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Topic: Osmosis
Message: Posted by: poesjenel (May 22, 2009 12:52PM)
With" Osmosis" explained on the True astonishment nr 4 disc I finally decided to learn it. It did not take me that long but the tearing of the cards in the beginning of the trick is a pain in the ...
I just could not do it and found a solution that I would like to share with everyone who struggles with the tearing. To make the tear easy I pre-score the cards with a very sharp knife. The 2cm scoring does not go through the card but only halfway : on the courtcard on the line around the figure ( face ) and on the back of that card opposite the first score and at the same distance from the edge. The same on the spot card but here I rub with a spoon on the score so the cut closes again and becomes invisible. The two scores should be toward the outside when you start tearing through the 4 layers . If this is not clear PM me and I send you my Skype name so I can show it ( I have a Mac with camera build in ).