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Topic: Easiest dove production
Message: Posted by: nachof (May 6, 2003 05:02PM)
Which one is the easiest dove production?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (May 6, 2003 06:19PM)
Nachof: this is a difficult question. Are you talking about using props or just producing a dove? Most productions are easy, it's the presentation that makes it look more difficult. You must look smooth during the production and that takes a lot of practice no matter what method you use.
Message: Posted by: R2 (May 6, 2003 09:36PM)
Which one is the easiest dove production?

I couldn't pass on this one....

"Egg Hatching Production"

Seriously though I believe you are considering using props.....since you wish to have easy productions...

Try a

Junior Dove Appearance/Vanish
Fountain Silks Production
Mirror Box Production
Phantom Tube
Dove to Glove

When you have tired of these then you can move to advanced harness productions...or just go for it first....

Message: Posted by: Slim King (May 7, 2003 03:13AM)
I recently came into posession of two doves as their former owner is now on a cruise ship for the next five months. Is there a dove production that I can build myself? Plans? Something that my brilliant 8 year old daughter can perform?
Message: Posted by: R2 (May 7, 2003 08:31AM)
Hey there Slim? Give me a call, email or pm me.... I can help you on this for your daughter... Gotta Run...

Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (May 7, 2003 03:26PM)
Tony Clark has an easy dove from tissue effect on one of his tapes that is simple and cheap to build, yet looks very impressive to the audience.

Alex Tan
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jun 13, 2004 04:51PM)

Try the Doves from Balloons cote type. (You can build it yourself.) Remember to give her a way to pop the balloons. I don't know why manufacturers don't think of that! All she needs is a pin or tack.

Good Luck!

Magic By Sander

PS Lucy and I are in Orlando for the last part of June. Please PM me.
Message: Posted by: James Adamson (Jun 16, 2004 06:31PM)
See Tony Clarks Vanishing Cane to silks to Dove production on the off-beat. Direct, simple, no looking for the loop and totally un-expected. You can even apply this production to more than just a dove. Must be done as an Opener.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Jun 19, 2004 05:34AM)
Dove from Kleenex is my favorite. I think that may be the effect that Alex was referring to.