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Topic: Justin Miller Lecture NJ
Message: Posted by: henreco (Apr 12, 2009 07:09PM)
IBM Ring 123 will have Justin Miller lecture April 22 @ 8:00PM.
Cost is $20 for guests.
We meet at:
King of King Lutheran Church
250 Harmony Road
Middletown, NJ 07748

Hope to see a good turnout!!!
Message: Posted by: Motor City (Apr 14, 2009 02:04PM)
Award-winning Close-Up Artist Justin Miller has revolutionized the thread world. If you think you know what you can do with this stuff...Wait until you see what Justin has to offer!

This brand NEW lecture will also include routines from Justin’s latest DVD releases: “The Autograph” which takes the classic “Anniversary Waltz” to a new level, complete with a twisted ending that no one expects and “Captured.” which Chris Kenner says is the SHIZNIT of Cap in Bottle routines.

Justin has been featured in numerous reviews and publications in top leading magazines such as Genii and Antinomy. His peers number him among the most thorough magic teachers today. And now you will have a chance to learn from him personally!

Be ready to witness and learn some of the most visual, and direct magical creations you have ever seen.
Message: Posted by: henreco (Apr 19, 2009 06:32PM)
Only three more days.
Message: Posted by: henreco (Apr 21, 2009 10:53AM)
One more day!!!
Message: Posted by: Kenardo1 (Apr 22, 2009 05:28PM)
Yet when he lectured at SAM#161 recently, he did not show any thread work. Just had thread and his thread DVD for sale.
Message: Posted by: NYCJoePitt (Apr 23, 2009 05:02PM)
Did anyone attend? How was the lecture?
Message: Posted by: Kenardo1 (Apr 23, 2009 06:37PM)
I was disappointed. Justin is a very skilled performer - especially with coins. However he could not do his entire coin routine because he was not wearing a shirt with a breast pocket. Once again, he said he could not perform his thread magic because of some reason. If you are lecturing, in my opinion, you should come prepared. His card work was proficient with some nice touches (e.g. blow change), but I did not find anything really exciting. I travelled two hours to see this lecture and did not think it was worth it. However, I do think other people found the lecture more rewarding.