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Topic: Light sensitive plastic
Message: Posted by: Slim King (May 18, 2003 01:58AM)
I am looking for a clear plastic (slightly tinted) that is light sensitive and turns black in a few seconds. Something similar to tinting glasses. Photochromatic or photochromic plastic sheets.
Message: Posted by: Dragona (May 18, 2003 06:42PM)
I have never heard of such a thing. The closest thing that I have heard of is a plastic that is clear and then somehow frosts itself. Of course this was in the door of a bathroom stall in Vegas, but it really did work.
Message: Posted by: mike_york (May 18, 2003 09:43PM)
You might want to look into Tech Glass. It's rather expensive though.

Basically what you have is a window completely transparent, then with the flip of a light switch it turns white, making the whole thing totally white. Very cool stuff!

I think it's made by 3M. I think there is a post on the Kevin James board about this stuff. It has some pics of it as well. Ryan Reed of Illusion Entertainment posted the idea of using this stuff. He's a true genius.

I can definitely see this stuff in a lot of illusions in the future, if one could afford the price. I am sure once it's on the market for some time the price will go down.

Heck give Ryan a call, he may be able to design the effect you are trying to accomplish.

Tell him I sent ya.

Best of luck,
Message: Posted by: Slim King (May 19, 2003 02:29AM)
There is electrochromatic glass that is frosted when the electricity is OFF and transparent when it is ON. That was used in one of the nations top ten bathrooms located here in West Palm Beach FL. That might work for some designs that I have but I'm still looking for a photo sensitive plastic ( Although I think that the glass used is really a plastic of some sort).... I'll try these web sites and keep searching. I would like to find a suppier of this cutting edge STUFF. :stircoffee:
Message: Posted by: Reg Rozee (May 21, 2003 12:45PM)
Have you thought about looking into the coating that opticians use to create glasses that tint in sunlight, as you mentioned in your first post? I believe you can apply this stuff to just about any glass or plastic, and it should be a lot cheaper than the electroglass. I was looking into electroglass myself for an illusion idea, because I wanted a mirrored surface that would fade to transparent without a change in light level.

-Reg {*}