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Topic: Shrunken Head Start
Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (Mar 18, 2002 01:11PM)
Has anyone here made shrunken heads before? (I do mean gimmicked ones.)
I'd like to make some for a chop cup routine and a two in the hand/one in the pocket routine. Any ideas where to start or where I can buy some 1" heads? I have looked in craft stores for the appropriate size - no luck. I would use a small action figure head but I don't know how to finish it to look old and gross. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!

Message: Posted by: Eddiethe13th (Mar 18, 2002 01:33PM)
A great way to make your own shrunken heads would be to use FIMA clay. It comes in all sorts of colors and can be baked into a permanent state. Just roll the little piece of clay into a ball and with a pen just push in some eye nose and mouth holes an squish them with yor fingers and it will start to look like a shrunken head, then place some pieces of black thread( set into clay) on the eyes and mouth crossing the holes verticaly and that will resemble the stitche, get some doll hair and glue it to the head after baking. :jesterhat:
Message: Posted by: Paul (Mar 18, 2002 02:04PM)
So, you are trying to get "ahead" of the competition are you?

Real size shrunken heads would be too large for a two in the hand one in the pocket routine. I saw some in Martin Grams' travelling museum of the Weird and Strange.

Paul Hallas
Message: Posted by: kingmedia (Mar 18, 2002 02:24PM)
Dukie - Thaumysta Magic sells a variety of skulls. Not shrunken heads, of course, but it's worth checking on anyway.

The clay idea is good, too.

Regally Yours,

Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (Mar 18, 2002 02:41PM)
Thank you for the replies.

Eddiethe13th - Good idea. How fragile is FIMA after it is baked?

Paul Hallas - Competition, what competition? Where can I find Martin Grams' museum?

Kingie - I have most of Mary's offerings already. Fortunately, I am able to get a lot of different plastic/bone skulls here in Vancouver. It's strange, but we have a large occult/witch community here on the coast.

Any other suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Sir T (Mar 18, 2002 06:43PM)
Try the below link, they have 3 inches and above, call them they may be able to get you a really good deal on a 1 inch.


Kevin :kitty:
Message: Posted by: Paul (Mar 18, 2002 07:13PM)
I will check with Marty and see if he has a web site for the museum. Marty is based in PA.
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Mar 18, 2002 07:16PM)
Don't forget the old trick of carving an apple to resemble a head and then let it dry out to create a reasonable facsimile of a shrunken head.

Add some "stitches" to the mouth and eyes, and some fake hair, and you'll have something that looks and feels creepy.
Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (Mar 18, 2002 07:56PM)

Thanks a lot Sir T and Paul and Philemon.

These are great ideas! I completely forgot about appleheads. And that head website is perfect for the jumbo load (among other things).

Thanks again guys!
Message: Posted by: Sir T (Mar 18, 2002 09:46PM)

Make sure you check out their Gem Skulls, good stuff!If you are ever in need of the......different let me know, I have a line on most of the good stuff, always happy to help.

Kevin :kitty:
Message: Posted by: dekkeret (Mar 19, 2002 06:50AM)
The apple method is explained in this article:
Making your own fake shrunken head at

Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (Mar 23, 2002 12:31AM)
Thanks a lot for your help guys!

This is perfect information!
Message: Posted by: WR (Apr 26, 2002 02:50PM)
Also try ;http://www.boneyardbargains.com/Shopping/Body_Parts/Bucky_rollover.html
They have lts of great stuff,
"..Tell them Igor sent your.."
Most magically yours,
WR :wow:
Message: Posted by: E-Leoni (Apr 26, 2002 03:34PM)
Here is another crazy site.

real animal skin ....uh hmmmmm?