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Topic: Yogano stool suspension
Message: Posted by: Arepsi (Dec 3, 2008 07:23AM)

I'm building the Yogano Stool Suspension from the book. My concern is how to make the stool? There's a wooden frame or rim around the seat, but how to make the back part? Should there be some kind of spring hinge or what?

I've the fake seat panel which rises from inside of the stool. Should I just make spandex seat or what?

I hope somebody knows what's going on.

Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Dec 3, 2008 01:39PM)
You have over 50 posts so this should be moved to the Secret Sessions section as it is getting close to exposure.
Message: Posted by: ebusojar (Dec 4, 2008 06:35PM)
What is this Book that was mentioned? I tried searching around and coundn't find it.
Message: Posted by: chrusa (Jan 11, 2009 02:58PM)
Which book is this in?
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Jan 11, 2009 03:40PM)
Maybe this one: