson gaffs from The Magic Warehouse and was impressed with the pricing....seemed to be about the same as I paid for some much lower quality Tango items elsewhere (the silver Johnson gaffs were much better in my opinion). Shipping time was very quick also.

Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Oct 28, 2008 08:15AM)
The warehouse has the best shipping in the world... I swear its like 2 days no matter what...

Message: Posted by: Hansel (Oct 28, 2008 08:35AM)
The Warehouse has great prices, good shipping and nice service!
Message: Posted by: kcquinn50 (Oct 28, 2008 08:06PM)
Okay, now I know what I want for Christmas. That walking liberty hopping half set at Magic Warehouse! That seems like an exceptional price considering the standard set goes for $60 to $65 at most sites. Thanks for the direction. Hard to do since most of you prefer mis-direction!
Message: Posted by: professorwhut (Oct 28, 2008 08:25PM)
The magic Warehouse ships faster than any other company I have ever done business with, amazing!
Message: Posted by: The Wizard of Hearts (Oct 28, 2008 11:32PM)
Don't get your hopes too far up...the Warehouse has been "OUT OF STOCK" on most of the Walker items for a long time now. Sorry. (You don't see OOS until you actually try to order one.)
Message: Posted by: Review King (Oct 30, 2008 04:56PM)
Angie over at http://www.topsmagic.com sells Johnson Hopping Halves for $50. Plus free shipping And...Angie is fantastic person to order from.

Here's the Johnson products page:
Message: Posted by: kcquinn50 (Oct 30, 2008 06:53PM)
Thanks, Christopher. That is the lowest price I've seen on Johnson HH. PLUS free shipping! Incredible.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Oct 30, 2008 11:48PM)
You're very welcome!