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Topic: Can you help me?
Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Apr 23, 2009 07:22AM)
"Hey guys,

Yoou guys helped me with my chair question and I was wondering if you could help me agin,

Im looking for a effect where you take a newspaper oy magazine and you have a person tear the paper until theres only a little pice left and your able to tell what the largest word is on that little paper,
Steve Kohan dose a version with a map and it looks great,


Message: Posted by: LLL (Apr 23, 2009 07:38AM)
Sounds like the Al koran newspaper effect although I'm sure there are many different versions out there now.
Message: Posted by: DudleyMagic (Apr 23, 2009 07:50AM)

Check out Jack Dean's effect "Fragments",its what yur lookin, for and then some.

Purchased mine from Jack Dean's Stagecraft perhaps 15 years ago,Mr Dean has since passed away but his products are still available.

Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Apr 23, 2009 07:54AM)
I had (have? maybe it is here somewhere!) Fragments some years ago and recall it being quite clever.

Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Apr 23, 2009 08:16AM)
Thanks guy's I serched but I'm having a hard time finding it, do a website or link to where I'm able to find it?


Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Apr 23, 2009 08:22AM)
I take it back,I just found it, thank for the suggeston but its not exactly what I'm looking

for exaple,
Steve kohan dose it where you bring someone up have them thinkl of a town and then you start ripe the map up until you have a small pice and its the town there thinking of.

I saw chris korn do with a actress where he had her take her script and go to a page and ripe it out and then rip agin,agin and agin until theres a small pice and you tell her the word.

and I belive its not gimmicked, Jack Dean's effect "Fragments sound good but its gimmicked.

I belive that steve kohan's verison might be gimmicked but the chris korn's is not.

Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Apr 23, 2009 08:33AM)

Why don't you ask Steve or Chris? They would be the best one's to tell you what they are doing so you could copy them, right?

Message: Posted by: John C (Apr 23, 2009 08:33AM)
You'd be better served asking these things in INNER THOUGHTS.

Message: Posted by: Bryan Drake Show (Apr 23, 2009 10:12AM)
Think about doing some hard core equivoque. It's very rewarding to be able to do this impromptu.
Message: Posted by: Reuben Dunn (Apr 23, 2009 10:51AM)
Might I suggest you consider looking into the effects done by Osterlind,Cassidy, Banacheck,Earle,Maven et al. First? Both Osterlind, and Cassidy, for example have done this effect, Cassidy has an interesting spin on it, that is worth a read through.

I'd be interested in knowing for example what your level of knowledge is insofar as the mentalist arena is concerned.

You might want to consider looking at Practal Mental Magic, which is collection of effects that Annemann had written about, some of which are being used today.

The search engine here is easy, as is asking questions about a specific effect, but, as someone once said, "We Learn By Doing".
Message: Posted by: alexander_may (Apr 23, 2009 11:41AM)
It sounds very much like Cassidy's Shuttled Newspaper Test will fit your needs.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Taylor (Apr 23, 2009 12:42PM)
The simplest version I know of this is "Eye Candy" by Becker and Earl. Killer stuff.



Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Apr 23, 2009 12:57PM)
On 2009-04-23 09:33, Tony Iacoviello wrote:

Why don't you ask Steve or Chris? They would be the best one's to tell you what they are doing so you could copy them, right?


Tony why would you say that, Why is that most people think that magicians asking for effects by other performers are going to copy it? Even if some magicians don't know any better and they do ripe it off.

just to let you know I would never ripe any magic rutine from any magician and I would not use there patter or jokes with asking ethere. why do magicians put out dvd's and book's if they don't wont people learning the rutines or effects?

And why would someone like me who has won 5 compations inculding-most Orional-peoples choice- and 2 first place prizes,And jeff McBride said it was one of the most creative and orional acts he's seen! Rouine his rep by steeling a effect from someone.

Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Apr 23, 2009 01:05PM)

Because you were given suggestions, and then said they are not what you are looking for. Then you reference another performer's material as what you are looking for. Perhaps I am misreading what you are writing. But is reads like you saw another performer do a routine (or in this case two performers) and you want to add it to your performance. Very similar to your previous post where you were looking for a specific Chair routine (because you saw Luke perform it).

If I am mistaken I do apologize.

Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Apr 23, 2009 01:13PM)
Im not mad at you and I can totally understand why you would think of that,the reason I was asking about kohan or corn's rutine is because when they did it, it seemed to be ungimmickd, it would be one thing if I learned and then did it witha map lik kohan dose, but I would never do that I was just trying to give exaples of what I was looking for,same with the chair rutine,I have kurtz lecture notes and some othe notes on the rutine but its exactly what I want to know,Thats whu I refernce to someone else to give the idea of what I'm looking for. Like I said I would NEVER take anything from anyone.

Thanks for your help.