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Topic: SEO Manipulation Cards
Message: Posted by: illusions & reality (Dec 20, 2008 07:36PM)
Has anyone used these?


How have you found them compared to the older Norm Nielsens'?

Thanks for your help!

Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Dec 20, 2008 11:15PM)
I have used and tested them and they are great. The back is similar to the Bees and each card is thin (approximately 3/4 thickness of a deck for 52 cards). You don't need fanning powder to work with them. And they come in poker size.

Because I am too used to Bees, I am still working with the red back Bees. So this deck became one more itme for my collection.

It is a matter of personal preference. Some may like it some may not.
Message: Posted by: illusions & reality (Dec 21, 2008 05:03PM)
Thanks James! How do these compare to the Juliana Chen cards?

Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Dec 22, 2008 02:20PM)
They are much better than the JC cards which is smaller and need waxing.
Message: Posted by: illusions & reality (Dec 22, 2008 02:51PM)
Thanks again James!

Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Dec 22, 2008 06:07PM)
I love them!
Message: Posted by: trashmanf (Dec 23, 2008 03:06PM)
I got them and was amazed (a full deck is less than HALF the thickness of a full bee deck) but because of this the stock is obviously less snappy and they don't fan as well. But, for manipulation cards, these are the highest quality ones I've tried so far and I have tried many (before just going back to Bees, haha)
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Dec 23, 2008 03:18PM)
Stevensmagic.com is selling these poker size manipulation cards.
Message: Posted by: Peter Pitchford (Dec 23, 2008 06:22PM)
They're great. I love them. Use them in a card fountain and they fly. I also use them for Mahka Tendo Rollouts.
Message: Posted by: illusions & reality (Dec 25, 2008 01:17AM)
Thanks for the feedback all!

Message: Posted by: kipling100 (Dec 29, 2008 03:25PM)
They're great, but my only gripe is that the indices of each card are too far away from the edges of the card. Thus, the fans look somewhat blank (does that make sense?) Otherwise, I think they're great for single productions.