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Topic: Brand New Magic Coloring Candy Book New Concept!
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (May 1, 2009 08:36PM)
Anyone own this coloring book where real candy appears?

Message: Posted by: Jeff Haas (May 1, 2009 08:49PM)
Looks like someone took the idea of the Kevin James bowling ball appearance and merged it with the coloring book. Seems pretty straightforward. Same trick as the Kevin James original, with different props.
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (May 1, 2009 08:53PM)
Yeah I thought the same thing... I am not so sure how the bowling ball would play over in a moms living room this might work better???
Message: Posted by: Matthew W (May 1, 2009 09:08PM)
I can picture it in my show.

First I get trampled by sugar crazy 5 year olds and then sued by the mouse when the parents put the video of it on youtube.
Message: Posted by: Jef Eaton (May 1, 2009 09:40PM)
Check out ebay item number 200320074473 by magico-japan. It sells for $33 plus postage from Japan. Hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (May 2, 2009 02:06AM)
Cute, thought the presenter should have practiced first, he' fumbling all over the place! Reminds me of the "Treasure Book" which is a coloring book which produces gold coins.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (May 2, 2009 06:07AM)
On 2009-05-02 03:06, Potty the Pirate wrote:
Cute, thought the presenter should have practiced first, he' fumbling all over the place!
That's why he doesn't show his face! The trick is interesting, but having a hard cover coloring book makes it a little awkward. Jim Gerrish's Coloring Book finale (on my site) has him dumping out the formerly vanished crayons from the coloring book that has been rolled into a tube. That technique would also work for candy, action figures, etc.
Message: Posted by: Regan (May 2, 2009 06:27AM)
On 2009-05-02 03:06, Potty the Pirate wrote:
Reminds me of the "Treasure Book" which is a coloring book which produces gold coins.

I thought the same thing.
Message: Posted by: alexa (May 2, 2009 01:07PM)
Yes, very poor presentation both in terms of patter and handling.

And, even in the way they are pitching this item.

To me: Not a coloring book version at all, but a children's story that comes to life!!

Could be because of a birthday, because of whatever event we are gathered for, or maybe inspirational reasons?

Could totally see using something like this instead of the Treasure Chest Book for repeat library shows...."when you use your imagination..."

Could also be used backwards, where you show the blank pages, "let's write a story" candy appears on the pages....and then the story comes true.

Lots of possibilities...wish it was something other than candy, though.

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (May 2, 2009 01:42PM)
I have the Treasure Book (Ken Scott's, by the way) version of this. I like the idea of having the hardback book (and I can see why it would be necessary for the method), but I'm with Matthew...the second that candy came out, most birthday party audiences, regardless of audience control, would be all over you. A finale, but one that would end in chaos, nonetheless. Visually very pleasing, though, and for a platform situation, it would be great.

Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (May 2, 2009 02:33PM)
I like one particular aspect of this effect - the candies tumbling down. That's a FANTASTIC sight! Any kid would be driven to distraction by that. SO....how about taking this all one step further....Chance Wolf, this one's for you....how about a SLOT MACHINE with pictures of candy on the reels? I've seen just such a machine in an amusemement arcade - it pays out candies! It would be remote contgrolled- so that it alweays comes up with a set sequence once the remote is triggered. In order to stay PC, the routine would need an anti-gambling routine. Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: Professor DoDad (May 5, 2009 12:27PM)
Neat idea! Good for kid's show.
Message: Posted by: JimbosMagic (May 6, 2009 03:43AM)
I had a go with this at a recent convention.
It is a bit fiddley to work as in the promo but I suppose with a bit of work you could smooth it out.
Not my sort of prop though. I would eat all the candy my self, and I am on a diet . lol
Message: Posted by: tiriri (May 6, 2009 08:53AM)
The idea sounds good. Especially because I have found lately that, at least here in Quito, a good number of children own their own classic coloring book, so I was thinking of either taking the effect out of my show for children, or giving it a total variation so it looks like a completely different effect.

Message: Posted by: Futureal (May 7, 2009 02:36AM)