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Topic: Darwin Ortiz's One-Handed Poker Deal, MY Version.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Feb 10, 2009 07:03PM)
I use this "Here's how to cheat type of patter". I think Darwin Ortiz in "The Man" as far as cards. I can't do a Zarrow or Push-Thru too well, but this is how I learned the faro, thus this is how I do it.

Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Feb 12, 2009 04:14AM)
Check out my Kartenkunste, and my hardest though it doesn't nesseccarily have the huge wow factor but my hardest card trick I do is Darwin's One-Handed Poker Deal, My Version, (THIS TRICK), and give me some pointers nicely and what I've done right. Please this is my most advanced trick, and check out Kartenkunste where I ALREADY mentioned 2 things, Thanks. Ed, (Eddini), C.H.