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Topic: DIY Publicity Photos
Message: Posted by: impossible man (Apr 27, 2003 01:51PM)
Okay, so you're just getting started. You know you should have a publicity photo, but you're on a budget. Can your friend take a snapshot that will work for a little while?

Sure, if you follow a couple of tips from an experienced photographer.

If at all possible, have the picture taken on an overcast day. It sounds wrong at first, but this is how you get even, flattering lighting. If you must work on a sunny day, make sure the sun is on the right or left and TURN ON the camera's flash. This will help soften harsh shadows. Don't take a picture indoors at night with the camera flash and expect it to look like anything other than a snapshot.

Background? Choose a plain background, like a blank wall. Stand as far away from it as possible, so it will be as out of focus as possible. If you have a zoom lens, use the strongest telephoto setting to isolate the subject from the background even further.

The lens of the camera should be pointed level (not angled up or down) at a height slightly below the subject's eye level.

Of course this all applies when you want a conservative, traditional style headshot. Hopefully this will help you get the results you want!

Message: Posted by: jr_illusion (Apr 29, 2003 06:27PM)
Thanks a lot for the tips!