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Topic: Ultra Elastic Thread by Ben Harris
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jun 24, 2009 01:02PM)
Looks like Ben has released an anniversary edition:


20th Anniversary Edition, the streetwise choice in bulk elastic thread!
Unique, Tangle-free Dispenser
6 Routines/Trick Ideas
Plus Full Thread Tutorial with all the Pro Tips
Created and custom extruded to Ben Harris' exacting specifications, Ultra Elastic Thread has remained the choice of thread professionals since 1987.

The ideal "all-purpose" elastic thread, this is the thinnest and most invisible elastic thread ever released. Stronger and thicker threads come and go, but ULTRA ELASTIC THREAD is always available and dependable with it's design registered tangle-free thread dispenser.

Complete with full thread tutorial with tips on looping, flashing, camouflage, anchors, and much more. You also receive 6 fully-fledged and powerful routines/ideas to get you started on your elastic thread explorations.

The Slider
The Enchanted Butterfly
The Floating Smoke Ring
The Flying Pip
The Floating Card
Coins On The Move
Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Jun 24, 2009 02:53PM)
I love Ben Harris's EIT. It is as strong as he claims it to be, if not stronger. Super invisible. I first stumbled across this stuff after I purchased Cosmosis and it came with a decent sample of it.
Message: Posted by: davidpeters (Jun 24, 2009 03:43PM)
We just got this in! Order it from your favorite dealer world wide!
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Jul 2, 2009 06:33PM)
Does anyone know how does this compares to silkworm and infinity who has used all three?
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Jul 2, 2009 06:50PM)
How much thread do you get for $25?
Message: Posted by: edh (Jul 2, 2009 08:32PM)
Hey Chris, are you a shill for these guys?

The reason I ask is that you constantly post on products with a copy and paste of the ad?

I'm sure you get free stuff from these guys but please try to be un-biased.

Give a review instead of just posting ad copy.

Message: Posted by: Review King (Jul 2, 2009 08:54PM)
On 2009-07-02 21:32, edh wrote:
Hey Chris, are you a shill for these guys?

The reason I ask is that you constantly post on products with a copy and paste of the ad?

I'm sure you get free stuff from these guys but please try to be un-biased.

Give a review instead of just posting ad copy.


I can't review what I don't have. When I see something new, I post about it. Don't like it? Complain to the staff if you don't like it.

Ed, I know you're up there in years and "things" don't work like they used to, which probably causes you to be angry. Makes you have to come here and vent to sooth your sadness, uh?

Why not get a puppy, so you feel needed again?

Message: Posted by: Bande (Jul 2, 2009 08:56PM)
Actually he is not being a shill at all. He is not saying "wow this is the greatest product." etc. He is just letting you/us know that something is available and posts the ad copy so you/we can decide whether we are interested or not. I find it helpful as he brings products to my attention I probably would have missed.
Message: Posted by: edh (Jul 2, 2009 08:59PM)
Yes, as I expected. Thank you for validating what I always thought.

Of course the emoticoms work wonders.

If you want to be a harbinger of "news" please continue to do so. Although I think that most of us know what it is you are up to.

Keep posting!
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jul 2, 2009 10:40PM)
On 2009-07-02 21:59, edh wrote:

Keep posting!

Thanks I will. Always glad to help.

Since you asked for more info, Ben Harris's Ultra Elastic Thread is used on Cosmosis ( the floating match effect ). It comes with a supply of the thread, so you can check it out.


It's on sale there for only...ready???? $7.50. Hard to believe, but it is. Don't settle for the knock offs- get the original!
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Jul 3, 2009 09:07AM)
I like the fact that Chris posts on new products. There are times I might not be aware of a new product if Chris hadn't posted on them.

I still would like to know how much thread I get in the dispenser? It doesn't say in the ad. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: davidpeters (Jul 3, 2009 10:33AM)
Hey there all,
About the amount of thread you get: I am trying to find out too. Nothing in the ad copy, nothing on the packaging or in the instructions. I looked in the actual dispenser and there looks to be quite a bit wrapped around the part inside the dispenser. Of course measuring something that stretches may be difficult? We are contacting Ben to see if they know how much is in there.
Message: Posted by: David Franklin (Jul 3, 2009 12:28PM)
The ad in the April 2009 issue of Genii states that there is 100 feet of thread in the dispenser. It's listed as one of the three bullets beside the price and also in the copy under the heading 20th Anniversary Edition.

Maybe I'm looking at the wrong item?
Message: Posted by: Ben Harris (Jul 3, 2009 04:20PM)
Hi guys,

This is now available in BLACK. Quad-dyed for the ultimate in blackness. We sampled thread from ALL the leading manufacturers before releasing this to make sure we had it just right.

Quantity for either CLEAR or BLACK is about 100ft. Don't forget, you also receive the ms "Elastic Thread Routines" which was originally published in 1989. That's a very important part of the package.

Our website will be updated in about a week with all new DETAILS about the new thread products, FREE sample of the thread and our new DOWNLOAD CENTER.


Message: Posted by: davidpeters (Jul 3, 2009 04:20PM)
Just heard back from Ben you do get about 100 feet of thread (give or take a few) it is hard to mesure exactly with elastic thread. As I said you do get quite a bit in the package.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 5, 2009 03:37AM)
I would like a free sample Ben.
Message: Posted by: Ben Harris (Jul 5, 2009 07:12PM)
Hi guys,

In about two days we will have a new website up and running.

You will be able to click a link and order a free sample of BOTH our CLEAR and BLACK threads. We will also include a download of the just digitized "Elastic Thread Routines" book (24 pages) from 1989. A small p/h fee will apply.


Message: Posted by: Review King (Jul 5, 2009 08:25PM)
I had wrote Ben after he posted asking for more info and he was kind enough to send me "Elastic Thread Routines" and some other PDF's to look over. I LOVE IET and have been performing COSMOSIS since it was first released and it's the best $50 I ever spent ( well, there was that one time in New Orleans, but..... ).