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Topic: Mentalcraft Special for Fathers Day
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jun 15, 2009 09:31PM)
With Fathers Day arriving this coming weekend [6/21] I added a new stage/parlor sized pendulum at a special price.I call it "Big Daddy" in honor of Fathers day. :)
Check out the link,and you will understand.

Admittedly,it is not for all tastes...but it is different,and it does have a strong neodymium magnet imbeded in the middle claw.[many possibilities]


Also please take a look at the latest Roman Coin Pendulum {I have selected two very exceptional ancient coins for this very aesthetic 'treasure' pendulum}.

Special offer:Any purchases at Mentalcraft between now and midnite 6/21...will recieve a free instructional pdf. for my Tri-Chambered 3-8 out coin envelope 'Mentalope'.I will also soon be offering pre-made 'Mentalopes' at Mentalcraft.

I am in the process of shooting a clip so that you can see how deceptive 'Mentalope' is,and how easy the handling can be,using my 'push button methodology'.

*If you have Dr.Bill Cushmans wonderful e-book 'Subliminal Squares' you already have my 'Mentalope' instructions.[In the interim I changed the name from Envy-lope to 'Mentalope']

*I am very proud of my 'Failsafe TK Pen Kit' here are some comments from known working members who have purchased the kit.


Happy trails.
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jun 18, 2009 05:46PM)
There is still one 'Big Daddy' stage/parlor sized Silver Pheasant Foot pendulum available.See it here:


Also the free 'Mentalope' pdf.tutorial offer is available until Midnite 6/21.[I even upgraded it to a 4 chambered envelope]

PM me if you would like to view a little demo clip of how easy my Mentalope operates.

My best.