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Topic: Refilled by Dan Hauss
Message: Posted by: ted french (May 28, 2009 05:05PM)
I took this from another site though you guys might like this new effect


THE HYPE:: This is the perfect effect to do while you are at your favorite coffee shop. The spectators signed card appears in an empty coffee cup with the shake of your hand.
~ Two methods are taught, gimmicked and impromptu
~ Construction and performance are very easy
~ Freely chosen card is signed and ends up inside the coffee cup.

THE METHOD/TEACHING:: First Dan shows what the effect looks like in performance and then explains how the effect is accomplished. Starting off he explains what is needed to create the gimmicked version first and how to put it all together. It took me roughly 15 or 20 minutes to assemble my first gimmick, but trust me its worth it, the gimmick in itself is an ingenious piece of deception. The cup can be freely shown empty and handled pretty fairly, and with this method your hands are completly exameable. Note with this method, the card cannot be signed, but Dan does explain methods of overcoming that obstacle.
Lastly Dan explains the impromptu version, this is the version that can use a signed selection. He goes into how to setup the cup and to handle it, also liquid can be held inside the cup to further baffle the most keened eyed spectator. The impromtu version takes but 10 or 15 seconds to construct and a trip to the bathroom. Yet again the cup can be shown empty. There is sleight involved, but with practice its a breeze.
METHOD (4 OUT OF 5) gimmicked
(4 OUT OF 5) ungimmicked

THE LOWDOWN:: Well I thoroughly enjoyed this effect and always love Dan's creative style, this is great effect to perform at a coffee house like Starbucks, or anywhere they sell coffee. I prefer the gimmicked version as to the impromptu version for the fact you are a lot cleaner before and after, but still due to both methods the cups cant really be examible. Do not let that deter you from this effect, I have performed both methods, and together the reactions are priceless. I don't know if I will add this to my repetoir, but it might suit some of your tastes. With all that said Refilled stands in at a solid ( 4 out of 5 )
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Message: Posted by: Sean Fields (May 28, 2009 05:35PM)
I mentioned this in the other thread regarding Dan's new stuff, but here it is again.

This guy is clever. Nuff said.

Refilled won't be for everyone, but if you can see yourself performing this one, you can't go wrong.

Message: Posted by: jprace (May 28, 2009 06:42PM)
Are you reviewing your own product?
Message: Posted by: ted french (May 29, 2009 06:51PM)
Nope its someoneone else's review.