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Topic: Corporate Close Up 2 - New DVD
Message: Posted by: sileeni (Nov 3, 2008 07:57AM)
Hi All,

Just received a newsletter from Russ at rsvpmagic about a new DVD "Corporate Close Up 2", which looks really awesome Does anyone know a release date yet? You can see the trailer on his rsvp site at http://www.rsvpmagic.com

Best wishes,
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Nov 3, 2008 06:46PM)
So is the new DVD by Martin Sanderson?
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 3, 2008 08:00PM)
Here's a clip and contents. I have a few RSVP releases and love their style. The magic is always first rate. Real workers from Matthew Dowden, James Prince, Alex Moffat, etc.

Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 4, 2008 12:14AM)
Hi evolve629,

This is a completely new project from us and doesn't feature Martin, but does have eight top workers including SHaun McCree, Harry Robson, Quinten Reynolds, Iain Moran, Barrington Powell, Derek Lever, Chris Stevenson and Andy Dean.

After Corporate Close Up 1, we had a lot of requests from magicians that wanted more information about this type of work from a practical angle and this is what this new set is really about. Apart from featuring some great routines, the magicians all discuss their different approaches to subjects such as best opening effects, pocket management, arriving at a gig, dealing with the client, how to get staff on your side, the survival Kit, table approach, dealing with people that hate magic, closing effects, plus a lot more.

More information can be found at http://www.rsvpmagic.com

Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Nov 5, 2008 11:02AM)
Hi russ
glad to see you are producing the top notch products we all enjoy..
are these in stock ready to be sent out mate?
matt wainwright
Message: Posted by: D J Hawkins (Nov 5, 2008 11:26AM)
Looking forward to this. One point - Derek Lever has never struck me as being on the cutting edge of corporate close up ! Will be interesting to watch.

Message: Posted by: Martino (Nov 5, 2008 12:27PM)
Hi Russ,

You might want to change the spelling of Iain's name on your website and the trailer to the correct one before you release it!


Message: Posted by: Hart Keene (Nov 5, 2008 02:09PM)
I LOVED "Corporate Close Up" with Martin Sanderson, as well as "The Business" and "Mix'n'Mingle" with Shaun McCree.

I also have "Under Fire" by Harry Robson and felt that was nothing to write home about. I won't get into the reasons why at this time but I'm sure others might feel the same way if you compare it to other projects by RSVP.

I guess I just wonder if any of this is new. Many of the effects are taught elsewhere and I have a feeling that the info offered could also be re-hash if you are not just getting into magic. I could be wrong?

It just seems like the market keeps getting these "corporate"/"restaurant"/"make a living at magic" offerings that say the same things and have the same types of effects. I certainly wouldn't need to buy these for tricks but will I hear anything new as far as the info on working the corporate market?
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 5, 2008 04:40PM)
Hello Everyone,

Iain's name has been corrected for the DVDs which are currently being replicated, with a delivery time of about 17th-19th November when all pre-orders will be shipped out. As I'm currently in London, ready to fly out to Mindvention, you'll have to wait for the corrected teaser, but you can sleep well in the knowledge that all is in hand!

I think these DVDs have a very valid place in the market at the moment and will be of interest to both pros and beginners alike. What I like about the project is that it features the opinions of eight people who obviously have different performing styles and therefore different approaches to the subjects covered.

Although there are some great tricks and ideas featured, I think this set is about much more than just the tricks.

Message: Posted by: Adam Paul (Nov 6, 2008 05:45AM)
Really looking forward to seeing these - I've always been impressed with the other DVD's I've got from Russ - the fact that Iain Moran and Shaun McCree are featured is the icing on the cake!

Russ, this seems like a very big project and I'd be very interested in hearing how it was put together. Did you film each of the guys at their own gigs, or did you set one up yourself and get all the guys together at once?

It appears that the focus will be more on the business side of things than the tricks, which is fine by me. I must say, I think having several magicians give their views on various aspects is a great idea.

I'm going to get these as an early Christmas present to myself. Thanks Russ, looks like another great release from RSVP!

Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 6, 2008 05:57AM)
Hello Adam,

As the project deals with things other than performance, I got all the guys together in the studio and filmed them on the same day. You're right in that the project really does concentrate on the practical side of things, but there are some live performances and tricks explained along the way too. I think that Martin Sanderson's Corporate Close Up Volume 1 featured enough tricks, but didn't go into too much detail on the other side of things. Volume 2 addresses these things.

Thanks once again Adam for your support.

Message: Posted by: immr1drfl (Nov 8, 2008 12:38PM)
Russ do you have any ideas when these dvds will be out?
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 8, 2008 01:11PM)
On 2008-11-08 13:38, immr1drfl wrote:
Russ do you have any ideas when these dvds will be out?

On 2008-11-05 17:40, Russ Stevens wrote:

....the DVDs which are currently being replicated, with a delivery time of about 17th-19th November when all pre-orders will be shipped out.....
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 16, 2008 09:37AM)

Just to let everyone know, the first batch of orders for "Corporate Close Up 2" will be shipped tomorrow morning (Monday). Once again many thanks for your support and I hope you all enjoy the DVDs.

Message: Posted by: davidsira (Nov 16, 2008 04:45PM)
Cool can't wait :D
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 16, 2008 07:54PM)
Do the shops have this yet?
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 16, 2008 08:21PM)
Hi Chris,

Murphys will also get their shipment sent in the morning and should have them by about Thursday/Friday, so I would guess dealers would be getting them at the beginning of next week.

Message: Posted by: Adam Paul (Nov 20, 2008 10:25AM)
Anyone have theirs yet?

Message: Posted by: davidsira (Nov 20, 2008 11:01AM)
Yeh I got both volumes
Message: Posted by: Adam Paul (Nov 20, 2008 05:03PM)
On 2008-11-20 12:01, davidsira wrote:
Yeh I got both volumes

What are they like?

Any chance of a review?

Message: Posted by: davidsira (Nov 21, 2008 08:53AM)
They are good dvds with some great tricks on.

But I bought them for the advice more than tricks, but the advice given was more for beginners than people who want to do Corporate Close Up I throught .

I think the Corporate Close Up 1 with Martin Sanderson goes into more detail and has much more useful advice !
Message: Posted by: Futureal (Nov 21, 2008 06:05PM)
So Martin Sanderson isn't actually involved in these at all? Hocus-Pocus has the product listed with his name in the title.
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 21, 2008 07:04PM)
Hello Everyone,

For some reason the Hocus Pocus advertising is incorrect and although the DVD does feature as a bonus section, Martin's complete Ambitious Card Routine, it doesn't feature Martin at all. The magicians featured include SHaun McCree, Quinten Reynolds, Andy Dean, Iain Moran, Harry Robson and others.

I hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Futureal (Nov 22, 2008 05:19AM)
Does Quentin Reynolds talk about his teeth?

Message: Posted by: Quentin (Nov 22, 2008 10:51AM)
Very funny!

But thanks for mentioning the site. After I put it online, I forgot about it until about a year ago when a couple of magicians mentioned it to me. Since then I have had two speaking bookings from it and an enquiry to speak at a dentist's conference in 2009.
Message: Posted by: Montbeliard (Nov 28, 2008 09:43PM)
Hi Russ,
I noticed that on this DVD Harry Robson teaches Gang of Four, and it's inspired me to try out this great trick. However, the cheapest I can find it for is 13.50 for 12 cards - some are even charging 20! Is it really going to cost me a minimum of 1.12 every time I do this trick?! I realise for a working pro this is just another investment, but it seems a bit extortionate.

Do you know if there's somewhere you can buy decks of these cards, or significantly cheaper packs, or am I just going to have to suck it up and realise I've been priced out of this little gem?
Message: Posted by: magicbern (Nov 29, 2008 04:30AM)
You used to be able to buy refill packs of 12 from major dealers like Hank Lee but I guess they have been discontinued now. Perhaps they will be reissued as the trick may undergo a revival due to this DVD set.

Posted: Nov 29, 2008 5:41am This is the best deal I can find - from Penguin Magic
It retails for US$18.55 (and you can get another 10% off if you are repeat customer).
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 29, 2008 08:17AM)
Hi Montbellard,

Yes, I think that Magicbern probably has sourced the cheapest sets of refills from Penguin Magic. Expensive each time I know, but what a great routine!

Message: Posted by: magicbern (Nov 29, 2008 03:07PM)
ACtually I bought this from Meir yedid many years ago and at that time, he was selling a pack of dozen refills for only US$7.50. Fortunately, I had the foresight to buy 2 extra packs and so have around 30 left. I like the streamlined routine on Vol 1 as well as the use of the Trevor Duffy swivel force (one of the alternative forces taught in the original booklet that came with the trick!).

I've just watched the 1st volume and it is a well-presented and thoughtful combination of solid workers tricks and sage advice from top UK pros! It reminds me a bit of the Kozmo DVD set on Restaurant MAgic in terms of its comprehensive approach to a specific branch of close-up magic.

Also to reiterate a previous point: although MArtin Sanderson isn't involved throughout the series, his excellent Ambitious Card routine is included as a bonus on Disc 1 - together with detailed explanation!

Thanks again Russ for producing this set - I am definately thinking of branching into this area and this set - together with rsvp magic's earlier offerings by Martin Sanderson (Corporate Close Up and The Business) are excellent introductions melding inspiration with information. I find the relaxed and comparatively low-key style of UK magicians (including my friend Mark Leveridge) more suited to corporate functions here in Hong Kong. The more hyper style isn't too appropriate for the business culture here in this part of the world.
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Nov 29, 2008 07:28PM)
Hello Magicbern,

I'm really happy that you enjoyed Volume 1 of "Corporate Close Up 2". Our aim was to try and make these discs have information for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced professional and to also offer a range of effects as examples to some of the questions that are answered.

If you liked the other products that you mentioned, I suggest that you check out "Menu of Miracles" by James Prince, which also features some strong magic and performances that can be applied to both restaurant and corporate close up work. His "Mirrors" routine that we have an exclusive on, has now sold out again for the third time and is a great finish to any close up set.

Message: Posted by: Review King (Dec 12, 2008 06:30AM)
Magicbern, there is a review of the DVD set "Menu of Miracles" by James Prince here:


The "Mirrors" routine that Russ refers to is here with a trailer to watch:


I use the Mirrors in my work and the deck, changing to actual mirrors, in their hands, is a gasp getter. I used to use the Omni deck, but have found the reactions to the Mirrors, for me, more startling.

I wouldn't do a gig without them. And....you can easily slip one out of your pocket and give a glance to make sure all is perfect ( nostrils, mouth, etc. )