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Topic: How long does it take?
Message: Posted by: VincentLee (Jun 19, 2009 05:34AM)
I was bought my Hideout waller at 11,Jun,2009 and I live in Hong Kong.
Because I will have a trip at the end of June, may I know how many times its will arrive my place?
I was Email this message to the seller but I didn't got any reply.
I think this question maybe not suit at this forum, but anyone was bought in Outlaw can help me?
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Jun 19, 2009 11:42AM)
You'll most likely get it next week, I'd guess. That seems to be the time element from when I've sent stuff to Hong Kong.
Message: Posted by: Jamie D (Jun 19, 2009 12:14PM)
Did you order this from outlaw? if so you can try sending a pm, he's an active user on this site. On the other hand I have been waiteing since apirl 6 for my carnie tarot from outlaw and sitll have NOT recieved it yet.

Message: Posted by: Roth (Jun 19, 2009 12:17PM)
Vincent your Hideout shipped to Hong Kong 6 days ago global priority. I would say it will be delivered next week.