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Message: Posted by: myname1960 (May 16, 2003 05:17AM)
Why do I get this response when I try to view some posts that have been moved?

I can get into the Banquet Room and have access to everything there.

Is there yet another level that needs special permission to access?

Many thanks for a great site,

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 16, 2003 06:34AM)
to answer your question;
Many times there will be topics going which are either [i]questionable[/i], or are [i]borderline[/i] in regards to the Café rules and etiquette.
When this happens, our Café team members may elect to move the entire thread to an area we call [b]The Cooler[/b].

There it sits until I have a chance to review it and make a decision as to its future here at the Café.

[b]The Cooler[/b] is part of the [b]Administration[/b] area, therefore access is only granted to Café team members (Staff & Grammar people).
Hope this helps. :smoke:
Message: Posted by: myname1960 (May 17, 2003 04:35AM)

Thank you for your quick reply to my question. You always seem to be on the ball and I appreciate that very much.

I am glad I am a member of the Café. Keep up the good work,

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 17, 2003 04:45AM)
I do my best Chris, and thank [b]you[/b] for your continued support and participation here at our little corner in cyberspace.
:bwink: :smoke: