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Topic: National Haunters' Convention Magic Program
Message: Posted by: handa (Jan 31, 2009 09:08PM)
As Director of Entertainment for the National Haunters Convention, I'm pleased to announce this year's entertainment lineup for the NHC as a collection of bizarre and spooky magicians, storytellers, and sideshow oddities.

A primary goal of the convention organizers is to create sub-programming to attract those interested in areas close to, but not necessarily directly related to haunted entertainment. With bizarre/spooky magic in mind, my goal is to create another haven for those magicians who venture a bit off the beaten path in a month that does not come in conflict with existing conventions and gatherings of a similar nature. (In other words, I ain't messin' with November and the ICBM veteran crowd!) If interest is shown, we will add lectures, seminars, and panel presentations in future years to cater specifically to those with a stronger interest in magic. For now, to "prime the pump" so to speak, we are offering a weekend of supplementary entertainment and the opportunity to both network and participate in the current lineup of seminars, workshops, and haunt tours.

As a part of your admission to the tradeshow floor, you will be treated to the following performances:

The Magic of Ron Fitzgerald, dubbed "The Brat Prince of Magic" by Paul Osbourne and title character in the movie Magus

The Chilling Magic of Jonathan Frost

Chris Handa's Spookymagic

Storytelling with the Creatures East

Monster Movie Trivia and Spooky Skits by the cast of Castle Blood's Midnight Monster Hop

In addition, and for a very small fee, you will have the opportunity to view Professor Ouch's Odditorium as a special added attraction to the tradeshow floor!

For more information, please visit http://www.nationalhauntersconvention.com and check out all of the other program offerings as well!

I am very excited to be a part of the organizational team to offer this type of programming and am more excited at the potential of this convention to offer a "convention within a convention" for all of the spooky/mysterious/bizarre types!

Chris Handa
Director of Entertainment
National Haunters' Convention
Message: Posted by: handa (Feb 1, 2009 08:24AM)
I forgot to post the dates:

Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11, 2009

Valley Forge, PA (Philadelphia area)

Message: Posted by: Marqus (Feb 1, 2009 10:27AM)
That's on Good Friday which means I have off from work! I'm just up the road (Wilkes-Barre) so I may jump at this.

Thanks for the heads up!
Message: Posted by: handa (Mar 1, 2009 12:19PM)

As mentioned, Professor Ouch's Odditorium is also a part of the event. The Prof. promises an authentic sideshow experience at the Odditorium: outside talker, live acts, exhibits, and a blow-off. He is doing his best to make this venue the best experience for attendees.

And for those of you who are pining away for another bizarre event, this is THE chance to take some initiative via informal programming. Ron, Jon, and I would love to have some bizarre friends to talk/session with during our downtime, and the a la carte scheduling of seminars means that you can schedule downtime to chat with friends. The convention organizers have promised to "allow the convention to grow with the audience" and will add more formal magic programming as attendance and interest on this side increases.

Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Mar 1, 2009 04:19PM)
For those who don't know Professor Ouch...aka Furry Couch aka Joel Shippley, he's a top dawg tatoo artist in Philly and a long time collector of weird sh!t. Really weird.

He came out for a visit once and we sat and watched him scarf down about 4 or 5 dinners at the jewish Deli nearby. I wonder if he still has the black velvet painting Dogs Playing Poker by the one and only 'Gonzales'...I got the Dogs Playing Pool. :) (Back when you could go to Tijuana and not get shot.)

He's a GREAT friend and you'll enjoy meeting him not to mention the fantastic show he'll present.
Message: Posted by: handa (Mar 1, 2009 10:52PM)
I'm looking forward to meeting Nicole as well :)

Furry has the Olde City Sideshow working with him for this event as well. It is definitely more strange talent than I anticipated and we are going to have a great time!

Message: Posted by: StrangeMagick (Mar 2, 2009 02:32PM)

Bummer ... I used to live about 20 minutes from there and have relatives in the area (Phoenixville), but now live in MA. If I was employed right now, I might try to make the trek. BTW, the Colonial Theater in Phoenixvill was used in the the movie The Blob. It's onlu about 20 monites from the convention center. Also Eastern State is in Philly.

By the way, Jonathan Frost is a really good friend of mine and worth seeing too.

Dave Birtwell
Message: Posted by: handa (Mar 2, 2009 08:49PM)

You never should have admitted that you were from PA! I always mistook you for having your roots in New England!

Eastern State was a stop on the haunt tour last year, as was the Mutter Museum (and I loved every minute of it!) and Fright Factory. This year, we are going to Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. Part of the evening includes a ghost hunt in Randy Bates' barn.

I'm really looking forward to working with Jonathan. He has a head on his shoulders that is years older than it says on his birth certificate.

Things are ramping up to be a great weekend. Hopefully a few more of you can join us!

Message: Posted by: ylbissop (Apr 13, 2009 04:16PM)
Excellent event watch for it next year
Message: Posted by: handa (Apr 13, 2009 06:05PM)
Thank you my friend! It was great to see both of you this weekend.

Overall, the mainstage program and Odditorium were well-received. Both Ron and Jonathan did an excellent job on the mainstage. (Hopefully, I at least held my own.) I also can't say enough about all of the good things that I heard about Professor Ouch, Danny Borneo, and Reggie B with their classic presentations in the Odditorium.

We're already talking "next year," with lots of ideas as to how to present some more unique entertainment opportunities to attendees.

Thanks to the Café members and other cyber friends who stopped to say hello and support our entertainers. All of us had a great time at the show.

Message: Posted by: handa (Apr 15, 2009 11:39AM)


Nice pictures, words, and some video footage. You'll see me on the opposite side of the camera lens in some of the shots if you look closely :)