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Topic: Jumbo Card Tricks
Message: Posted by: Cabrera (May 2, 2003 08:01PM)
Just thought I'd make a post about jumbo card tricks and ask you what your favorite is and a descripiton of the routine. I like using the Jumbo Split Deck with a prediction card.
Call 2 spectators to the platform and have them each pick a half of the deck. ( My deck got split at a chef's conveniton when I asked the chef to cut the cards) I wanted to smack him, but was afraid he might be a sous chef) All the cards are first shown different. Then each spectator freely chooses one card. The object of course is to match up the halvess with your prediction card. Get this... She turns her card around, and it's the 2 of Diamonds. He turns his half card around and it's the King of Spades! Uh oh! Magician in trouble. So what, "thank you all for coming , my name is Peter Maruci"..(Sorry Peter) But then wait! When my prediction card is turned around it is a Split prediction 1/2 2 of Diamonds and 1/2 king of Spades. I have my self respect back abd my real name is Cabrera!
What is your favorite and how do you present it?
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (May 5, 2003 12:36PM)
Lol, I just got a jumbo deck and also wanted to know peoples favourite jumbo card trick, although I would like to know which effects can be done with a regular jumbo deck!

Message: Posted by: oldwilson_2000 (Jun 18, 2003 02:37AM)
My favorite jumbo card trick is "Hold It, Buster" by Dan Harlan.
Four cards are taken from an envelope. They are four deuces and one king. The king is put aside twice, leaving the deuces in the performer's hands. Ecah time one of the deuces turns into the king, while the card on the table turns out to be one of the deuces. The king keeps jumbing back into the pack. The third time, the king vanishes completely, leaving the performere with four deuces. The king is then shown to have made his way back into the envelope.
This is a very commercial, easy to do jumbo card trick that is a real audience pleaser. I highly recommend it.
It is commercially available and is also explained on Dan's Video/DVD "Pack Small, Play Big -- The All-Purpose-Show".