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Topic: New load for smaller cups
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Nov 30, 2008 11:22PM)
These won't work in most mini cups, but if you use P&L cups, you know that they can be difficult to find a load for. They won't take a lacrosse ball or a tennis ball, so an orange is pretty much out of the question -- right?

Well, not necessarily. This is the time of year that "Clementines" make their appearance in US grocery stores. They are small oranges from California.

Look for them at your local Safeway, or A & Poo Feed store.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Nov 30, 2008 11:44PM)
Satsuma seedless tangerines are great... and GREAT TASTING... we got our first ones at a farmer's street market today. And are they tasty.
Message: Posted by: lint (Dec 1, 2008 12:19AM)
Cuties! (brand name of clementines at Safeway) Love them...Best orange-ish fruit ever. I wait all year for them. :)
Message: Posted by: JRob (Dec 1, 2008 06:19AM)
I've had some success with limes
Message: Posted by: mmreed (Dec 1, 2008 02:09PM)
Yes - keylimes especially!

I have looked at using various exotics - kiwi, star fruit, ect...
Message: Posted by: Keith Mitchell (Dec 1, 2008 02:40PM)
I am still waiting for my Shrunken head from RNT, will not know which cup it will fit into until it arrives. It would be really neat if I could get the shrunken heads of the three stooges.
Message: Posted by: Robert Kohler (Dec 1, 2008 02:44PM)
Why coitainly!
Message: Posted by: Eddie Torres (Dec 2, 2008 01:52PM)
I use to use clementines all the time. I went through a rather lengthy clementine phase, last year. They are indeed fantastic final loads, especially for silver colored cups.

Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Dec 2, 2008 11:33PM)
On 2008-12-01 15:40, madkiki wrote:
It would be really neat if I could get the shrunken heads of the three stooges.

Contact Café member [url=http://grindshow.com/]Doug Higley[/url]
Message: Posted by: Keith Mitchell (Dec 3, 2008 02:42PM)
Thanks Josh for the link, I really love those shrunken heads. They are truely gnawly heads.

Have fun folks!