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Topic: For Those Who Perform Supreme Slate of Mind.....
Message: Posted by: Brian S. Tanner (Feb 15, 2009 01:59AM)
What do you use to transport the prop to and from your shows ?

Just curious.
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Feb 16, 2009 07:56AM)
An artist portfolio which has a center zipper joining the two halves and a couple of compartments.
They come in various sizes and can be located by a search for portfolios.

All of my medium to large flat props are stored and transported that way.

I hope that this bit of information helps you.


Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Mar 17, 2009 03:17PM)
I also use one of the portfolios, find them on EBAY etc. Excellent protection and should be suitable for carry on.
Message: Posted by: giobbi1 (May 4, 2009 10:47AM)
I have an old vintage suitcase that I found at a flea market for $5.00. It holds a lot of props for my show and the slate lays right on top of everything else and fits perfectly. The suitcase goes on top of a set of restaurant style legs and I use it as a dump box during the show. Very handy.