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Topic: Easy to Master Card Miracles Vol 4-6 Now On DVD
Message: Posted by: magicproshop (May 15, 2003 11:24PM)
L&L has finally released the final 3 volumes of Michael Ammarís Easy to Master Card Miracles on DVD.

Volumes 4, 5 and 6 are now available on DVD. What do you guys think, are Volumes 1-3 or 4-6 better?

Peter Whiteman
Message: Posted by: redstreak (May 15, 2003 11:49PM)
YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting. I'm gonna get them.
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 16, 2003 12:11AM)
That is great. Glad to hear it. I can go buy them now to add to the shelf. It is funny, I don't see them on L&L's site. I'll try a search.

Andrew ;)
Message: Posted by: rrubin98 (May 16, 2003 12:27AM)
Here's the link to them on L&L's site:


- Richard
Message: Posted by: Dr. K (May 16, 2003 02:12AM)
This is great to hear, as it is excellent stuff. Unfortunately, as with many of the classic videos, I already own all six on VHS. This summer, I will try to take all 150+ videotapes I have and transfer them to DVD using a friend's brand new VHS to DVD burner.

As far as choosing between the first three and the second three, I couldn't make a recommendation. I think that they are all outstanding.
Message: Posted by: MopKrayz (May 16, 2003 04:40AM)
I don't see much use in transfering vhs to dvd, when the dvds already exist. the quality of your homemade version wouldn't be as good as the professionally made ones. better sell the vhs and get the dvds!
Message: Posted by: Dr. K (May 17, 2003 12:12AM)
Selling actually is a possibility, MopKrayz, but we'll take a look at the quality we get from this first. I'll keep you posted.

But if I were to just flat out sell any of the tapes I have to buy DVDs, these would be the ones...I am constantly rewinding them and trying to find different tricks, explanations, and technique demonstrations. The only other set that I really want on DVD is Doc Eason's Bar Magic trilogy, which was just released.
Message: Posted by: cardfreax (May 17, 2003 12:36AM)
are they really good? I'm thinking of buying them...
Message: Posted by: dillib (May 17, 2003 12:48AM)
I think Vol 4-6 is better than the first three, but that's just my opinion.
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (May 17, 2003 07:06AM)
Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles are definite choice for card magic beginners, especially those English is not native language.

I still perform most of tricks of the series to laymen, friends, even at parties. They are good card tricks under careful selection of spectators' reaction, and difficulty.
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (May 17, 2003 07:14AM)
If I have to choose between the first 3 and the last 3, I will definitely go to the first 3! There are many good tricks solely on Volume 2 (Ambitious card, Card warp, twisting aces, MacDonald's Aces), and don't forget Volume 1's Red Hot Mama and Las Vegas leaper.

Message: Posted by: Jim Tighe (May 17, 2003 12:32PM)
They are all very good. A shame that they are not combined onto a single DVD (three volumes per DVD). David Roth did that with his coin videos and it stimulated me to buy the DVD. As much as I would love to have the ETMCM series on DVD, I wouldn't be stimulated unless there was a trade-in of my VHS tapes or the videos were combined and priced differently.

Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (May 17, 2003 12:36PM)
What about Danbury aces on volume 4??

Message: Posted by: magicproshop (May 17, 2003 03:58PM)
I love Between the Palms by Alex Elmsley on Volume 3. Also on Volume 3 is the great effect Color Changing Deck by Dai Vernon.

Those two are some of my favorites.
Message: Posted by: LeConte (May 17, 2003 04:41PM)
Does anyone know why it took so long for 4-6 to be released on DVD format????

The market was ready for these months and months ago.....
Message: Posted by: Futureal (May 18, 2003 02:34AM)
Quit your whining already, they're out now...
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (May 18, 2003 04:37AM)
LeConte, Iam sure that you email the company they will justify you that...

Message: Posted by: LeConte (May 18, 2003 01:39PM)
I'm just mad is all because now I have to choose between Ammar or the new Tommy Wonder DVD's, as I don't have enough money for both!! :D
Message: Posted by: marko (May 18, 2003 01:43PM)
I've heard that Ammar is going to make 7-9 soon. Is this just a rumor?
Message: Posted by: hkmagician (May 18, 2003 03:38PM)
I already have all the videos,I hope L&L trade in my videos and let me add some money to get this DVD set.
Message: Posted by: Review King (May 18, 2003 04:38PM)
Marko, that would be cool if he did. I haven't heard. I thought he would expand his Coin set.
Message: Posted by: Snidini (May 18, 2003 05:11PM)
Are they still providing the bonus tricks with the DVD's as they were with the tapes?
Message: Posted by: mjb16 (May 18, 2003 09:09PM)
I went to the Ammar Lecture in NYC, and I asked him if he had planned to make anymore card dvd's. He said that he is in the works right now to make ETMCM vol 7-9. He said hopefully by the end of the summer early September they should be out. So the rumor you are hearing is true! He is just not sure exactly when they will be available!

Message: Posted by: Review King (Jun 6, 2003 06:20PM)
Who cares why they took so long to release them on DVD? Let's talk about the substance of the material and not L&L publish dates.