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Topic: How to store equipments for long durations without fungus issues ?
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Dec 7, 2008 02:15PM)
Hi, How do you guys combat the issue of storing certain equipment for long durations. Maybe stuff you would open up and use only once in a year or so. I have a problem where a very mild whitish fungus starts to grow over most equipment stored this way. I have now thought about trying to store my equipment in air-tight ziplock pouches. Im refering to smaller equipment that's sensitive and maybe electronic etc. Someone told me that sealing it within a air-tight bag may cause more fungus problems. Is this true ? how do most of you store your equipment ?
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Dec 8, 2008 05:36AM)
Have you tried storing them with the dessicant packs that electronic devices are packed with?
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Dec 8, 2008 02:48PM)
Yes. Ive tried silica gel.In different forms. There is a difference but they change so quickly its of no avail. The silica gel we use is the indicative type. The crystals that change color to show its fully done absorbing moisture. I found the crystals turning to pink just the next day. So I either think they are ineffective or the *** place has a very high humidity. Either way I cannot use them. Please note that most of the silica gel packs that you see sealed in with electronics are provided for temporary protection only. that's is to protect the product from the maufacturing facility till it reaches the buyer in transit. The minute you tear off the seal the effect is lost. They mostly place these in and then the box is sealed off.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Dec 8, 2008 09:31PM)
No moisture, no fungus. You need to figure out how to keep it dry.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Dec 9, 2008 06:01AM)
Is the place you are storing next to your bathroom? There may be moisture through the walls. I had that problem but when I shifted the cabinets away from the walls that is next to the bathroom, the problem stopped.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Dec 9, 2008 07:36AM)
I would also put a small fan in the area to circulate the air. Check your moisture level in the area. If it is too high, you will need a dehumdifier.

Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Dec 9, 2008 12:19PM)
Not next to the bathroom or anything like that. Its just that the building is a moist building by nature. I don't know if a humidifier will solve the problem. Ive heard they also make the air dry and hot. I was also considering the option of airconditioning the place as it removes humidity right ?
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Dec 9, 2008 01:45PM)
Not a humidifier but a dehumidifier. An air conditioning unit does remove moisture from the air also.

Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Dec 9, 2008 01:55PM)
Anything that removes humidity from the air will certainly be of great help - may it be a dehunidifier or an air conditioning unit. It is better than getting your props damaged by fungus.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Dec 9, 2008 07:28PM)
It sounds a bit silly, but packing them in rice (not cooked) will keep them moisture free.
Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Dec 10, 2008 10:52PM)
Rice ?? Wow theres so much to learn everyday. Ive never heard of this one before.
But anyway. But ive got so much of equipment il have to have a rice mill to keep them all dry. LOL. But thanks for the information. Ill always remember this.

Are aircons equally good at dehumidifying the area ?
Because Dehumidifiers are as expensive and hardly sold and serviced in my area.
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (Dec 25, 2008 03:36AM)

Storage building should have a vapor barrier to keep mosture from coming up from the ground. Temperature control helps (insulated building). Storing equipment in a garage or shed is difficult.

Are you proteting silks, wooden illusions, electronics, costumes? How much space do you take up in cubic feet?

I've used a climate controlled storage facility, but it can be pricy.

Message: Posted by: plainman007 (Dec 27, 2008 04:10PM)

Not much of silks etc. Most of them electronics which are part of my illusions. A lot of professional dmx lights etc. Audio. The whole 9 yards that go into an illusion show.