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Topic: Pendulum Board
Message: Posted by: Jay Are (Apr 6, 2009 01:33PM)
I just picked up one of these...


This is a BEAUTIFUL piece...

I would encourage anyone who does pendulum work to get one of these, a great focal point for the sitter, and it doubles as a spirit board.

Great purchase!

Message: Posted by: markthorold (Apr 7, 2009 07:25AM)
Excellent item ,I went for a cloth version though( a little easier to transport for me )bought on Ebay site. Sellers other items are interesting .
Regards Mark
Message: Posted by: WayneCapps (Apr 7, 2009 07:14PM)
There is a guy at our local flea market who makes etched glass versions of these for about $20. They look great and he has many different paterns to choose from. He even has an enched Witch Board that looks fantastic. I will try to get some pics if you guys want to see them.
Message: Posted by: Stefan (Apr 7, 2009 09:24PM)
Wayne,I would love to see the pics of the eched glass boards.