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Topic: Hand On The Bible, THIS...THIS HERE is my BEST CARD TRICK I DO. Anniversary Walts.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 20, 2009 07:53PM)
This is the trick I would do if I had to pick one to do on T.V. It's a favorite of my fans. Their like "Do The Couple's Trick...Please Eddini". This is one I'm proud of, as I actually took my time with the patter, and let me tell you the patter makes it half the fun. I once posted my patter here in *** ****** ... etc, and I got request from people HERE asking if they could use it. MAKE SURE you "test the waters" with the group before doing this. YES people like my bent forks keep the cards for years. I also EVERYTIME I do this use a "Box" only with this trick which blows it out of this atmospere. While I do spend a minute setting up this trick so people can see my excitement, I look at other tricks of this and Doc Eason, is like 10 seconds LONGER than mine so I DON'T, I repeat DON'T...DON'T want to here "Oh Edini it's too long with a whiney voice. It is what it is just soak it in, and enjoy it. If you need to give pointers do it tactfully. Not over 300 of my fans can be wrong. Still maybe something you say will make me think about it different and who knows I might use it, I doubt it but you never know. Thanks, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.

Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 23, 2009 01:12AM)
As I said this is my MOST REQUESTED trick I do. If let's say Regis and Kelly called booked me and gave me a 6 minute time slot I would perform this hands down (In A Flash would be my second choice mind you). Actually I'm going to ask random friends and say truthfully (I've been meaning to do this anyway for future advertising) what they think of my magic and their favorite trick and I bet 7-8 out of 10 WILL name this, and I'll post it up here. I'm by NO MEANS bragging but everyone has their best / pet / favorite trick and this is mine. I'd talked to Ben here about "Scripting" right but on another trick and this one while I ad libbed a couple of times, I finally got a patter that works for me and most importantly my audience. Remember though I perform for all ages I get mostly the 13-35 years of age. OBVIOUSLY I make sure they are NO YOUNGER than 17-18 at the youngest. Like I said the first time I printed the patter I did a lot of **** ** **** and so on, and had request so I did as long as people gave the patter credit to me, but ONLY if they were asked. I'd ask here the same respect be given to me. ONE VERY IMPORTANT NOTE. Whatever you do, DON'T BE DUMB and open with this. Get a feel for the crowd PLEASE!!! I have NEVER in the past 4-5 years doing this have someone say they felt embarrassed. If so I WOULD BE SO, SO CRUSHED as I'm easily offended too. No people get into it. If it's not a couple I just use "Best Friends", and people who have seen it, let's say a girl named Ashley came up with a friend that a girl, she'll be like "Eddini can you please do the Couple trick but use me and my friend here Stacy"...lol, so it's great fun. As a bonus I ALWAYS...always use the shrinking card case with JUST this trick, so be are being onslaughted from the get go. I can ONLY put in like 60% of the energy into this without a crowd, in other words you "Have To Be There" so yo speack. So this is my baby. WATCH...ENJOY...and give feedback PLEASE, Thanks, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 25, 2009 06:28PM)
Seriously, and I DON'T think too highly (nor too lowly but in between) on my Magic, and I don't mean to brag, but SADLY you are missing out on my BEST TRICK I DO, and that's from my audience's perspective, but hey we all got things to do. I DO HOWEVER thank you much for the feedback on my other trick...ROCK ON, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 27, 2009 02:12AM)
Yes this is B.S., I'm going to fing EVERY SINGLE *** quote I can and put it up.

I know what you're thinking. "Well this sucks but we don't want to put anything up, and have him get ****ed". Well being ignored ****ES ME OFF MOST. I'd rather get TACTFUL feedback, get a little angry than nothing at all. Hell maybe you like hense no feedback if so I'm sorry. I'm just the MOST STUBBORN person you will EVER meet, I will not just once, but 3 times a day, even if it's just a sentence keep putting a thread toward the top like mt story (I KNOW you've friggin seen it) in the "Not Magical" part. Look I've been off my meds 3 weeks, am super emotional (NOT that, that's a excuse) and like I said BEFORE my experience believe it or not I held back. I said this time I refuse to let things build up, and I won't be holding back, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.

P.S. Those who've been with me and helped me I apologize, I just think people do things on purpose to **** me the **** off at times. Now watch I'll get all kinds of feedback, ONLY because I got ****ed and that's sad.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 27, 2009 03:30AM)
Shooot I got a list going like 10 already, this has always been my favorite. NO, I'm not bragging, nor to I believe in tooting my own horn (that's why you got fans), but even Doc Easman when you are feeling down or feel you're getting gained up on (and I have maybe not now,. BUT before I went away I GOT A VERY, VERY LONG MEMORY), and I feel I'm all alone to defend myself these quotes are good. To be honest, I feel my spirit has almost been broken since posting vids and I almost don't even want to do Magic anymore JUST my hypnosis as I get the most comments and stars in that. Anyway I'm probanly over emotional as I said no depression meds for 3 weeks and when that happens I break down easily and get emoptional. Anyway thanks Ben, Both Danny's Paul Della, Vinny, Justin..etc who's helped me, this is NOT to who all.

"To all the critics..which if you know Ed you're not one : ) He's an amazing man. Tonight he mezmerized two of my best friends who live in a box...if ya know what I mean.... ED YOU ARE THE BEST in Portsmouth entertainment!!!! I hope to see ya again and again...Ya host parties cuz we all want to know cuz you're that great? hope the pc gets fixed soon....hugs and best wishes...mel"

Ed, (Eddini), C. H.

P.S. Aww Hell I'll just put what I got up so far.

Okay I have a bone to pick with you! Sarita and I better be moved to your top freinds mister because I can almost GUARANTEE we are the coolest! lol.
sry I haven't got back to you life is chaos isn't it lol.
my fav trick is deff the one that involves fire because I am a pyro! really bad! lol.
Well I am outie to the beach as always so hope to see you again soon!
and you better make that change magic man!

YES you totally sniffed my foot and knew I was a taurus haha. that was my favorite trick for sure. yes I was with sarah haha, we wanted to stay and watch you for like ever hahah. we should be back next saturday =)

Tehe david andrew is cool lol. But yea my fav trick would have 2 be a toss up between the fire/quarter trick, and the wallet one those were both pretty outstanding, and as for me I'm doing good, how are you ? that show was pretty amazing all together! and yeah I talked to josh , , , is that his name lol., I've been talkin to the band and now talking to Ian, the drummer so its cool!


WHATSUP edddini?! you're the man
I see you like everyday this summer
keep up the good magics:)


I saw you doing your magic on the street and you guessed my sign correctly! Amazing!


Hey Ed, Yea its been a while. How is the show going these days? I'll probably get back there around summer time. I'll check out your new tricks then.


saw you the other night! you did the fork thingy, I think I know how it works but WHO KNOWS! anyways good job=)
Message: Posted by: Todd Bernard (Mar 28, 2009 01:39AM)
With 300 fans why look for comments from us little people. You're a big star and well...I don't know if I could offer you any advice or positive critisism. Perhaps you could give me some.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 28, 2009 02:50AM)
I don't AT ALL consider youreslves "Litelle Paoeple" WE aew Magiciannelping Masgician, I was just upset I put the video up, sating :Rect Card Trick I DI, and I figured I'mbget TROM of feedback is akk, U=I was depply hurtt (I actualy went ito the other room to ball, but bal hard, If abything Im intermedited, with lots here better then me, I just wanted feedbacj=k, Si U=I put feedback of my fans uo or I WOULDN;T REALKLYNLOST IT. I will put thier qwuotes of ab=nyway in the "Not Magicial" part, Not juidt me WE ALL SHOULD. I was over to=ired, extremely ewmopitionak, with oiut meds,. Look my meds interacr with my soelling byut you gt it...lol. Okay Thabnks for your patience jusy watch the vidm Thabksm Ed
Message: Posted by: Todd Bernard (Mar 28, 2009 03:04AM)
Well in thabt'bs caust, Id tghuk iy looled prewty goohd. psatter wasnyit bad ethier.(lol) Sorry, I couldn't read a word you said. I love your spirit though!
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 28, 2009 08:24AM)
I'm no nig star at allll....lol. I', sorprised you'd think that. Anyway I could look at yout vids LIKE ANY OTHER MEMER HERE, and tell you whay I think, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 28, 2009 08:44AM)
I aplogised I lost my temper here. I was just fustrated this being my Best Trick and All DOc Eason DID comment on it though on Facebook, which was a honor. AS far as my quotes I'll still put them up for me more than anything and for others so People don't know I Don't totallt suck....lol., but in the not very magicak part, to be rais I'd like to hear what ws writteb about you too. Thamks, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 28, 2009 08:47AM)
Oh sorry I was half asleep. You can tell as I'm usually a great speller iy goes out the window, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Ben Train (Mar 30, 2009 02:56AM)
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 30, 2009 07:25AM)
Edit? Ben like I said the patter is what makes the trick, HOWEVER, I'll make a deal. I'll edit the beginning where I talk about it being people favorites and people requesting it. I'll start from "Practice Safe Capping" LMAO and go from there as I'm SURE, real sure that's what you're talking about as my patter itself will never change. I see what you're saying as far as the beginning. I guess I'm real enthusiastic about it. Thanks Ben, Ed.
Message: Posted by: Ben Train (Mar 31, 2009 01:03AM)
Sorry Ed,

I meant I was editing my comment (I deleted what I had initially written and replaced it with the "-edit-" marker).
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Mar 31, 2009 04:46AM)
Oh no problem...lol. I hope all is well with you Ben. Check out some of my newer vids especially my close-up case and how I dress. It's a little long but I explain A LOT, Peace, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Apr 2, 2009 05:37AM)
On 2009-03-28 02:39, Todd Bernard wrote:
With 300 fans why look for comments from us little people. You're a big star and well...I don't know if I could offer you any advice or positive critisism. Perhaps you could give me some.

Hey Todd LISTEN UP!!! I'm ****ed though days later over other things and will post on that. I don't look at you as "little people". There has been good feedback and this is my top 3 and why I haven't gotten feedback I don't know. *** I'm ******* fired up, over bunch of ****, but hey go **** yourself ***!!! Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Ben Train (Apr 2, 2009 02:20PM)
Hey Ed,

I posted a video a little while ago. Got 650+ views... and 5 comments. It happens man. I've watched all your videos and never rated or commented on any of them. Why? Because I don't comment or rate ANY videos (I never have).

Don't take it personally. Many video's will have THOUSANDS of posts and only a 3 or 4 comments. It happens.

Here's some tips:
1) Post for yourself, not for others. I posted my videos (I have about 2 dozen now) entirely for myself. That's why all but one are set to private. They're either just for me or for one or two friends. So, even when I DO make something public (and I have) and it doesn't receive comments, I don't feel bed. I did it so I would have a record of it, and for my own amusment.

2) Post to share. If people don't like it, or don't comment- so what? You weren't looking for compliments, you were just excited about something and you wanted to share it.

3) Be smart about getting feedback. If you really want feedback but you're upset with some of the responses (or lack of) you may want to just send the videos to certain people you trust to respond...

4) Don't threaten people, or get angry. Its a quick way to get kicked off the Café (which I know you wouldn't want) and a quick way to lose friends.

Metallica rules,
Ben T.
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Apr 12, 2009 08:47PM)
True. Doc Eason Replied, not too favorably, but yet you watch his video, he get kinda sexual too. He said he cringed or something when I brought up whips and chains and if people laughed it was due to embarressment. I was very honored to hear him reply, BUT I told him the type of crowd I perform from. He also not I shouldn't skip, the cards coming together. I told him, I tried and half the time they would be together and the other half they wouldn't as I wasn't sure where to put the cards. Also I like the deck examined and I usually hold them out. Like I said that card to wallet - ACR, and In a Flash are my most requested and when I have left the patter out people would put it in for me...lol. To each their own. I thanked him. He still hasn't gotten back to me on facebook when I posted his color changing deck on his profile. I won't post it again as I don't want to push it but just right and asked what he thought. He's a cool guy. Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (Apr 14, 2009 07:18PM)
To loud.. To much static... couldn't handle watching the whole thing... Kinda dull...
Message: Posted by: Eddini_81976 (Apr 14, 2009 09:16PM)
Kevin like I've said LITERALLY 10 times I can't help the static, it's my modem. My computer is a 2002, don't have money to buy a new one, and this Christmas, I plan on getting a Camcorder. Some things you just can't help. Thanks for your opinion, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.