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Topic: Spelling Bee
Message: Posted by: KENNYRB (May 4, 2009 05:48PM)
I have seen these advertised for corporate use and for kid's b-day parties. My question is has anyone had experience using it with adults and if so how was the response? Do you believe it would play well with an educated audience?
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (May 4, 2009 06:15PM)
I own a Spelling Bee Deluxe (which allows you to show the board empty before you begin putting alphabet cards into it).

I bought it when I was still doing Kids' Shows, and therefor didn't mind how "magic prop"-y it looked at the time. However, the same appearance prevented me from using it in adult-attended shows.

I think it's otherwise a nice effect with a clever methodology (at least in the Deluxe edition), but it would be nice if someone came out with a more "professional"-looking version for corporate work.

It still wouldn't be pure "mentalism," but rather "mental magic" (along with the Mental Epic).