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Topic: New Prevaricator + DVD
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Mar 4, 2009 11:38AM)
I understand Patrick Redford discussed this at a recent lecture. Does anyone have news of a release date?
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Mar 4, 2009 03:55PM)
Ask to Patrick, he's member here
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Mar 4, 2009 04:23PM)
He's busy until the 20th, traveling the world performing and lecturing. I don't want to overwhelm his inbox... my question isn't an emergent one, Just trying to put my curiousity to rest.

Thanks, though, for the response. Peace.
Message: Posted by: Nathan Pain (Mar 4, 2009 05:42PM)
Did you try to see if his product website has any info?

Message: Posted by: kambiz (Mar 4, 2009 08:44PM)
I would urge you to look at subscribing to his newsletter/blog on his website, you will hear all about it direct from the "Redford's mouth", so to speak!

Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (Mar 4, 2009 09:10PM)
On 2009-03-04 20:06, Davit Sicseek wrote:


Strange I was thinking that of your post.

You know some one with their head up their backside.

I would imagine you could use a breath mint also considering your rather uncomfortable position.

-j im

Message: Posted by: LukePreston (Mar 4, 2009 09:29PM)
On 2009-03-04 20:06, Davit Sicseek wrote:
So you know that he's traveling the world performing and lecturing... yet don't know about his upcoming product release.

Looks like hype, sounds like hype. Of course, I'm sure you're only asking so that the community as a whole can have the benefit of your findings.

I'm sure that even an international jet-setter like Mr. Redford doesn't have serious overwhelming issues with his mail box, particularly if he is traveling and performing in the developed world.


No idea if the original post was a 'hype' or 'brown-nose' one. It may be worth mentioning that the 'Prevaricator +' thingy is being published by someone other than Patrick Redford, so it's quite possible someone could know his movements but wonder if anyone could provide info about the release date.
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Mar 4, 2009 11:09PM)
It's amazing how much distress a simple email causes.

I emailed Mr. Redford about Prevaricator + a few times about three weeks ago and never got a response (I assume because he was busy with his paying job as a performer, which is fair. He may also be unsure of the release date... it may depend on the video editor... who knows?). I saw someone post they'd heard in "Inner Thoughts" that he was going to release the DVD "soon." I'm a new user; I can't find or have no access to Inner Thoughts (assuming Inner Thoughts is part of this website). I thought I might get a good answer quickly by asking around here. Like I said, it isn't an emergency... but it never hurts to ask.

I want Prevaricator. I'm already familiar with the method, but I don't feel I have the right to perform it without owning the work first. However, I don't want to buy the manuscript if the DVD is coming out soon (and I understand it is, whatever "soon" means) because it looks like the DVD will be a better value, with insights not included in the original manuscript.

I do have some shows coming up, and might not want to wait for the DVD... but I don't want to feel I could've spent the money better by waiting a few weeks.

That's the reason for my post.

By the way, I know Mr. Redford/Tait is travelling because he sent a MASS email to those on his mailing list two days ago letting them know he'll be away for a few weeks. Seems he was letting people know that he couldn't fill orders while he was gone, so people wouldn't be upset if they're stuff didn't come in the mail right away.

Now... does anyone really know anything about this release?
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Mar 4, 2009 11:11PM)
On 2009-03-04 21:44, kambiz wrote:
I would urge you to look at subscribing to his newsletter/blog on his website, you will hear all about it direct from the "Redford's mouth", so to speak!


Thanks, Kam. I missed that. I'll follow that avenue.

Message: Posted by: kambiz (Mar 5, 2009 07:21AM)
No worries Mike,

It disappoints me the number of times I see the more "experienced" participants at the Café disrespect others simply because they feel they have the "right" to do so....there sometimes is just far too much ego amongst the community.....it would be a refreshing delight to see the "experienced" develop they're humility for the "less-experienced" to learn and be inspired by :)

To all the "experienced" performers having coffee here....not everyone with under 30,000 posts is necessarily a YouTube Ellusionist "magic secret" dealer...yes we have all been stung by these leaches, but give newcomers a chance and let them smell the aroma of our coffee beans :)

Message: Posted by: kambiz (Mar 5, 2009 07:26AM)
P.s most Café frequenters OVER 30,000 posts are actually quite spiritual beings....yes that is a reference to you Nathan :)

Looking for a Patrick Redford poster to put up above my bed, next to my Jerome Finley one, any ideas on where I can source one.....Nathan??
Message: Posted by: Bennettjc (Mar 5, 2009 07:38AM)
The impression I got, when I was at the Patrick Redford lecture at Tannens a month or two ago, was that this project's release was many many months away at best. Joshua Jay was/is quite involved in the production and much skilled work appears to be being put into it. Based on what we heard the DVD will be a very interactive and innovative approach to teaching Prevaricator +, which as we saw, is a masterpiece of an effect.
Message: Posted by: Mike Ince (Mar 5, 2009 08:22AM)
Hmmm. Many many months away? That helps my decision. Thanks! That's what I'm looking for.
Message: Posted by: Nathan Pain (Mar 5, 2009 08:24AM)

If you ask PR real nice I'll bet you can get one...My Jerome poster is too big for any others to be on my wall.


Message: Posted by: Chris K (Mar 5, 2009 11:22AM)
As usual, Davit is a bit of a dissenting voice, but that doesn't make him wrong.

In this particular instance, however, Davit does happen to be wrong. For the record, the last time I communicated with Patrick (March 3), he was about to fly into Denmark en route to Finland.

As for hype, I can't speak for it except to say this: I happen to know about some of the material in this release and it will definitely find a spot in my performances. To me, that is the highest praise I can give but, with that being said, it doesn't mean anything to anybody else except I think that "hype" isn't accurate.

But, that is just my opinion, Davit is as entitled to his and, frankly, I sort of like that he rocks the boat a little. It can come off a little insulting but I don't choose to see it that way.

Message: Posted by: Joel Givens (Mar 5, 2009 04:14PM)
Hey guys,

I can speak about this because I've talked with my buddy Joshua Jay
about his new venture (with Andi Gladwin) called Vanishing Inc Magic.
They are producing the Prevaricator DVD and it's going to be really
innovative in its structure. It will have nearly THIRTY performances
of Patrick doing the trick all over NYC (according to Josh he hit
EVERY SINGLE TIME, which is hard to even believe), and then he teaches
all the nuances, borrowed bill variations, and outs. Supposedly it
will come with some secret PDF file too. Finally, there will be a kind
of interactive quiz segment where you can watch footage of people and
"practice" the techniques in the comfort of your living room. I've
never met Patrick Redford but I love his work, and this should be one
to watch for!


Joel Givens
Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (Mar 5, 2009 05:44PM)
I've signed up for Patrick's Prevaricator workshop at the South Tyneside International Magic Festival on the 15th March. I'll write a review the week after if that's any help?

Message: Posted by: Davit Sicseek (Mar 5, 2009 06:27PM)
The reason why I was characteristically skeptical is because I recall seeing a thread discussing this exact subject just a few days ago. In that thread, Patrick stated that it would probably be a while before it was out, that it was gonna be priced reasonably, that he wasn't doing the release personally etc etc etc etc etc.
Message: Posted by: Chris K (Mar 5, 2009 07:40PM)
On 2009-03-05 19:27, Davit Sicseek wrote:
The reason why I was characteristically skeptical is ...

Hey, no need to explain yourself, although I did find it enlightening as I did not read the other thread. I also do not know the details of the release (who is putting it out, price, release date, etc.). All I know is a portion of the contents (which I did NOT submit, so this isn't a personal thing at all) and that portion was pretty nifty (hopefully nifty avoids any semblance of hype).

I also know I will pick this up when it comes out for sure. I may not end up being happy with that, but, based on what I know, I consider being unhappy with this purchase to be quite unlikely.

But, back to topic, as I said, no idea when it is coming out.
Message: Posted by: kambiz (Mar 5, 2009 07:43PM)
Thanks Davit, but be nice about it bro :) (your perfectly capable)

Thanks Stuart would be keen to read about your impressions..

Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (Mar 6, 2009 03:12AM)
I've signed up for Patrick's Prevaricator workshop at the South Tyneside International Magic Festival on the 15th March. I'll write a review the week after if that's any help?

Message: Posted by: Waters (Mar 6, 2009 06:42AM)
I envy you that, Stuart. I am sure that will be great.

Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (Mar 7, 2009 06:47AM)
I'm so overexcited I might faint away like a Victorian lady :)

There's a mention of the DVD on this podcast....

Message: Posted by: Colin (Mar 7, 2009 10:34AM)
I heard my name in there! I have been down in Newcastle all this week catching up with Kennedy and we can't believe how quickly this year has come around again! I genuinely believe that this convention is the best in the world. It's so intimate and you get a chance to speak to everyone!

I have now read an early edition of the new Prevaricator book and can I just point out that it goes so much further than the first book! If you are interested in this style of routine (which I truly am) this is going to really get you thinking!

Very best wishes (and see you next week!)

Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Mar 8, 2009 11:40AM)
Prevaricator is turning into an excellent DVD. Patrick is an incredibly innovative thinker and I'm proud of what our team at Vanishing Inc have done with the product.

We'll be sure to keep this thread updated as the release gets closer.


Message: Posted by: Patrick Redford (Mar 10, 2009 11:18AM)
As far as I'm aware no one was "put up" to posting a message about this project here. Sorry to not have come in with a reply sooner, but I've been out traveling and am now just coming in here as I received a email saying I should come reply.

Davit - I did just mentioned this down in inner thoughts with all the info I know about the project. If folks have 50 posts please have a look down that way.

Andi Gladwin or Joshua Jay would know much better than I would when the release is going to happen. They are the gentleman who own the DVD project and are in charge of its release. I am under the impression that it will be several months until it does come out - if not longer.

As for the Masterclass in Newcastle next week:

This will be different than the DVD project though include much of it. Those who attend will get what's been called above as the "super secret PDF" though in printed and comb bound form.
There will be more focus on "Which Hand" techniques that currently remain publicly unpublished.
Personal instruction.
A guest performance and teach-in on Colin's brilliant handling and added technique of this routine.

If you already own Prevaricator - this goes miles and miles beyond what was in the original release. If you aren't familiar with Prevaricator, don't worry you'll get all the info that you need.

Also please note: Prevaricator isn't an effect, it's a series of techniques that may be applied to accomplish various effects. We'll be exploring all of those.

Lastly - the master class is an opportunity to talk about any of my working material that's currently on the market. We are not restricted to the time scheduled and I have been given the go ahead to go as long as needed if folks are happy to keep going.

Joel - I recently read Sessions and am a big fan of your thinking as well. I do hope we get a chance to meet someday.

I'm back on a plane tomorrow afternoon so forgive me if I'm tardy in future responses.

Thanks everyone.

Message: Posted by: tincture (Mar 17, 2009 08:13AM)
So you know we're all waiting to hear - how was the workshop?

Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (Mar 18, 2009 10:00AM)
As promised here's my brief review of the Prevaricator Masterclass Patrick did on Sunday. If you have any questions pm me (though obviously don’t ask me to reveal any secrets).

We got:

Performances by Patrick of various routines using the Prevaricator principle (and that is the way to look at it, as a very useful principle rather than as one effect). For those of you who haven't seen him perform he has a playful manner that manages to convey warmth while remaining in control. I mention this because it is a balance that mentalists can struggle to get right I think (I certainly do) and also because your ability to work with people's emotions and to build rapport is crucial in learning this technique. From this comment you should understand that it is not really something for amateurs.

I would guess that people's questions will mainly be "how reliable is it?" and "what happens if it doesn't work." Both these questions were answered comprehensively with many techniques and subtleties to increase reliability and clever methods and routines to eliminate any sense of failure. This doesn't mean that it is foolproof (nothing is) but neither does it mean that you have to compromise with a weak "out".

We got a nice handout with detailed notes on the core principle, lots of other techniques and the various effects and routines. I already own the original Prevaricator book and these notes do indeed go a long way further. They also include the missing link that for me makes Prevaricator a usable tool.

One of the highlights for me was Colin's performance. Entertaining, bold, subtle and a great demonstration of the techniques in action. Nice one. "Cheeky" is the correct term I believe?

In addition we got demonstrations of some lock routines from Glemme. The one I saw I liked a lot. Unfortunately, I had to leave a little bit before the end in order to catch a train so I’m not sure what happened in the last half-hour.

I tried the Prevaricator techniques out informally last night in a couple of pubs and I was happy with my success rate and the reactions I got. I need lots of practice at this of course but I’m willing to put the time in. Its not something you can learn at home, you need strangers to practice on so be prepared to get social.

The down side? Hard to really think of anything I didn't like. Its a shame that Patrick didn’t bring the DVD rushes so we could see him in action with members of the public. It might also have been an idea to have found a few volunteer non-magicians for us to spend a little time practicing on but then again that would have taken up a lot of time and I personally needed to go away and think things through before practicing anyway. Minor quibbles. I’m very happy with the experience and would sign up for another workshop with Patrick at the drop of a hat. (Though not his hat because I don't think he ever removes it :) )

One other thing that struck me was how keen Patrick was to give due credit for lots of the techniques to Ben Blau. Many people seem to be eager to take all the credit they can in this crazy old game and its very refreshing to see credit being given so fairly and honestly.

Thanks Patrick.

p.s. The rest of the convention was fantastic. As always.
Message: Posted by: Colin (Mar 18, 2009 10:30AM)
I didn't want to comment first as my opinion may seem bias... regardless Patrick was awesome in his lecture, workshop and actual performance!

Thanks for the kind words Stuart! Glad you liked it :)

Very best wishes,

PS: Cheeky indeed ;)
Message: Posted by: tincture (Mar 24, 2009 12:49PM)
That sounds pretty great. WIsh I could have been there.

Message: Posted by: Estabrooks (Apr 2, 2009 05:23PM)
This often happens to me:

I want to buy what seems like a great product (in this case: (Old) Prevaticator). But then I read about some hyped, due to be released, new version that is vastly better than the original. :)

I still kind of want to buy the original but for some reason it seems like a waste of money. So I keep delaying it untill the new improved version is available.

But a few days before the new version is availabe a new thread will appear here on the Café about the (even better) coming "Ultimate version"... :)

Best wishes,
Message: Posted by: bobser (Apr 2, 2009 06:01PM)
I've been using (old) prevaricator literally since it came out (not in a deviant sexual way. Anyone thinking that is just being silly).
I loved it when I read this thread but I was baffled as to why a DVD had been made. I say that because, to me, there's a thing you do/say and it makes the magic happen... most of the time. And if not, then it's still ok, there are words for that also, and you're immediately linked to the next 'test'.
BUT... I'm rather excited to read all the above, and have a desire to incorporate the new nuances.

Message: Posted by: Nathan Pain (Apr 2, 2009 07:02PM)
Sometimes a DVD is made because people are too lazy to type...wait...let me give you a youtube link to my comment...Oh, how 2009 of me.


Message: Posted by: CardWiz (Jun 29, 2009 02:09PM)
Could someone perhaps lighten me on this issue?

There is a blog on Vanishing Inc Magic that says:

Prevaricator DVD by Patrick Redford. We flew Patrick Redford (George Tait) to New York City last month to shoot our favorite effect of his. Imagine being able to tell when ANYONE is lying. The method? You literally just know. The construction of this piece is absolutely beautiful and he has taken in EVERYONE with this diabolical method. The mentalism world is jazzed over Prevaricator, and this innovative DVD will be the definitive work on specifically this trick and “tells” in general. We’ve introduced an interactive practice feature interface on the DVD, so you can watch people’s faces and practice “reading” their tells. Then Patrick points out what you should have recognized, and in this way you can practice in the comfort of your own home. Look for this within the next two months!

But, to my understanding, everyone is still waiting on the DVD.
Is there an idea of when this thing hits is market?


Message: Posted by: Colin (Jun 29, 2009 02:35PM)
When the time is right...

...Very exciting stuff on there!

Message: Posted by: CardWiz (Jun 29, 2009 03:47PM)
On 2009-06-29 15:35, Colin wrote:
When the time is right...

...Very exciting stuff on there!


Yes! This could possibly be my best magic purchase yet! (other than books)
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Jul 19, 2009 05:23AM)
Hi everyone,

We're glad that you are all excited about this DVD.

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we won't release something until we're 100% happy with it. This is the reason that Prevaricator+ isn't out yet; we're still working with our team to ensure that we get it exactly right.

We're very proud of this DVD and will be all too happy to post here once we have a better idea of the release date.


Message: Posted by: Mr. Ree (Aug 30, 2011 02:09AM)
Prevaricator+ ???

It's now 2011. Did this ever release?

If it did I can not find it anywhere.

I am experimenting with various "which hand" effects.
Electronic and otherwise.

This just seemed like a much different approach. Hence the interest.

Thanks - David
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Aug 30, 2011 04:53AM)
What are you talking about?
You can't find the dvd????
Magician create miracle but can't find where buy a dvd :)
Message: Posted by: voh002 (Aug 30, 2011 06:24AM)
http://www.alakazam.co.uk/product-Prevaricator-DVD-by-Patrick-Redford.html :)
Message: Posted by: Stefmagic (Aug 30, 2011 06:44AM)
On 2011-08-30 03:09, Mr. Ree wrote:
Prevaricator+ ???

It's now 2011. Did this ever release?

If it did I can not find it anywhere.
[/quote] On Patrick Redford's website, it seems that Prevaricator+ is Out of Print!

Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Aug 30, 2011 07:00AM)
The DVD is gold - & has wayyyyy more than the original booklet - and you can go out and try it almost immediately - really - and it works - and it's fun
Message: Posted by: rickhypno (Aug 30, 2011 07:03AM)
For me this isn't a foolproof technique, but good enough. The dvd is very good.
Message: Posted by: parmenion (Aug 30, 2011 08:49AM)
On 2011-08-30 08:03, rickhypno wrote:
For me this isn't a foolproof technique, but good enough. The dvd is very good.

Fool proof is tenyo.
But of course it has nothing to do with mentalism...
Message: Posted by: Jheff (Aug 30, 2011 09:27AM)
Prevaricator Plus is a book and that is out of print. The DVD is not. It's still available.

- Jheff
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Aug 30, 2011 01:17PM)
On 2011-08-30 10:27, Jheff wrote:
Prevaricator Plus is a book and that is out of print. The DVD is not. It's still available.

- Jheff

Pity wish it was also sold out :)
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ree (Aug 31, 2011 01:53AM)
The way that AndiGladwin’s message is written is a bit confusing. It sounds like Prevaricator+ was a DVD that was being made “exactly right” before its release.

I had found the Prevaricator DVD but Prevaricator+ sounded like an improved version.
(That’s the reason for the my post.)

parmenion: The name of the DVD is Prevaricator and I was asking about Prevaricator+ ;)

Dr Spektor: That’s was I was hoping for, fun.
It seems like a nice experiment and an alternative way of doing a “proximity” type effect.
(Sold out? Hey!) :)

rickhypno: Thank you. Your comment is helpful as well. I don’t need 100% at the point in my show that I am considering using this. (But this does verify my thinking about all of this.)

Jheff: Thank you. Did some searching based on the information you provided. It seems that at one time there was a book called Prevaricator then a book called Prevaricator+. At some time in the process a Prevaricator DVD was released.
Message: Posted by: Patrick Redford (Aug 31, 2011 04:17AM)
Perhaps I can be of some help here. The booklet that was Prevaricator+ was originally only available at my workshops. Its contents in full has been included on the Prevaricator DVD as a very nice looking PDF.

You will have everything you need and more by making the DVD purchase. I still give prevaricator workshops and still touch on a few things that are not available anywhere else that have stayed exclusive to those workshops (like 5 person prevaricator).

I hope this clears up some of your confusion. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to shoot me an email.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ree (Sep 1, 2011 01:53AM)
Patrick Redford: Thank you for the details about all of this.
Very nice to hear that the Prevaricator+ is included as a PDF
file on the DVD.

I ordered the Prevaricator DVD this evening.

Probably not a new idea but initially I am thinking about using electronics as a “backup” to help me do various experiments with Prevaricator and some other methods of caring out this effect.

(Ultimately I do like the idea of performing this effect without carrying any “stuff” around.)

Oddly enough I am experimenting with my script writing to include an effect that I initially don’t get 100%. I will test this idea to see if it make everything more “real.

Hope the above makes some sense as it if rather difficult to write all the details of my reasons for these experiments.

- David
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Sep 1, 2011 12:37PM)
There is another very relevant thread down in "Inner Thoughts" entitled "Which hand- Non gimmick" for those that are interested.