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Topic: I would like 8x10's from any and all who have them from here.
Message: Posted by: CMMAGIC (Jan 17, 2009 01:16AM)
I collect signatures from fellow magicians from around the world. I have 8x10's I send out to magicians who request all the time. Michael E Johnson from San Diego has the best collection I have ever seen. My favorite I have is a Thurston signed check , very rare piece.

Send your photo's signed to:

Magical Entertainment
c/o Carl Michael
36505 Rocksprings Rd
Pomeroy Ohio 45769

This is my office , Thanks to all who send !
Message: Posted by: Rennie (Feb 1, 2009 11:08AM)
Are you asking for magicians to sign an 8X10 photo and mail it to you ? Not exactly sure of what you want here. Be a little more specific. If you do want signed photos, most that I know require a small payment to cover costs.
Message: Posted by: Rennie (Feb 1, 2009 11:50PM)
On 2009-02-01 03:00, CMMAGIC wrote:
Hmmm no responses yet

I wonder why ???
Message: Posted by: mrmagician (Feb 6, 2009 06:10AM)
I have found the best way to accomplish this is to send a large SASE to someone. This envelope should be placed inside a 10x13 envelope addressed to the person. All they have to do is sign the photo, pop it in the envelope, and then in the mail. It is costly for someone to have an 8x10 printed, then buy a large envelope, sign the photo, seal the photo in the envelope, address the envelope, then pay for the postage, then take it to the Post Office. You will hav better results with this. Now, you just have to get the magicians addresses to send the large envelopes to.