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Topic: Off-Color
Message: Posted by: tomcards (Nov 6, 2008 02:03PM)
In Tom Cravenís column in this monthís Linking Ring, he features an effect called Off-Color Sandwich. To the untrained eye, it will appear that the effect is Mr. Cravenís. Actually, it is mine.

When I submitted the effect to Mr. Craven, I asked him to not alter any of my words. He complied with my request by forwarding my submission to the editor, Mr. Smith, who ran it as written. Mr. Craven then informed Mr. Smith of the oversight and asked him to publish the correct attribution in the next issue.

I could have let my friend Tom soak up a monthís worth of praise and glory for my trick, but Iím not that generous. So, I am merely setting the record straight.

Tom Frame