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Topic: Putting it out there
Message: Posted by: theadequate (Feb 12, 2009 01:13AM)
Hi gang - I'm going to take a risk and put my demo reel out there for y'all to view and critique.

Some comments beforehand - I took some pointers from the online seminar offered at http://getmorecorporategigs.com (yes I know I know) and made it much more benefits oriented than 'oh gosh look at all the magic' oriented. There's really only three bits of magic in the entire 4 minute reel, but for the target audience (Fair promoters) the stuff that draws the crowds is, well, what I'm trying to put out here.

The audio goes weak in the middle bit - no mics (welcome to the Renaissance Faire) so the background music fades as well.

... and wait for the Monk's Reward at the end.

Ok. here's the clip:


Comments? Brickbats

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