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Topic: Reincardnation
Message: Posted by: ChicagoMike (Feb 23, 2009 02:08AM)
Hey all,

I have heard quite a mix of feelings about this particular effect. Personally I use it all the time, not as a totally stand alone effect but as part of a larger routine. I've had a lot of fun with it (as well as the spectators of course!)) and was curious if anyone else uses this tnr method, or what tnr effects any of you are currently using...
Message: Posted by: M Sini (Feb 23, 2009 07:07AM)
Hey Chicago Mike,

This is one of the first tnr routines I learned. I still use it from time to time when I need to do it really impromptu. I have found that it gets great reactions from the spectators.

As a lot of magicians do, I also use Garcia's Torn. It's probably my favorite because it is so visual and they get to keep the card at the end, though it's not totally impromptu.

I've done Matthew B.'s TNR a few times but have found I don't like all the set up and you don't end totally 'clean' at least right away anyway.

It seems Charlie Frye's Ripped and Fryed on the TA DVD's is gaining some popularity. I have yet to perform it for an audience but have practiced it and like it very much.

I know there are a lot of tnr effects out there but those are the four I've had experience with.

Message: Posted by: puggo (Feb 26, 2009 02:39PM)
I had the honour of spending a couple of hours in the company of Michael Ammar in the bar at Blackpool. Michael floored us with his 'Albo' card routines. I love T&R, but have always struggled / not felt entirely comfortable with aspects of the 'hands in pocket' or 'ditching' phase. Beautiful routines that are relatively easy, and the way the effect takes place removes nearly all heat from any dirty work .
Message: Posted by: puggo (Feb 26, 2009 03:44PM)
In terms of 'normal' T&R, Cameron Francis 'Rehab' was one of the better ones I have tried.
Message: Posted by: koh (May 8, 2009 08:45PM)
I liked Reincardnation because of the one card use, but I felt there was still something missing about it. I was using Daniel Garcia's Torn because the visual aspect of it is beautiful. However, "Torn" requires a lot of practice to make it look really good. I also like "Torn" because it can be adapted on the spot with business cards if you're at restaurant.