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Topic: Review: Pandora's Lox by Bob Solari
Message: Posted by: digitaltrip (Jul 7, 2009 11:54AM)
Here's my review for "Pandora's Lox" by Bob Solari.
First, the ad copy:


Pandora's Lox

Four spectators are selected. Each is allowed to freely select any one of the five keys shown on the handsome wood tray. One key is left for the magician (mentalist). Each spectator tries their key in the lock but it will not open. You then try your key that was left over after everyone else had picked their chosen key and to everyone's amazement, your key works! Completely mechanical, NO force, key is NOT switched, NO sleights!


Pandora's Lox is one of Bob Solari's "classic effects" and as a big fan of his tricks, it's actually taken me until now to get it and review it. But I'm very glad that I can finally do it! :) The one I have is the "normal size" which is $50, but a larger stage version is available for $80. I've read of different versions of this on the market but I'm very pleased with Bob's clever mentalism piece. Speaking of which, although I'd say a strong mentalism presentation would work great here, I have to admit that sometimes I play it up a little bit as a puzzle which is quite baffling to people because of the excellent prop construction. Of course, I don't present the puzzle thing too long or all the time. Overall, the mentalism presentation works great.

As mentioned in the ad, there is no force or switch of any kind. Four keys are freely chosen by four spectators (or even by one spectator) and none of them are able to open the lock. The remaining fifth key is always able to unlock it. One thing to know is that the performer is the one who must open the lock with the fifth key...but this is logical because the spectators are taking "their" keys to leave only one left for the performer. Pandora's Lox is very easy to do, with no sleight of hand required, so you can focus entirely on the performance. And of course, this trick can be repeated with a different fifth key...although it's probably best not to repeat it again for the same audience.

In terms of examinability: I'd say this trick is quite examinable should you choose to hand out the keys and lock for further inspection. As usual, it's not really necessary because everything looks incredibly normal and natural in handling. I feel Pandora's Lox can withstand a certain amount of examination without spectators figuring it out. There are also little things I thought of that can further help in the scrutiny of the props...just some basic handling changes.

The trick comes with a nice wood tray (which holds/displays the keys), 5 coloured keys, industrial grade lock and instructions. And of course, the special gimmicking that makes this all work. :) I'm very happy with this one!

"Pandora's Lox" is $50.00 for the normal size, and $80.00 for the stage size at http://www.bobsolarimagic.com