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Topic: neighborhood magic
Message: Posted by: wassabi_87 (Apr 23, 2003 09:15PM)
When you're first getting started with street magic (or any kind, for that matter), I find that it can be a lot of fun and good practice if you go out in the evening and perform the informal stuff for the neighborhood kids. They love it and it's great practice for yourself. :wow:

My personal favorite is just a bunch of forces, "memorize the card... etc, etc"...
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Apr 23, 2003 09:26PM)
If that works for you, great !
Some neighborhoods are more magic user friendly than others, I guess. Mine is too quiet and full of a lot of retired people. Quiet but a little on the boring side.

Message: Posted by: Preston Burt (Apr 25, 2003 09:08PM)
Definately. I live in a decent neighborhood, and there are always several kids who ride their bikes around outside. Now when they see me, they will always ask to see a trick. Kids are great test subjects!
Message: Posted by: Mago Mai (Apr 25, 2003 09:25PM)
Bubba Boy:

If there is something I love, it is to entertain people in my neighborhood.

They love it because they are my friends..I had to teach them to please not ask me for magic everytime I see them.

They know that every once in a while I will gather them to show them some of my magic.

Mago Mai
Message: Posted by: robin_martin (May 4, 2003 10:58AM)
Watching the reactions of children when performing is a magic in itself!

The way the faces light up is what makes it all worth it at the end of the day.
Message: Posted by: Justin McWilliams (May 4, 2003 02:30PM)
Robin, very well said. I love that feeling of seeing a child's eyes light up when two sponge balls pop out of their hand.