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Topic: Tango Coins
Message: Posted by: djkuttdecks (Jan 22, 2009 08:17PM)
How are the Tango coins? I never really did much in the way of coin magic however, I was looking at getting a few gimmicks like an expanded shell, flipper, and a shim. I am stuck between johnson coins and tango. Thoughts? The good, the bad, and the ugly... what do people think?

Message: Posted by: vpatanio (Jan 22, 2009 08:49PM)
I don't own Tango products, so I can't comment on them. But I do own Johnson products...I own a Quarter, Kennedy and an Ike expanded shell and I absolutely love all of them! For the price, you can't go wrong with Johnson, in my opinion.

P.S. The Eisenhower expanded shell is fantastic!

Message: Posted by: jprace (Jan 22, 2009 08:53PM)
Johnson coins are a step above Tango coins.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Jan 23, 2009 08:35AM)
It's a very interesting post !!!!

I loved the Johnson's coin until I knew our own coins. Now, I have two loves.
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Jan 24, 2009 01:08PM)
Just noticed that Tango is offering a "Slippery Sam" style gimmick. Interesting.

Cheers! ;)
Message: Posted by: dsalley13 (Jan 24, 2009 01:23PM)
On 2009-01-24 14:08, Stanyon wrote:
Just noticed that Tango is offering a "Slippery Sam" style gimmick. Interesting.

Cheers! ;)

It's terrific too!! Like all Tango products, quality of build is the main consideration. Mr. Tango has almost all of my coin business now. I couldn't be happier than I am with his products. Try one or two. I'm sure you could get a refund if you don't like them. I can't imagine not liking any gaffed coin Tango makes. I have 9 of them now and will be buying many more.

I have a few Johnson products: an old $1.35 set from 10 years ago, a Magnetic Copper/Silver set, and an expanded shell British penny. They are great quality too. I bought the English penny shell and Magnetic Copper/silver right here on the Magic Café in the for-sale column. I got them unused for half price, so I couldn't resist the bargain. They work and look great. I'll still be buying Tango coins unless a bargain crops up for coins made by others. Tango quality is my standard now and it's a high standard indeed for me. I have a few Asian made gaffed coins and they are pretty much all sub-standard quality. They live in that drawer we all have of useless or badly made magic.

Give Tango a try. You will be glad you did.

Message: Posted by: Matt Watts (Feb 1, 2009 08:22PM)
I own tango shells and such.They do work for me.
Message: Posted by: motown (Feb 1, 2009 10:00PM)
Does anyone have a a Tango 2 Euro coin in bottle? How does it compare to the US coin version in terms of appearance/deceptiveness?
Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Feb 1, 2009 11:21PM)
I have the Tango Kennedy half flipper and shell and it works nicely for a quick 3-fly. I just got an Eisenhower dollar shell as well and as soon as it dulls down a bit to match the other coins (maybe I'll shine the others up) I'll use them for a coins across or matrix routine.

Kozmo had a set of Liberty halfs which looked great, better than Tango's, but they were three or four times more expensive.
Message: Posted by: jordanl (Feb 2, 2009 09:33AM)
On Saturday I was able to try a Tango Gravity flipper(Clad Kennedy) IMHO it worked well, and was offered at a good price.

I have a quarter sized CSB set amd with a US .25, a euro dollar and .50 euro that I like.
Message: Posted by: mmreed (Feb 2, 2009 10:16AM)
Tango makes a good coin for the price. Where Tango falls short is the instructions for the gimmicks. They are written in very broken English and often incorrect.

Johnsons are a step above in precision quality. Johnsons are about as close to highline types such as Schoolcraft or Lassen you can get from the commerical market.

If Schoolcrafts are the Rolls Royce, Johnsons would be the Lexus or Cadillac, Tango would be the nicer Buick or Toyota luxury... the others well, they would be the economy cars....

If you cannot get a Lassen or Schoolcraft - Johnson is the best buy for the money - if you cant get a Johnson in what you need, then Tango.

We carry both companies items and appreciate them.
Message: Posted by: djkuttdecks (Feb 2, 2009 11:36AM)
Let us not forget Bob Swadling in there... his work is AT LEAST Mercedes

Message: Posted by: spatlind (Feb 2, 2009 03:57PM)
I own a number of Tango gaffs and am happy with each of them.
Message: Posted by: ladirector (Feb 2, 2009 05:07PM)
Sasco is a US company similar in quality to Tango.
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Feb 2, 2009 06:36PM)
I have two TANGO Coins and they works very well. I use them in real life, Im not a collector.
Good quality.
Message: Posted by: MacIrish (Feb 3, 2009 01:00PM)
I've had a Tango Kennedy Flipper for a few weeks now. I had a problem with getting it open and then having it stay open (lay down on the pad and not flip up and close. I've been carefully stretching it by opening it up and putting a few coins on it so that it would lie down flat. Now the "work" is obvious on the back side when it is closed, now that it is no longer tight.

Anyone else have this problem or perhaps a fix for it?
Message: Posted by: manreb (Feb 4, 2009 12:07AM)
I own the four in one I figured I could use it on some routines that use this type of gaff and if I enjoyed the results would invest in a higher quality gaff.

Although the coverage on the shells are poor, they are adequate when placed on a close up mat or controlled in the hand.

The problem is that the final coin is not milled. I contacted Tango and got a quick response;

“The edge of this coin is like this because we had to make a thinner coin and it's very very difficult re make the original edge. Actually we could make it but the set would be more expensive still. Anyway, when we introduce this trick we thought that the magicians show this coin only a second and they never have to give this coin to be checked. So, it's not necessary to make the original edge in this coin.
In despite my opinion, if you want to have this coin with the real edge, we could make it specially for you. Let me know and we think the price.


Marcelo Insúa
Tango Magic
Phone 5411 43047212
Fax 5411 43049336

I haven't asked about cost, no sense in throwing good money after bad. It appears that Tango’s design was single purpose.

Message: Posted by: Jon Allen (Feb 21, 2009 06:02PM)
I own several folding coins from Tango and they are fantastic! The edging is a step up from others and the use of elastic over bands means I can adjust the tension to my own needs.

I've also found Tango to be very helpful when I have emailed them.

I'd give them my highest recommendation.
Message: Posted by: magicator (Feb 21, 2009 07:03PM)
I may be wrong, but I believe Johnson coins can only be purchased from magic dealers, while the Tango coins can be purchased directly from them. In the end it does not matter. I like to buy from dealers as it keeps the business running...
quality wise I have both Johnson coins and Tango coins. They were much cheaper than some of their competitors would sell them for, but of the highest quality.
I have also been very happy with the Tango service despite some language barrier they were very friendly and did their level best to help me.
Message: Posted by: Pablo_Amira (Feb 21, 2009 07:20PM)
Almost all my coin products are Tango
CSB, Hopping Half, Shells.
Works for me very good
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Feb 25, 2009 05:48PM)
All Tango coins are great!
All sizes, different countries.
And fair price.
Message: Posted by: MagicByUriel (Feb 26, 2009 09:11PM)
I have two Kennedy Half Shells - Johnson (tails) and just got a Tango (heads). Comparing the Tango to Johnson, the Tango looks very fake. It is not raised at all, and just looks very stretched. Next to a normal coin, the difference is very noticeable. Johnson on the other hand is raised and looks VERY good next to a normal coin.
Message: Posted by: narcoleptic_insomniac (Feb 27, 2009 12:26PM)
I have had mixed experiences with Tango...

Both of the clad Kennedy flipper coins I bought from Tango are decent. The craftsmanship could be a bit better, but never once have I had someone spot the gaff. I also have a cigarette through quarter that has served me well for a long time now. On the other hand, one of the worst expanded shells I've had was from Tango (expanded magnetic Kennedy shell). From edge view, the shell barely covered 50% of the coin and the loaded shell constantly talked (from the washer glued inside; design flaw). I also bought the ultimate copper/silver routine from Tango and the gimmick is cut wrong (the c/s insert will not fit completely inside the shell). Furthermore, as anyone who owns a Tango product knows, the instructions are incomprehensible... so if you're buying a coin gaff from them, you better know how to use it.

~ Kyle
Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Feb 28, 2009 05:28PM)
Maybe check on the individual coins. I just picked up a Johnson Kennedy shell at the Magic Art Studio. They also had a Tango shell, but I chose the Johnson shell. The fit was better (I could toss the Johnson and half without things separating while the Tango wouldn't hold together. The Johnson was also a bit deeper, although both were detectable on top of a coin. The surface of the Johnson also seemed to be deeper, it appeared less flattened.

I have a Tango Eisenhower dollar that I'm very happy with. I would probably like a Schoolcraft or Lassen better, but they are 3 or 4 times more expensive.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Apr 25, 2009 12:52AM)
On 2009-02-28 18:28, marty.sasaki wrote:
I have a Tango Eisenhower dollar that I'm very happy with. I would probably like a Schoolcraft or Lassen better, but they are 3 or 4 times more expensive.

Is it because "they are 3 or 4 times more expensive" that you probably would like a Schoolcraft or Lassen better? Is this a valid reason or would being able to do a great routine with a Tango or a Johnson be a better one? Are you aware that in terms of quality, next to Schoolcraft or Lassen there is Aucke Von Dokkum in Holland, Xavier Belmont in France, Roy Kueppers in Canada, JB magic (Mark Mason) in the UK. The differences in quality between these craftsmen is not detectable by lay people. Their choice of coins for the gaffs however is one of the important criteria which is rarely quoted. Just remember that you will be performing with the coins not with the craftsman's name (which, by nature, the spectators will have to keep ignoring).

Magicians should make their choice knowing that the reputation of the craftsmen is more established by collectors than by performers. Since it is not always easy to see the coins next to one another, it is worthwhile to wait a bit and get to a big international convention and, next to the coins presented by dealers, find magicians with coins from other craftsmen. This will enable interested magicians to understand what the differences actually are and what they are not and if, for them, these are worth the financial effort.

More often than not, most of the magicians who purchased from one craftsman tend to become strong supporter of the one they purchased from. Fortunately they each developed a personality and don't do exactly the same gaffs JB Magic does magnetic masterpieces, Todd Lassen does gaffs with a great choice of rare but beautiful coins, Schoolcraft has a ratio of top quality at decent prices for flippers ans coin sets with [, Xavier Belmont gaffs very nice ancient French sterling silver coins...

I share Eric Jones' opinion and encourage magicians not to join any "chapel" but to buy precious gaffs only for the routines they have been actually performing for a while and after having thought about the type of coins they want to put in play in each specific routines. It may make sense for Americans to perform with American coins and Europeans with European coins for a coin in bottle, but this is not as obvious for a Spellbound routine or a C/S/B one.

Another reason for a choice may be the usual performance conditions: if a performer normally does routine "after the dessert" with spectator sitting having therefore a lateral view (as opposed to a down one), he may want to consider Dean Dill sets done by Schoolcraft or Xavier Belmont's gaffs. If he wants to do C/S/B, placing coins in some spectators' hands he may want to leave the black and gold alleged Chinese coins aside for more credible sets with actual ancient coins by Lassen... Mark Mason's 3 Fly with unique gaffs has come out as the best and is available in various types of coins.

Naturally gaffs are generally offered for specific routines but the wise magician will find new uses for them. For example Mark Mason's special magnetic sliding half ] definitel offer possibilities which haven't been explored.
Message: Posted by: lithyem (Apr 28, 2009 02:07PM)
I just received my Tango Morgan dollar shell in the mail... I am pretty surprised how poor the fit is at 3x the price of my Johnson Morgan shell! I am waiting for some work to come in from a few of the custom machinists mentioned above (doesn't matter who) and thought I'd grab a few of the commercial pieces for reference. I've had a Johnson Morgan shell for a while, pretty good actually. Fit is looser than I'd like but not bad. I have it silenced a bit with some teflon and all in all it works just fine.

The Tango Morgan shell came today and I was sort of expecting it to be a better fit - since it costs 3x what the Johnson piece cost. Not the case - the fit is terrible in my opinion. There is far too much room for the coin to move around inside the shell. Even using a near mint Morgan where the edges would not be worn down it is a poor fit.
Message: Posted by: slyhand (May 3, 2009 10:24PM)
Anyone had any experience with a steel core Kennedy half in either brand?
Message: Posted by: Ross W (May 14, 2009 05:07AM)
I have a Tango folding 2 Euro. This is a coin made with two metals, a gold-ish inner circle and a silver outer. The first one broke apart (the two metals separated), so I sent it back. The replacement seemed fine, then IT too broke last night in practice. I have superglued it together, but it doesn't look perfect. Good enough for coin in bottle, but little else.

So I'm disappointed.
Message: Posted by: krintz (May 14, 2009 09:54PM)
I bought a Tango Ike shell (heads), and a '74 Ike flipper. The shell is worthless. The surface is almost completely flattened out. It looks terrible.
As far as the flipper is concerned, I got a '74 heads, and a '76 (Liberty Bell) tails, all in one coin!
I've had one exactly one bad experience (out of many) in the buy/sell part of the Café. It was this Tango Fiasco. I posted that I was looking for an Eisenhower shell, and someone (I'm gonna not name him at this time) responded that he had a few of them. Turns out, he was a dealer of Tango products, and had to order them. At first, he got the wrong flipper, so the transaction took several weeks, and ended up with the coins I mentioned above. He has responded that he will replace the flipper, but cannot guarantee the date will be '74. This person basically blames Tango's quality control for the problems.
Well, I had no idea I was dealing with a dealer!
And, if a dealer tells you that the company he buys from has quality control issues, and it's not his problem... well...
bottom line, stay away from Tango.
I would like to hear Mr. Tango's opinion of this.
Message: Posted by: Ian Blundell (May 15, 2009 06:17AM)
Awhile ago I bought a CSB gimmick from Tango. When it came the chinese coin was bent, the hole was off centre, and there where these really odd red stains on the coin that I can't seem to get off. I have performed with it a few time but feel pretty nervous when using it. The actual gimmick part isn't all that great either but does get the job done. I guess I am somewhat to blame for not sending it back or anything but I really don't enjoy going through that whole process and no spectator has ever commented on it... yet. It's also possible this was just one bad set and the rest are very well made.
Message: Posted by: lithyem (May 15, 2009 10:41AM)
Poor quality and high prices... sign me up!
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (May 15, 2009 11:38AM)
Dear Lithym

You forgot to say that you sent back the product and we sent back your money.
Mr. Lithym, got the coin direct to us we sent back the money.

About Morgan coins and his fit, it's so difficult, Morgan coins are really different and are silver and very old coins, so we have to make a shell where you can put any of these coins.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (May 15, 2009 11:41AM)
Dear Ian,

About your CSB, I offer change it for a new one. I will send a PM to you.

Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (May 15, 2009 11:44AM)
Dear krintz,

I really don't understand very well what problem did you have with our flipper, but I will send a PM to solve, we can't problems to change the coin.

Message: Posted by: lithyem (May 15, 2009 02:13PM)
I sent back the gaff and was refunded... fair enough
Message: Posted by: Sniper01 (May 16, 2009 09:12AM)
I have a number of Tango coins, and they look and function just fine. I also have some coins by the other guys, Schoolcraft, Johnson, ...etc., so yes I have others to compare them too. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more coins from Tango, or recommend them to a friend.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (May 16, 2009 09:54AM)
Tango makes coins for performers. Even if I have a real self serving pleasure in using the gimmick of a "top" craftsman, it's not what makes the effects. It only secretly pleases me (which is ok, I guess) but I can work with any Tango coins.

Also Tango makes some gimicks that they are the only one to produce. Check their list of Euro coins or their special Flippers.

Since I'm not forced to do any purchase with any specific seller, on behalf of the community, I'd like to thank you Mr Tango for supporting us by offering an alternative, generally at a very reasonable cost.

Your gimmicks do the work.
Message: Posted by: lithyem (May 17, 2009 05:42PM)
Well said Lawrence
Message: Posted by: Ian Blundell (May 17, 2009 08:35PM)
I would like to add that Mr. Tango has pm'ed me saying that if I sent back the csb set he would replace them.
Message: Posted by: krintz (May 17, 2009 10:23PM)
I would like to add that Mr. Tango has also pm'ed me, saying that he will replace my coins. The guy is definitely trying, and I appreciate that. I'll let you know what I think of the replacements.
Message: Posted by: krintz (Jul 12, 2009 01:17AM)
My last post was on May 17, now posting July 11... still haven't gotten my replacement coins. Mr. Tango claimed I didn't include a shipping address with my coins... the shipping address that I included in BOLD PRINT, to make sure that it wasn't lost.
I've gone back and forth in PM's with this guy, and I will never, NEVER order anything from MR. Tango ever again.
Steer clear... you can get Johnson stuff much easier. It may be a bit pricier, but it's quality. I wouldn't even be posting here if the Tango coins I ordered were decent.
My Tango Tangle began in mid April, and I still have no coins. 3 months for CRAP?
Nope, 3 months for NOTHING.
Message: Posted by: TWOCAN (Jul 12, 2009 08:45AM)
WOW. :( that's not good. X
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Jul 12, 2009 01:17PM)
Mr Krintz,

You sent your coins by air regular mail and it delay 30 days to arrive. We sent to you a new Eisenhower flipper coin a new Eisenhaer expanded shell and a Tango Flying Coins DVD as a gif at least 10 days ago. You should receive the coins in some days.
Tomorrow (today I can't because I'n not in my office) I will check in the post with the number of the letter and I will let you know.
I have just asked to you the shipping address to be sure where we should send the coins.But you can be sure that we sent the coins.

Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Jul 12, 2009 01:24PM)
I have just checked my PMs and we received your coins Jun 19 and we sent the coins Jun 25, Just 6 days later to reveive them.
You will be receiving your coins in some days.
I really worked to get your satisfaction as costumer, but I can't make nothing to accelerate the post times.
Please let me know when receive the coins.

Message: Posted by: krintz (Jul 12, 2009 02:49PM)
I sent my coins back to you the cheapest way I could. How much more money was I supposed to put into these coins? You are sending me a DVD which I don't care about. I didn't order a DVD,and don't neeed one. The bottom line is that I am now paying much more for my coins, and you are blaming ME for sending regular air mail.
The fact that you waited 6 days before sending me my coins confuses me. Why did you wait so long when you had an angry customer on your hands? Imagine walking into a store to return a product, and having to wait 6 days!
As I've said before, this all could have been avoided if the coins were quality in the first place. But not one, BOTH coins were unacceptable.
This is why I will not do business with you ever again.
I hope I have been clear. If you have any questions, let me know.
Message: Posted by: snap (Jul 12, 2009 02:53PM)
The tango coins I recieved were not nearly as good as my schoolcraft and lassen set...The gravity flipper bares a very similar look inside to jamie's. I suggest these coins to a hobbiest, not a working magician who plans on using the coins in performance. the seam was very visible compared to my schoolcraft set, not to mention it isn't weighted enough.
Message: Posted by: TWOCAN (Jul 12, 2009 04:01PM)
You CAN NOT compare any other coin gaffs to Lassen or Schoolcraft. From what I have seen ! And I have seen a lot of coin gaffs.
Message: Posted by: snap (Jul 12, 2009 06:52PM)
Okay, lets put it this way, a johnson flipper with a bigger band is better than my tango gravity flipper. but you are right, my lassen and schoolcraft sets are near impossible to beat.
Message: Posted by: krintz (Jul 12, 2009 08:54PM)
TWOCAN and snap,
I agree with you both. And let me make clear, I was not expecting Schoolcraft or Lassen quality. I have a Schoolcraft 64 flipper, and a Johnson 64 shell, and they're amazing. In fact, I have a slew of Johnson stuff that I love. I heard that Tango quality had improved, so I gave him a try. It's always exciting to make a new discovery that works out well. This one didn't. Oh, well... it ain't the end of the world. Live and learn.
By the way, I promised Mr. Tango that, if my replacement coins are quality, I will post here that they are. I still will. I am not interested in slamming anyone. It may very well be that if you can examine the coins first hand before buying, you may get a good deal.
It simply wasn't worth the hassle to me.
Message: Posted by: krintz (Jul 13, 2009 03:45PM)
OK, my coins finally arrived about a half hour ago.
The shell is quite nice. Because it is tails, 'flattening' is less noticable than the heads one I returned. Side coverage is fine. This is a very nice coin, and I look forward to using it. Good job, Mr. Tango.
My flipper is a 1972, not the '74 I requested. My first one WAS a 74, but the back was a 76 Bicentennial... don't know why I didn't get the year requested this time. The cut on the back is quite noticable, but I will undo it and try to get it to seat/fit better. I've done this before on a Johnson with success. Also, I'll need to put a bigger elastic on it, so it's more like a grav. To make a matching set, I'll have to get a few 72's at the coin shop. So.. more hassle than I'd prefer.
It's a shame that this transaction went the way it did. I would recommend the Ike tails shell but for the fact that you may or may not get what you want the first time. If you return something, expect to pay additional shipping, and expect a very long wait. If you could examine one at a magic shop, that'd be the way to go.
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Jul 13, 2009 10:05PM)
I just got my 1st set of Tango coins. I picked up a 2 Copper, 1 Silver set. I have owned Johnson, Schoolcraft, Lassen, Sterling, and Sasco... I don't even know how I ended up with the Sasco.

Anyway, I have found that my tango coins certainly get the job done. No problem at all really, I am pretty happy with my purchase. The quality is just as good as Johnson in my opinion.

I think of my coins as tools instead of collectors props. My coins get used quite a bit. I don't even care if they are dropped. They will still fool the hell out of my audiences.
Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Jul 13, 2009 10:23PM)
Hey Brian, what made you decide to go with 2 Copper 1 Silver instead of Copper Silver Brass. I assume Tango sells both, though I didn't check. Do you have a specific routine that requires that set?
Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Jul 13, 2009 10:31PM)
I bought a Tango half dollar shell from Josh Jay. It is a heads side shell, and I must admit that the relief is pretty nonexistent. I also bought a standard flipper, and it looks very good. Both coins were very inexpensive ($25.00 each), so no worries. I'm not sure I will use the shell, but I think we magicians may overthink the appearance of these gaffs. We like to have the best, but does the casual spectator even notice? Not in my experience.
Message: Posted by: krintz (Jul 13, 2009 11:28PM)
OK, I just opened up my flipper and swapped the out bands. So, now I have a grav Ike, that works fine. Next, gotta get some matching 72's.
Sammy, if the relief is REALLY bad, a spec might very well notice. That's why I went for a tails for my replacement. Relief is less of an issue usually on tails.
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Jul 17, 2009 01:17AM)
On 2009-07-13 23:23, Sammy J. wrote:
Hey Brian, what made you decide to go with 2 Copper 1 Silver instead of Copper Silver Brass. I assume Tango sells both, though I didn't check. Do you have a specific routine that requires that set?

I liked the routine Paul Green has with this set. Also, I had a CSB set from Johnson before. I prefer this because everyone else and their cat is using CSB. Chinese coins always seem like tricky toys to my lay audiences. I also figure more people have seen a 20 centavo piece than a Johnson representation of a chinese coin. Oh, and the black paint was always making the inside of my coin purse turn black and getting on the other coins or my fingers. Maybe I just had a bad coin.
Message: Posted by: dsalley13 (Jul 17, 2009 01:17PM)
Mr. Tango is now making his own Chinese style coins (he bought a very expensive stamping machine). Previously he was only offering the typical Chinese-style coin made by someone else and re-sold by Tango. They looked OK, but were not usable in an Okito box because of the un-milled central portion. Now that he is making his own, he has promised a very big increase in quality.

He's sending me a set of 4 of the new Tango-made Chinese coins today. I ordered them with no paint. I'll post pix and my opinion when they arrive. I ordered one of his wrist-strap coin rattles too. That ought to be great fun!

Message: Posted by: magicnorm (Jul 23, 2009 05:20PM)
Were are tango coins availabel from. I have not seen them in my local magic shop. And how are they say in comparison to a schoolcrat or lasson coin.
Message: Posted by: jprace (Jul 23, 2009 05:53PM)
Tango coins should be available from most magic shops and online retailers. Tango coins don't even compare to Lassen or Schoolcraft coins.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Aug 3, 2009 10:04AM)
Dear Magicnorm,

Our coins are available in many magic shops around the world. Is you can't find it say to your favorite magic store that contact with us.

Message: Posted by: magicblademan (Aug 3, 2009 10:27AM)
Where on the tango site are the wrist-strap coin rattles as I cannot see them.

Message: Posted by: spatlind (Aug 8, 2009 06:56PM)
Just received my latest gaff from Tango, a Copper Silver Mexican Transposition and the quality is great.

Message: Posted by: Desmond67 (Aug 15, 2009 06:53PM)
I have many Tango products and all work very well.
Today I bought TUC and I'm impressed, this is THE GAFFED COIN, is a brilliant idea. The DVD is really good with very clear explanations. Some effects are classic and some others new, and many of the classic effects have excellent improvements as the Matrix Reverse and the coins to glass.
Message: Posted by: dsalley13 (Aug 15, 2009 07:19PM)
Tango Coin Rattle Device:


I just got one and a few other items from Tango too. I'll review the rattle in a day or so. I really, really like it! I've already rigged mine to work with short-sleeve shirts (or T-Shirts for you guys).

Message: Posted by: prizna (Aug 30, 2009 08:52PM)
I have a tango folding coin, the coin is very shiny and at certain angles I can see the seams very easily, this is my first folding coin, and was just wondering if the seams will become less noticible as the coin becomes less shiny?
Message: Posted by: Cyberqat (Sep 1, 2009 11:41AM)
The only Tango product I have is the TUC and I am quite pleased with it. As arrived it needed a bit of adjustment but Mr. Tango responded right away with the adjustment instructions when I emailed him.

As for the folding coin, I assume its a profile cut? I don't have a Tango but I have one I bought years ago and its pretty much invisible. Keep in mind that your audiance is NOT going to be handling it and staring closely at it for seams. They have no reason to look for that unless they already know how it works or you are putting WAY too much heat on the coin. After it comes back out of the bottle you should switch it right away anyway so you can hand it back out for examination.
Message: Posted by: prizna (Sep 1, 2009 06:53PM)

It isn't a prpfile cut, even though they will never get a good look at it I would like to have the seams as invisible as possible, do you know if un-shining the coin will help conceal the seams?
Message: Posted by: Desmond67 (Sep 5, 2009 10:59PM)
I think that there isn't a problem. The people never can't see the cut if you use the coin well.
Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Sep 5, 2009 11:06PM)
I think a profile cut is the best. If you do the coin bite, IMHO it is the only way to go.
I have two older Johnson sets, so I am able to bite the piece off, then take the piece out of my mouth, put it back into my mouth, and spit it back onto the coin. I wouldn't consider doing this with a set that wasn't a profile cut.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Sep 6, 2009 02:23PM)
I have had no problems at all or issues with Tango. I personally (my opinion) find many of their products better than Johnson. You obviously can't compare them with Lassen or Schoolcraft, but I believe most of their products work well for working magicians.
Message: Posted by: ttorres (Sep 20, 2009 08:21AM)
Maybe someone could give me some advice. I have a Tango Kennedy Flipper and I am having trouble getting any amount of use out of it before I have to re-assemble the whole thing. When I use Super-glue I thing it eats away at the r***** ***d . So I tried double stick tape but apparently it is not holding well enough to keep the r****** ***d from slipping off.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Sep 21, 2009 02:41PM)

If you want, you can send us the coin and we'll fix it without cost.

Message: Posted by: ttorres (Sep 21, 2009 06:19PM)
That is a very generous offer Mr. Tango. Thank you. I am not that familiar with this coin (at least not yet) There may not be anything wrong with the coin other than operator error.
Message: Posted by: professorwhut (Sep 21, 2009 10:03PM)
Mr Tango,

I like your coins, and I like the way you do business.
I love TUC!
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Sep 22, 2009 04:04PM)
Thanks Professor, I love TUC too, today I found a great chink a chink routine with TUC, I will upload in few days.
Message: Posted by: Herr Brian Tabor (Sep 25, 2009 08:52PM)
I just got my C/S/B set yesterday and love it! the coins are great quality and I'm very happy with them. I'll put a review up in a few days, but they are great! Thank you Mr. Tango!
Message: Posted by: tryphon (Jul 10, 2011 06:56PM)
On 2009-01-22 21:17, djkuttdecks wrote:
How are the Tango coins? I never really did much in the way of coin magic however, I was looking at getting a few gimmicks like an expanded shell, flipper, and a shim. I am stuck between johnson coins and tango. Thoughts? The good, the bad, and the ugly... what do people think?

Johnson coins are excellent, but lately I have been buying a lot of Tango coins. I think their quality is now on a par with Johnson and the price is right. I have not been disappointed by any of the Tango gaffed coins.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jul 12, 2011 08:28AM)
I just picked up an old Tango Vanishing Quarter Pull. Since it can vanish other coins as well it will greatly expand my use of "borrowed coins" -- including swapping out my Quarter TUC.

The key to all of Mr. Tango's special coins is versatility and apparent simplicity.
Message: Posted by: Rory111 (Jul 12, 2011 09:24AM)
I have purchased several coins from Tango.... All special order'64 Kennedy Halves.... two hooked halves, a magnetic copper/silver set, a steel core half, a magnetic half, a standard copper/silver set, one double faced, one double tails, an internal folder, two copper/silver coins and a TUC. All are great coins.....and the prices were good!

I found Mr. Insua..aka. "Mr. Tango" to be a pleasure to do business with... he is very responsive and very customer service oriented! He responds promptly to your communications and wants you to be satisfied with your purchase(s).... I am!
Message: Posted by: Octopus Sun (Jul 12, 2011 09:51AM)
I just received my Tango C/S silver line coin and I have a coin that slipped when the coins were glued, there are 2 edges that stick out from how the coins slipped, it has sharp edges. about 1/16 inch.
So far my wife and friend both said they can see the error when I'm showing the coin in my palm.

Mr Tango I contacted the seller and they said "No Returns at all" can you help to get this coin fixed or replace it with a coin that is correctly glued and centered? Tahnk You.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Jul 12, 2011 04:24PM)
Duaut I sent a private message to you to solve your problem
Message: Posted by: Octopus Sun (Jul 13, 2011 01:28AM)
Thank You Mr. Tango.
Message: Posted by: HenrikHyldig (Jul 13, 2011 07:34AM)
I have a lot of tangos coins and are generally happy with them. they work as they should without problems except my my scotch and soda. will the little coin does not lock himself into the big, the turns around and falls out. and it makes the set unusable as scotch and soda. Fortunately, I use rarely gimmick coins, so it's not a big problem for me. and I can always use the bigger as a shell ...
I think it is because it is a special (Danish) coin, as they are not normal. it is a lot less than half a dollar, so it may be why there are problems with it. (I think)

have actually just ordered another tango coin I am looking to get in the mail tomorrow ...
Message: Posted by: Rainboguy (Jul 13, 2011 12:03PM)
Tango Coins are JUST FINE when used in the hands of a skilled entertainer who really knows how to do coin magic.

I applaud Mr. Tango for being of service to the Magic Community....we need more firms like Tango Magic out there providing a modern line of great new utility coins at a fair price for the magic community and I completely support Tango Magic and sincerely hope we all do for their effort, innovation, and investment.

Good job, Tango.

(btw......this was NOT a paid enodorsement!...I just really mean what I say as a Magican who belives in supporting good guys in magic equipment enterpreneurism)
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Dec 17, 2018 09:01PM)
I noticed that Tango sells a magnetic quarter shell.

Does anyone know if the magnetic shell adds too much height to the shell OR should I stick with a regular expanded shell ?

If both fit a standard quarter the same.... I might as well as get the magnetic, just in case I need it.

Thoughts ?
Message: Posted by: Doctor Zolar (Jan 18, 2019 05:51PM)
[quote]On Dec 17, 2018, Expertmagician wrote:
I noticed that Tango sells a magnetic quarter shell.

Does anyone know if the magnetic shell adds too much height to the shell OR should I stick with a regular expanded shell ?

If both fit a standard quarter the same.... I might as well as get the magnetic, just in case I need it.

Thoughts ? [/quote]

Magnetic shell or Steel shell ?

Many and most shells that are called "Magnetic" as just STEEL shells, that STICK to a magnet.
A STEEL shell does not add much, if any height.
A real "Magnetic" shell, I don't know if they make magnets that THIN.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jan 19, 2019 05:58AM)
[quote]On Jan 18, 2019, Doctor Zolar wrote:

Many and most shells that are called "Magnetic" as just STEEL shells, that STICK to a magnet.


When did that happen? A coin or shell is "shimmed" so as to be attracted to a magnet.

I would hope that the term "magnetic" means just that. Unless you mean a Chinese knockoff in which case it might mean tacky tape ;)

The TUC might be considered to have a magnetic shell but requires a thin shim Leaf.

but, our language is being corrupted all of the time, and Mr Tango's English is not perfect. Best write and check.
Message: Posted by: Doctor Zolar (Jan 20, 2019 10:20AM)
[quote]On Jan 19, 2019, funsway wrote:
[quote]On Jan 18, 2019, Doctor Zolar wrote:

Many and most shells that are called "Magnetic" as just STEEL shells, that STICK to a magnet.


When did that happen? A coin or shell is "shimmed" so as to be attracted to a magnet.

I would hope that the term "magnetic" means just that. Unless you mean a Chinese knockoff in which case it might mean tacky tape ;)

The TUC might be considered to have a magnetic shell but requires a thin shim Leaf.

but, our language is being corrupted all of the time, and Mr Tango's English is not perfect. Best write and check. [/quote]

That's what I meant.
The SHELL is attracted . .to . . a magnet, rather than BEING "Magnetic".
A "Steel shell"/ or "steel shimmed" . . it sticks . . TO . . a magnet, rather than BEING magnetic itself.