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Topic: The Gates of Yog-Sothoth Coming Soon
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Jan 26, 2009 10:16AM)
And yes... Simon and I are getting a banner through Steve ASAP... for ARKHAM ANTIQUITIES.... here is one of the relics we found in the cellar... and dragged up into a dusty corner of the shop...

The Gates of Yog Sothoth

As you examine the strange items around the shadow-filled store, the ancient proprietor stares at you for some time and then breaks into a mirthless smile.

“I know what you are looking for…”

He leads you to small alcove where lies a large object, covered by a heavy leather hide adorned with mystic sigils you recognize from your studies of forbidden books of ancient lore. It is unclear what animal the hide was made of… for a moment, you look at a pattern of markings that appear to be almost identical to your missing friend Tom Underwood’s shoulder tattoo… but before you can examine it further… the strange guide removes the cover to unveil a strange relic.

The strange artefact appears ancient... vastly ancient... a strange box that looks like the ark of the covenent done by Bosch! Strangely, it is adorned by gargoyles and other things that seem to be newer additions... newer in that it seems added centuries ago... (scholars of the Cthulhu Mythos do measure time in the oddest ways). The casket of evil has 3 doors carved with glyphs you recognize from the Necronomicon. A strange metallic disk with the Voorish sign rests on its top. Near it is a cylinder of strange metal with alien heiroglyphs. As you examine further, a Latin Inscription is found stating this is the Gates of Yog-Sothoth, the Guardian of the past, present and future.

According to the proprietor, this arcane piece was once part of the estate of the late Dr. Henry Armitage. It is unclear how Arkham Antiquities obtained this relic as when you ask that very question, your mysterious guide’s eyes shine and again his teeth flash as he forms a mirthless smile and says,

“It has been waiting… for you.”


The Gates of Yog-Sothoth’s origins are lost in the mists of time. Some believed that the Serpent Men of Valusia first crafted it and that its use resulted in the end of their empire. Certain ancient tomes of forbidden lore state this device was found in the lost city of Irem shortly after Abdul Alhazred’s Al Azif was released on the world. Legend has it that for employing the artifact to peer through the veils of reality has always come with a terrible price.

The only substantiated history trails back to the 16th century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The strange artefact was owned by Dr. John Dee, the noted English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, geographer, occultist, and consultant to the Queen.

Dee was a delver into dark secret mysteries of the cosmos, devoting much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy. He devoted much time and effort in attempting to commune with angels in order to learn the universal language of creation. Dee possessed one of the largest collections of occult texts within his personal library at his house in Mortlake; tirelessly acquiring books and manuscripts in England and on the European Continent. Dee's library, a center of learning outside the universities, became the greatest in England and attracted many scholars.

In his later years, Dee began to turn towards the supernatural as a means to acquire knowledge. Specifically, he sought to contact angels through the use of a "scryer" or crystal-gazer, who would act as an intermediary between Dee and the angels. This is when he met the mysterious Edward Kelley. Kelley claimed to have connections with forgotten ancient sources of wisdom. Though Kelley, Dee maintained that the angels laboriously dictated several books to him this way, some in a special angelic or Enochian language. Dee was blinded by his excitement at the possibility of realizing his dream of helping usher in a Religion that could unify the world that he did not ever think that Kelley might not have been on the side of Heaven.

The entities, of course, were angels at all – but terrible dark forces that wished to return to lay waste to the world. It was through these messages that Dee was told to find the Necronomicon and translate it to finally be granted the Key to the Divine.

It appears that Kelley helped Dee obtain the Olaus Wormius Latin translation of the Necronomicon, despite all copies of the dreaded tome being banned and burned by Pope Gregory IX in 1232. Dr. Dee created the first English translation (and although never printed, there exists only in fragments recovered from the original manuscript). Certain encrypted copies of this work exist today, such as the Voynich Manuscript. In addition to obtaining the blasphemous tome, Kelley and Dee acquired the Gates of Yog-Sothoth.

Through translating the hideous text of Wormius’s version, Dee determined that the Gates could be used to not only scry but also physically connect with the past, present and future. With it, he felt the secrets of the cosmos were finally at his fingertips. He and Kelley restored the damaged artefact, using the Necronomicon as a guide. Dee insisted on also adding in certain mystical protective glyphs and symbols to help contain the forces he and Kelley were to call upon. Thus, Dee’s own hermetic symbol, consecrated gargoyles and other wards were carved or placed on the demonic device.

It is said that the Gates did allow Dee and Kelley to gain access to the secrets of Time and Space. However, using the artifact resulted in some terrible event or revelation for Dee. Shaken and changed, Dee became a shadow of his former self. Kelley urged Dee to further depraved acts of communing with the Outer Gods but Dee refused. Kelley convinced Dee to travel Europe, with the secret intention of gathering more occult artefacts. Kelley and Dee eventually parted ways when Kelley determined Dee was of no longer any use for his Master’s plans.

It was after this parting that Dee’s life seemed to unravel. From the height of success and having the ear of royalty, his fortunes turned dark. Dee returned to Mortlake after six years to find his library ruined and many of his prized books and instruments stolen – including his translation of the Necronomicon and the Gates of Yog-Sothoth.

Dee spent his final years in poverty at Mortlake, forced to sell off several of his possessions to support himself and his daughter, Katherine, who cared for him until his death at the age of 82.

The Gates fell into the hands of various scholars, wizards and sorcerers through the centuries. Death and madness have always surrounded it.

Now it has again resurfaced… at this time… at this place… for you.


What does it do? Stay tuned!

Each will be custom made and this will allow individuation for patrons of Arkham Antiquities.

Expect more updates as the first Gate to the Voids of Infinite Madness is finished for testing... but the Awakening of the Old One's powers will be here before the Ides of March! Of course, if our space-time experiments go wrong when we summon up ol' Yoggy - nice knowing you... this thread also might vanish if it decides to erase Simon and I from all of existence... but hey... what is life with without plumbing the secrets that humans were not meant to know?!
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Jan 26, 2009 10:37AM)

I had an accident just reading that post, not a good thing to have happen at work! Please do keep us informed, this is more in-line with what I'd use.

Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Jan 26, 2009 10:50AM)
The pictures of The Gates of Yog-Sothoth are the ones that appeared at http://www.magicurios.com ?
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Jan 26, 2009 11:04AM)
That is correct, sir - but it may look slightly different as besides its basic uses, we have attempted to incorporate more options that allow it to be used for at least a 30 minute show on its own, with bizarre magic and mentalism sewn throughout. Plus it looks cool too IOHO
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Jan 26, 2009 11:34AM)
Pictures? Where? You're killing me here.

I have been searching for the past 23 years for the Gates, ever since I learned of their existence in a visit to the old library in the neglected part of Dartmouth, in NH. I assumed the mention was simply some of Dartmouth's scholars at the time trying to grab some of Miskatonic University's notoriety by being fast and loose with their research. But then I found mention in a much older antiquarian book in a small book collector's shop in Walpole, NH - an English text dating from 1768. My suspicion is that the Gates were smuggled from Europe to Massachusetts with the colonization of America. I think there was a cover-up as I could find no mention anywhere in Massachusetts. There were a couple of historical accounts of incidents with the Gates that have been passed down through knowledge keepers, but the historical records regarding those incidents appear to have been manipulated or expunged. Only one actual location has been traced to an actual site, but no investigations have ever been done there as all access has been prevented for well over a century by the undisclosed owners.

If indeed you have come across the actual artifact of the Gates, I urge extreme caution. Do not attempt to do any summoning without my assistance as I have obtained secret knowledge during my travels on the control of the forces that lie beyond. Opening a portal without such safeguards could be disastrous as evidenced by the terrible events that have scarred the village of Dunwich.
Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Jan 26, 2009 11:35AM)
Thanks a lot! Let me know when the doors open to our world...
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Jan 26, 2009 11:52AM)
Yeah yeah Clifford... we all know you have the blood of Wilbur Whately in ya! I've seen your brother! (Well, after I tossed the powder of Ibn Ghazi at him/it)....!!!

Simon and I have watch hounds around the Gates....!!!!
Message: Posted by: Matthew St. Cyr (Jan 26, 2009 12:11PM)
AWESOME! I can't wait to find out more! I love all things Lovecraftian, and this sounds absolutely fantastic!
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Jan 26, 2009 12:50PM)
On 2009-01-26 12:34, Clifford the Red wrote:
My suspicion is that the Gates were smuggled from Europe to Massachusetts with the colonization of America. [/quote]

OK, now I understand why this orifice is open in the basement of the Surnateum...
Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Jan 26, 2009 12:56PM)
On 2009-01-26 13:50, The Curator wrote:
On 2009-01-26 12:34, Clifford the Red wrote:
My suspicion is that the Gates were smuggled from Europe to Massachusetts with the colonization of America. [/quote]

OK, now I understand why this orifice is open in the basement of the Surnateum...

Curator: Be careful of Hastur. May be he is watching you
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Jan 26, 2009 01:05PM)
Never leave your lower orifice open... never know might my crawl up...

I mean Nyogtha, of course....!!!

Message: Posted by: Harlequin (Jan 26, 2009 02:41PM)
Ooh, this sounds good. Beware the Ides of March I'd say.
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Jan 27, 2009 01:15AM)
My wife hope to have mind control over Nyoghta (that's the name of her frog), but...


Nooooo, I'm kidding, that's me before she kisses me and I became the Curator.
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Jan 31, 2009 06:49PM)
A full description of the Gates will be on the upcoming website very soon.
Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Jan 31, 2009 07:27PM)
Dear Doktor (or you prefer just "Doctor", or "Doc", or "Dok", or...?):

Where can I find your book?
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Apr 24, 2009 12:17AM)
For those of you interested, I posted a great image of the real wax seal of John Dees on the yellow board.
Message: Posted by: Matthew St. Cyr (Apr 29, 2009 07:36AM)
On 2009-04-24 01:17, Clifford the Red wrote:
For those of you interested, I posted a great image of the real wax seal of John Dees on the yellow board.

Wha? I must have missed that.
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Apr 29, 2009 01:02PM)
What a wonderful bizarre re-dressing of a classic effect!
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Apr 29, 2009 01:34PM)
This is going to be COOL!