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Topic: Back on the street
Message: Posted by: RandomEffects (Apr 20, 2003 12:45AM)
Ok. You do not need to reply but I have had my first week back on the street after a REALLY LONG Boston winter. To those who do it, you know the joy of being back out there. To those who want to, don't let anything stop you from getting out there.
I had the worst show possible last Tuesday, strong wind, cheap people, forgot my Linking Rings (unforgivable, I know), and today i think I had the best time working the bricks that I have ever had!!! Just wanted to share the joy folks!!

Have fun and FAT HATS.

Message: Posted by: r4bid (Apr 20, 2003 07:52AM)
Great news Mat. I will try to get into the city and catch a show sometime soon.
Once it is over sixty consistently I am going on a Street Magic watching exodus (you, Danny, Gazzo if he is in town and anyone else I can find).