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Topic: Vegas Visit
Message: Posted by: MagicMichealMan (Jun 1, 2009 06:21PM)

I am going to Vegas in the middle of July to go visit Tim Clothier's shop, and to meet up with an illusion designer.

During this time I want to take in a few shows and meet a few people,

I am thinking I want to see

-lance Burton
-mac king
-steve wyrick
-nathan Burton

what other shows can you suggest? or places to visit?

is there anyone who can maybe give me a tip on how I can set up a meet and greet with a performer?

also, I don't know where to stay yet, If I can find an other place other than a hotel that would be cool!


Magic Mike
Message: Posted by: noble1 (Jun 1, 2009 06:27PM)
Don't miss Penn & Teller at the Rio, no need to set up a meet and greet as they do that after every performance. Number three on your list might not be a best bet.
Message: Posted by: MagicMichealMan (Jun 1, 2009 07:41PM)
Oh yeah, forgot about them!

I know steve wyrick dosent have the best show, but the props in it are nice...lol.

still would be nice to see and compair like 2 shows, Burton and wyrick, and see why everyone says burtan is so much better

magic mike
Message: Posted by: Matthew W (Jun 1, 2009 07:58PM)
Believe, ha ha.
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jun 1, 2009 09:30PM)
Boomers. It's a little dive off the strip that all the magic guys hang out late at night. I believe that happens on Wednesday nights.

You can find out more info if you go to Denny's Magic shop: 5115 Dean Martin Drive #907
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Message: Posted by: MagicMichealMan (Jun 2, 2009 08:20AM)
Ha, I would rather save the money from believe!

Thanks greg! I will check out denny's. can you just drop into boomers? who runs it?

Magic mike
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jun 2, 2009 08:39AM)
You can just drop in at Boomers. It's not an official thing. Just say you are a magician from out of town. You'll get the scoop at Denny's.