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Topic: Magic using Body
Message: Posted by: Franfran (Apr 20, 2003 09:18PM)
Hi guys,

I would like to know what is your favorite trick or illusion using your body and which can be done in an almost impromptu situation.

Mine are :

-Twisting arm illusion
-Finger thru ear (by Romaric)
-Pen thru cheek (by Andrew Mayne)

By "almost" impromptu I mean :

- No expensive gimmick (let's say no more than 20 bucks).
- Possibility to perform the trick almost everywhere.

I know, I'm exigent, but we have to be strong to survive !!! ;) ;)

Franfran :kermit:
Message: Posted by: Koji Takada (Apr 20, 2003 09:39PM)

"Balducci levitation"
"Thumbs" (DC has performed at his stage"U!")

Message: Posted by: Symmatrix (Apr 20, 2003 10:10PM)
And so is "King Rising."

Symmatrix :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: lewis (Apr 21, 2003 02:42AM)
Look in Art of Astonishment!

Within your Reach,
False Count,
Also, Finger Fantasies.

Message: Posted by: Franfran (Apr 21, 2003 05:04PM)
So, no more people using their body to impress people? Come on, guys!
Message: Posted by: chappelly (Apr 21, 2003 05:48PM)
There's heaps of stuff in 'Tricks With Your Head.'
One of the best is Headless Wonder. It is brilliant. My kids use it when they go to McDonalds. We've had many smiles, gasps and laughs with it. BTW there's heaps of fun magic in this book.

Message: Posted by: ScottSullivan (Apr 21, 2003 06:42PM)
The twisting arm got me on TV and has made people scream and run out of the room so I guess that's my favorite. I still worry when I perform it, though. It's shocking but then seems too easy to back-track.
Message: Posted by: JC33 (Apr 21, 2003 07:55PM)
I perform David Harkey's Goldfinger. Impromptu and very cool.
Message: Posted by: Franfran (Apr 21, 2003 10:40PM)
Basically, what is the effect ???
Message: Posted by: Andrew Wong (Apr 22, 2003 02:32AM)
I like to perform the thumb thru ear from 'Tricks With Your Head', it's great!!
Message: Posted by: JC33 (Apr 22, 2003 05:23AM)
Franfran, if you were asking me...Harkey's Goldfinger principle has many applications. The most basic is removing your ring finger which allows your ring to fall to a table or the floor. You then restore your finger. It can be found in his book Simply Harkey.
Message: Posted by: KC (Apr 22, 2003 07:19AM)
It's more of a psychic stunt instead of a magic trick, but you could stop your pulse.

Message: Posted by: Felix Farrell (Apr 24, 2003 10:08AM)
Hello Franfran,

I am a great fan of "Body Magic", and created some body-effects of my own, that I published in my books (until now only available in German language). If you can read German, please send me a mail, and I can give you additional information (I don't want to "advertise" my books here).

As you come from France, you might know Boris Wild. I showed him some of my "Body-Magic" when I was lecturing on a Dutch convention...

Is Finger thru ear (by Romaric) the same as thumb thru ear from 'Tricks With Your Head'? Is it published anywhere?

Best Regards / Felix
Message: Posted by: Ron Crumley (Apr 24, 2003 11:06AM)
A great spectator involved effect is Angel Eyes from the Jaw Dropper series.

Sure, it's an old effect but when it's done with the right presentation, not only is the "victim spectator" completely fooled, but the rest of your audience has a lot of fun being in on "the know".

In short:
Magician (M) stands (or sits) directly in front of the spectator (S). M assures the S that they will in no way be hurt, but that they are about to experience the touch of an angel.

M "practices" with the S by pointing his two index fingers at the S eyes, slowly bringing them straight forward, toward the S eyes. The M tells the S to close their eyes just before his fingers reaches the S eyelids.
To make sure the S understands, the move is practiced, with the M ending up lightly touching the S eyelids with his two index fingers. (fill in appropriate patter and personal direction during this period)

After the "practice", the real experience is ready to begin.

As before, the M slowly talks his way through to the S as his fingers slowly approach the S eyes. At the instant the S closes their eyes (as reheased) the M immediately switches from using two index fingers, to using his index finger AND the third finger of the same hand. (exactly duplicating the same touch positioning as the two index fingers) This leaves the other hand (whichever is easiest for you to use) to lightly touch the S on the top of the head.

The instant the M has touched the S head, the M immediately (but w/o tale-tell movement) brings his "head touching hand" back into eye-lid-touching position and is actually slowly moving his two index fingers away from the S eyes as he/she is opening them.

Let the impression set in for a moment as the S deals with the impossibility of what they just experinced, and that the rest of the audience is enjoying since they're "in the know". In the right situations, this can be repeated to the same S.

You can also send a couple of audience members out of the room to be additional "victims" before performing the first "touch" in order to be able to do it for more than one person.

You can have a lot of fun with this piece of impromptu body magic.

Message: Posted by: jlibby (Apr 24, 2003 10:11PM)
I haven't performed the Twisting Arm illusion in years. I really must start doing it again. I bought the booklet when it was first published and I remember FRYING a couple of magician friends with it! They asked me to do it again and again and couldn't figure it out! Ahhh, memories!

I also recently worked out a presentation for the Pen through the Lip, using John Cornelius' prop. I really need to try it out on some people. I'll let you know.

See ya!
Joe L.
Message: Posted by: LordM (Feb 4, 2005 12:31PM)
Twsiting arm is the best that I know. I got popular when I was on school because everyone was floored by that effect. It's a killer.
Message: Posted by: GeorgeSantos (Feb 4, 2005 08:50PM)
Check out Andrew Mayne's Body Morphin'
Message: Posted by: JoaoPedro (Feb 5, 2005 10:39AM)
I think the best routine you can have is "Finger Fantasies" by Meir Yedid. Buy the DVD! It's completely "gimmickless" and if you've seen Meir Yedid doing it you know what are the reactions! It's completely impromptu yet a little complicated in what concerns to angles...
Give it a try ;) !
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Feb 6, 2005 08:57AM)
Eyeball washing.

Pretend to remove your eyeball. Keep the eye close.
Place it in your mouth and roll it around.
Remove it, buff it on your sleeve and replace it in it's socket.

Nice gag and kids love it.
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Feb 6, 2005 11:15AM)
Here are a few ideas,

- Bend the index finger and place the knuckle against a closed eye. Twist the knuckle and gind your teeth. It's a nice way to NOT get that big date!

- The old audience warm up trick where they twist their arms together and you are able to twist yours back. (Copperfield does it in almost every show)

- The hypnosis audience warmup where the two index fingers are pulled together by invisible magnets in the fingertips.

- Plastic cup under the arm....a great way to audibly break a wrist!

I'll post again if I can remember any more which haven't already been said!

- Chris
Message: Posted by: nique (Feb 6, 2005 11:16AM)
Here's some effects I use in my walkaround work which uses no props. I feel it's nice to insert such effects in between the more conventional mentalism effects I perform.

Ron Crumley mentioned Angel Eyes... and I do a version of that, in which the spectator feels someone tapping them on their back and breathing down their neck. I usually perform this when alone with someone (audience management is the crux of this method), as many a time they suspect someone else touched them.

Another effect I perform is my variation of Banachek's PK Touches. I'm using a more streamlined and direct handling, getting it as close as I can to the one performed by Derren Brown.

Another one from my repertoire is a effect where a spectator's arms rise on their own, upon my suggestion. This handling is solely based on suggestion and audience management, but in my experience of performing it I'd say works 90% of the time. I'm proud of this one, as the spectator just stares helplessly as their arms start rising in front of them. It's quite a sight.

Message: Posted by: bnadworn (Feb 6, 2005 10:37PM)
I remove my ring finger after complaining it is wiggling about. Run the finger up my sleeve and then replace it. Follow up by removing my tongue.

If I have a cloth (I usually do shows with a cape) I can remove one leg and then the other behind the cape (a gag where I raise one leg at a time) and finish with only my shoe on the ground but no leg.

The breaking of the wrist reminded me of the old nose breaking trick where you pull over your nose to one side and there is an loud audible snap! Not for the squeamish.

If I am wearing a tie I can "sew" it with an invisible "hair" from my head. This explains a lot as I pull it from my head. The tie does move as I tug on it with the thread. Gets a good reaction.

- Brian Nadworny
Message: Posted by: Eric Leclerc (Feb 7, 2005 03:26PM)
Thumb through ear... FOR SURE.. no one does it around here and people ask me all the time, I close my kids shows with it, do it on the kid!

Finger Fantasies is excellent as well. I explain it as a kind of a supper up version of your drunk uncle's thumb trick at christmas.

I do the arm swing as well. Pretend your arm is broken at the socket and it spins uncontrolably in an impossible manner. Perfect to do before or after twisting arm illusion.

Balducci levitation for ONE person at a party in a closed room. Pick the loudest person but not a drunk one. Do it for them, milk it out, pretend to not feel well, and leave the party (do this when you were ready to leave anyways). At a party like that, the stories get all contorted. I get some people that come up to me and say "you're the guy who flew at that party in front of everyone in the middle of the dance floor right?!" ......"why yes, yes I am" Love it

I wish there was more on body magic.... I loved "tricks with your head", but need something more magical.
Message: Posted by: Gede Nibo (Feb 7, 2005 03:49PM)
Placing a spectator directly in front of you...take your two first fingers of both hands and say to them "when I put my fingers to your eyes, close them...on the count of 3, do it.."
perform it 2 or 3 times, and on the last time, you actually use ONE hand, using the first and middle fingers(unbeknownst to them) to touch their eyes closed...
then, with the free hand touch them on their upperback/shoulder very lightly and quickly...they will think that someone/something else touch them on their back, for when they open their eyes, youve (re)placed the TWO hands back in the position in one swift motion....

know what I mean???
Message: Posted by: wsduncan (Feb 7, 2005 09:51PM)
Broken and restored pinky.
Vanish my ring finger and show both sides of the hand before causing it to return.
Bending backwards and removing the end of the middle finger.
Broken nose gag.
Bending the pinky to a right angle along the palm (from Labyrinth).
Message: Posted by: silapmata (Feb 8, 2005 11:20PM)
Try this version of finger tricks


It is simple & visual.
Message: Posted by: lane99 (Feb 9, 2005 04:29AM)
"Banachek's PK Touches. I'm using a more streamlined and direct handling, getting it as close as I can to the one performed by Derren Brown."

Nique: I saw Derren Brown do a stunt for some dancers where he waved his hand over the arm of one of the dancers(whose eyes were closed). Her friend was sitting next to her, so she could confirm the number of times Brown waved his hand. Sure enough, although it was clear his hand never actually touches her, she DID feel something when he waved his hand about her arm.

Is this the actual effect you're talking about? If so, how can I find out how to do it? From what I could tell watching the video, it won't be using Banachek's PK touches method.
Message: Posted by: nique (Feb 9, 2005 09:09AM)

As many of us know, versions of effects performed for TV may not present an accurate picture of the actual "look" of the effect. If you think about it, I'm sure many of us here can work out methods for effects for TV, making them appear as clean as a whistle and subsequently almost impossible to reconstruct. While I'm sure Derren Brown is able to perform most of his effects live, I've heard from knowledgeable magicians that while they are still very strong pieces, they deviate a little from what you see on TV.

Back to your question about the PK touches effect, though. This is simply an adaptation of Banachek's original. That being said, when I perform it, it does look (and feel) to all involved as per the Derren Brown handling with the dancers. I'm trying not to give too much away, but if you know Banachek's method, this is just an adjustment in choreography to change the look of the effect.

I don't perform this effect much anymore, it's really good, but I'm ripping Derren off, so I've stopped.

Hope that helps you.
Message: Posted by: lane99 (Feb 9, 2005 05:10PM)
Hi, Nigue. Yes, I do know the exact method for PK Touches, and also I had been assuming there might be something more to Derren Brown's presentation than what was shown on the video. Your remarks surely do help a bit. But I couldn't put it all together, and I would like try your version. Would you tell me more? Private message is fine, if your prefer. By the way, I just do magic for fun. In fact, 99pct of the time without any spectators, just to amuse myself (but sometimes for my family or friends).

By the way, I wonder if you know that Derren Brown also does an effect where the subject (whose eyes are closed) moves his arm moves up or down to exactly mirror Derren's movement. This might be similar to the other effect you described above.
Message: Posted by: nique (Feb 10, 2005 01:05PM)
Hi lane99,

It's hard for me to give you my handling of Banachek's PK Touches. It's one of those things I'm "proud" of, so to speak. I hope you understand. Again, I've stopped using this effect in my shows (maybe once or twice, it's really good and hard to say goodbye to) as I feel guilty for ripping Derren Brown off. I don't think coming up with a different presentational angle justifies my performing it (unless someone can give me their views while we're at it).

I know how you feel about this effect and how badly you want to perform it. Really, simply use the concept in Banachek's original and adapt it. Just think of how to choreograph the thing, still using the original concept (I stress this!), and get the effect to look like how you want it to be. Same goes for any other effects when constructing them I guess. I'm using the SAME method, just a different look.

I'll tell you how it looks to get you started. I get someone to stretch out one arm and close their eyes, in front of everyone I slowly extend a finger and simply mime touching their arm twice, they open their eyes and they say they felt me touch them. That's exactly how it looks. Find a way to insert the concept(!) in there to make it work.

As for Derren Brown's "Lift" - I was unaware of his effect when I came up with my abovementioned Arm Rise effect; this was years ago in 1997. That said, it's totally different in method and the look to the effect is different as well.
Message: Posted by: lane99 (Feb 12, 2005 11:41AM)
Hi, Nique. Something like, after the specator has closed their eyes, you shift your body position (momentarily blocking the audience's view of what you're hands) using some exuse (like, "oh, let me move aside so everyone can see better"). And
"apply" the PK Touches concept at that moment...is something like that how you pull it off?

Hmm, also...there is "PK Touches", "Invisible Touch", etc., etc. Many forms of this trick though the ages. Personally I don't think you're ripping anybody off if you've ADAPTED something in a unique way. But, if you're worried about that, why don't you just ask Derren Brown if he minds you performing your version of the effect? You're not doing it now, anyway (so if he says "Yes, I mind", you're no worse off. If he says "no, I don't mind", your conscious will be clear, and you can go ahead and give people a thrill with it).
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Feb 18, 2005 05:53AM)
Arm lift illusion as performed by Derren Brown is good.
Message: Posted by: Doc Pepper (Mar 2, 2005 09:44PM)
I know this will sound stupid but kids love my `roaming eyes'. Ans it's not really magic. It is the illusion where you make both your eyes look left - right - crossed - and then outward at the same time. Then I move each eye all around independently.

It's no big deal and ANYONE can do it. It is kinda silly when you know how to do it but it does freakout folks... and that's what it's all about.