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Topic: Help creating a training schedule
Message: Posted by: meijin (Jun 21, 2009 02:08PM)
Hello all! I have picked up a copy of Extreme Beginnerz by Devo and would like your help in creating some sort of training schedule. There are lots of really good moves on this DVD that I would like to learn. However, there is no structure to the DVD and I am one of those types that work better within structure. Meaning, where should I start and with what moves? So, I am looking to you XCM'ers for a little help based on your experience. If you were starting from scratch and were going to learn from this DVD set, what moves would you start with and in what order? Also, I am interested in how your train...

Thanks for whatever info you can share.
Message: Posted by: trashmanf (Jun 22, 2009 01:51PM)
Need to check out the handlordz forums sir, a good start is


or maybe just forum/index.php? I don't know... anywyas theres some great training tips on there.

What I would recommend after my personal experience is, don't give in to the tempting "dark side" that many n00bs get sucked into. This is, they see a couple cool moves done by other people (usually a complex cut or a really cool "power move" of some kind)

Then, they go straight to learning these advanced moves, and seem to have a quick burn-out rate once they learn it. I recommend instead trying to understand the conceptual building blocks that lead to those power moves, and training massively even at the simplest levels. This will make it so when you finally try those power moves not only is it easy for you but you make it look MUCH better than somebody that went straight at it. Also you'll be more creative since your mind has a bunch more moves in it to try.

Finally and most importantly, learn everything in both hands!!!! If you get behind in one or the other its going to be that much harder to finally learn, but if you start early (like having bilingual parents) your hands will be fluent in XCM haha.
Message: Posted by: meijin (Jun 22, 2009 10:28PM)
Thanks for the response trashmanf. I was not aware of the forums there, so that will help alot.

I know what you mean about swinging for the fences right off of the bat. Believe me, I am starting with the "easier" stuff to build a foundation and then go up from there.

Thanks again for the response, it is much appreciated.