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Topic: Creativity at Sea
Message: Posted by: rookrulz (Jul 7, 2009 06:11PM)
Hello gang. I just wanted to put up a post about a conference on a Carnival Cruise ship called Creativity at Sea. It is put on by Tim Sonefelt and Barry Mitchell. I have gone the last 2 years and my wife and I have a blast. While you are "sailing" you attend classes in creativity. When you are in port you have fun with your family. I highly recommend this cruise. Check out the web site and sign up to the newsletter for updates.


Louis Meyer
Message: Posted by: timsonefelt (Jul 7, 2009 09:54PM)
Thanks Louis! We do have an awesome time . . . For those interested, visit the site http://www.CreativityAtSea.com and sign up for our newsletter updates. We're VERY close to announcing our headliner for the next cruise. We also have a monthly contest where we give away prizes - some connected to the cruise but some for products, credit and discounts from some of the most creative magic dealers around. Also check out our blog for past updates and contests to see what we've been up to: http://www.creativityatsea.blogspot.com/

Don't miss the boat!
Message: Posted by: timsonefelt (Jul 13, 2009 09:29PM)
Just a note to let everyone know that we just confirmed Micahel Finney as our Captain of Creative Comedy for the 2010 sailing. Michael will be doing a session on writing creative comedy. Come with us and learn from a master, all while having the time of your life! This is such breaking news that we've not even added it to the web site yet!
Message: Posted by: rookrulz (Jul 14, 2009 05:24PM)
That is great news Tim! I saw him lecture last year and he did a wonderful job! I REALLY look forward to the cruise.

Louis Meyer
Message: Posted by: rookrulz (Jul 26, 2009 07:44AM)
Last year Michael Finney asked my wife to be his volunteer for his rope trick, I have not laughed that hard in a long time, it was great.

Message: Posted by: Peter Pitchford (Jul 26, 2009 08:35PM)
Wish I could be there, Tim. Have a blast.
Message: Posted by: rookrulz (Aug 25, 2009 04:20PM)
Check out this video for Creativity at Sea, funny.


Message: Posted by: rookrulz (Sep 12, 2009 07:29AM)
The deadline for CreativityAtSea.com is approaching FAST! Although they don't sail until January 16th, the cutoff for registering is November 11th. This is not an 'early registration' deadline like some conventions have - this is the FINAL DATE for which we can take your registration and get it to the cruise line in time for you to be on the boat with us.

In addition to that, they are nearly sold out. They have just 10 staterooms left - 6 ocean view and 4 inside rooms. Once they're gone, they are full! So if you've been on the fence and waiting until the last minute to register, it's time to stop waiting. There is a strong possibility they will sell out in the next seven weeks. For more information and to register, visit http://www.CreativityAtSea.com