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Topic: Bet you can't do this!
Message: Posted by: The Great Zoobini (Nov 28, 2008 04:52AM)
A man attracted scores of curious onlookers when he performed the highly unusual stunt of inflating balloons with his eyes during a special show in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, last Thursday.

[url=http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2008-11/27/content_7245569.htm]full story[/url]
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 28, 2008 05:22AM)
It might all be in the glasses.
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Nov 28, 2008 02:34PM)
He's probably legit, I've seen people make bubbles out of their eyes, even airstreams to the point where you could feel the airflow, so it follows that this is the next "logical" step. If such a word as "logic" be used for such a feat...
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 28, 2008 03:20PM)
Old Carney guys will tell you that this is an old, albeit not frequently seen, bit. It is pretty legit. Air from the tear ducts is a pretty common phenomenon. Training yourself to maximize the phenomena is the real work.

Walt Hudson writes of knowing one such lady whose trick was to blow smoke from her tear ducts.

You can read his story at:
Message: Posted by: manal (Nov 29, 2008 02:51AM)
And if you are unfortunate enough to perforate an eardrum you can blow smoke from your ear.
Message: Posted by: ttorres (Nov 29, 2008 07:13AM)
Have you ever seen someone squirt milk through their tear duct?
Message: Posted by: The Great Zoobini (Nov 29, 2008 11:00AM)
On 2008-11-29 08:13, ttorres wrote:
Have you ever seen someone squirt milk through their tear duct?

yep...there's a Guinness world record holder squirting about 10 feet

I'm thinking the glasses may be gaffed, too...because they'd have to be perfectly sealed around the head and I'm not sure if there's enough pressure thru the tear duct to inflate a balloon...

Until we see a real picture of this guy inflating a balloon with his eyes, we'll just have to guess, I guess.

Regardless, it says he's the only one to do it in China...
Message: Posted by: imgic (Dec 21, 2018 03:17PM)
Browsing through old posts when this caught my eye (see what I did there?)

Original link doesn't seem to work anymore, but found this:

Message: Posted by: The Great Zoobini (Dec 23, 2018 04:38PM)
Like a great Phoenix...