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Topic: Your memories of Harold Taylor...
Message: Posted by: HaroldTaylorsNiece (Jan 27, 2009 10:06AM)
As you can see from my user name - I AM a niece of Harold Taylor 1913-93.

I am seeking your memories Harold who was a popular magician and stage performer during his time... It is my intention to gather as many details, items and memories about Harold as I can - for 3 reasons:
1)My 80+ mother, Harold's youngest sister, she's fast loosing her sight - it is her dream to 'see' as much as she can 'while' she can...
2)Harold has got many nieces and nephews, he was from a very large family! For them to see what I gather, I intend to make a website dedicated to Harold Taylor! It would have your memories, photos, and pictures of memorabelia I have collected...
3)A few magicians have told me how the would enjoy to visit such a website as the one I intend to make for Harold, they've said how how god it would be for its historical value!

Harold's love of magic began when he was 8! He exuded personality and charm!
Edwin Hooper wrote (MUM 1978 67-9) that Harold was the consummate aritste who took the simplest of magical effects and extracted from them - the maximum of entertainment!

Following are the many areas of Harold's life/career which I would like your help with to try and really get a 'picture' of what Harold was like...
*Do you have memories of Harold Taylor to share? Or know of anyone else who has?

*Did anyone know him personally?

*His flamboyance- Was he as flamboyant off-stage as well as on? His dress- on-stage and off-stage??

*Did you perform with him in the same show?

*Maybe you were you 'picked' during a routine? What is your memory of that?

*I know he did lots of xmas parties for the Royal family and J Paul Getty--- What other celebrities did he do private shows for? Any pics?

* At Conventions- did he mingle much?

*Might you have copies of convention books/programmes with Harold in? Is it possible to copy relevant sections for me???

*Any, posters,etc which you could copy and or even send a high quality jpg for me to use?

*Might you have copies of convention books/programmes with Harold in? Is it possible to copy relevant sections for me???

*Any videos- I'm trying to find the segment of the David Nixon Show, series 5 episode 6, 10 may 1976 where he was on with Little and Large.

*Other tv shows he appeared on in UK- I know he did a 24 week stint for the ITV, but what was the show called?

* What other TV shows did he work on? Was he in the lead role, compere, or guest star in them?

*Might any film/video footage of Harold survive today? How can I get a copy?

*Maybe taped shows or radio interviews are around and maybe copies or mp3's could be sent to me? I have been told he did at least 1 BBC radio interview, I believe it had a title to do with his 'Wit and Wizardry'- 'Witty Wizard' - something like that! Might copies exist today- how can I get to hear it?

*I know he was Magic Advisor for at least 2 movies- Magic Moments (89) with Jenny Seagrove, and Dragonslayer (81) with Peter MacNicol, but apparently Harold advised and took part in tv/movies way before those mentioned (in the 60's )!!

*What were those movies he advised in? I managed to get Harold 'added' as magic advisor for the Magic Moments movie on imdb.com - I'd so love to add him to the movies and tv shows he was in, could you help build the list up?

*Were you in those movies? Did he advise you? Were you part of the crew? What was he like to work with? Did he travel on location with the movie? Are there any photos or anything documenting him with the movie- publicity stills?

*Harold was a 'Professional Actor', did he have any specific acting roles in movies during the 50-80's?

*Newspaper photos and articles??? I think the Daily Star may have some in their archives- if it exists, how can I get to see them-- or from any of the other papers- regional and national??

*Any 'non' magic magazine covers or articles about or by Harold? eg TV listing magazines

*Might someone be able to provide details of every magic magazine article/pic from computerised/cd indexes?

*May I have a copy of any articles specifically by/about/mentioning Harold in magic magazines?

*Might there be any pics or details of him attending any magic circles in their archives you know of which could be photographed or copied for me?

*Harold was a member of the Grand Order of Water Rats might there be pictures and details about that which I could see? Was anyond at 'Rat do's' and still have photos and memories? (I have contacted their archives already- am awaiting their reply...

*He gave lecture tours in North America during 60,70,80's what can you remember of them? Did he stay with you?

*He gave shows on cruise ships well past the age of retirement! Did you see him? I would love to be able to put a list of cruise ships he worked on! Do you have any programmes or playbills from the cruise ships featuring Harold?

*I know he was on the organising committee for the Royal Variety shows, though never actually was in the show, but did attend them... What was he like on the committee, how much did he help with, what did he do?

*Do you have any items, books, mags you wish to sell? Copy or lend?

*Particularly I'm looking for his autobiography written in 1991, 'Magic as Entertainment:The Harold Taylor Story'.

*He was in the RAF flying Blenheim's (I think), did you serve or know him when in service? How can I 'see' his records? Did he play his trumpet in any RAF performances? 1951-He was the first 'entertainer' to be given the 'G' card (2 weeks training), might there be anything in the newspapers about that?

*Any advice for the website is greatly appreciated, ie legality etc as this will be my first ever website.!!! I do not want to do anything wrong as regards the content!!!

Wow there's a lot covered there- maybe it will jog a memory you have of Harold!
Please know that anything shared, offered, copied etc, will be given suitable credit in the intended website, though say if you'd prefer for your memories not to go on the website!!!

I am indebted to you all for reading this and for helping me!!! My mother is 'so' excited, your memories are sure making her happy! Me too!!
Thank you all!
Janet HaroldTaylorsNiece
Message: Posted by: Rick Fisher (Jan 27, 2009 11:43AM)
Hi...I have some articles around the shop...will see what I can find for you.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 30, 2009 03:42AM)
You may be able to find some memorabilia and/or some of the information you are looking for if you contact the Magic Circle of London. I believe Harold was a member.

He lectured in Houston a long time ago. I liked the way he thought. He was a real gentleman.
Message: Posted by: Rick Fisher (Jan 30, 2009 02:15PM)
I have a copy of an MUM magazine with him on front cover and nice story inside...email me your address and I will send to you...Rick
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Feb 7, 2009 04:15PM)
Abracadabra 1951:
Booked for Archie Andrews' Christmas Party, which looks like being a big production, Harold Taylor will be showing at the Prince of Wales, London, for a month from 24th December. A television show on 23rd
December and a broadcast on Boxing Day will be thrown in. Nice pickings !

Abracadabra VOL 53 1972:
Entertaining children at the annual prize-giving party at Sandringham Estate on 15th January, Harold Taylor was assisted by H.R.H. Prince Edward. Her Majesty the Queen was also present and later congratulated Harold on his performance.

There are just too many references in AskAlexander.org to mention here. I'd highly recommend this resource for mre info. Annual memberships are as low as $95/year.

Best of luck!
Message: Posted by: marc pearl (Apr 1, 2009 11:46AM)
I saw him lecture at Magic Inc in Chicago in mid 1960's.
He was very entertaining, and very gracious.
He was on the cover of their monthly mailing catalog.