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Topic: News from the Midway....
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 8, 2009 11:36PM)
After we close tonight..(Wednesday)...My Loyal Guy Mark Pierson (15+ years) will be Representing the BCS in the Crabtree Amusements "Hold-em" Tournament...I've paid his entrance Fee...which includes a Steak and Crab-leg dinner...Anyone that knows Mark would agree he is the Logical/only choice to represent the BCS in this Event...I entered him last night and Josh and I have made sure he is well rested and loaded up on Parodi Cigars...He assured me he will have a shot of JD in his glass of Diet Coke to keep himself loose...Best of Luck to Mark...(Results to follow)....

Photo of the BCS's Doyle Brunson...Relaxing for the "Main Event"....
Message: Posted by: abigkahuna/1 (Jul 9, 2009 12:10AM)
Make sure he has plenty of firesticks for those cigars!
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 9, 2009 01:12AM)
Kahuna O-Midway Bretheren...I will!...We just closed and I will be heading to the "Main Event" shortly...Change of plans...NO Parodi's...Mark doug out the "De Noble's for the BIG GAME....
Message: Posted by: abigkahuna/1 (Jul 9, 2009 01:48AM)
Should have stopped in to Mexico and picked up a few of those Havanas. Nothing like a Cubano! I remember those days of thick and smooth smoke like it was yesterday.

Oh and none of the Gus Hansen 3-4 off suited stuff, okay?
Message: Posted by: Rick West (Jul 9, 2009 01:02PM)
Well! How long are you going to keep us in suspense...did Mark
kick butt or what?!? Facts man, just the facts.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jul 9, 2009 02:00PM)
Yeah...what's the results!!!!???? We were rootin' and tootin' for him!! Hope nobody got shot!

In a minor (Real Minor!) No Limit Hod'em Tourney, I got a 2nd place last night on line. (90 players)...it would have went on forever but I went all in, bored to tears. Them Tourneys can go on and on. Good thing it's Play Money! haha.

Big one on Saturday though at Full Tilt, with 2,000 players entered!!! I'll be lucky to last 1st third...though me and the Wife usually wind up on Final table. Saturday is for real MONEY though. Got a free roll for signing some petition. The Blinds will be outrageous though so you're almost forced to play loose.
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 9, 2009 02:18PM)
Well Rick...We closed at 12...by 12:30 I headed down to the "Main Event"...Mark was knawin on his Steak and Crab legs while tellin everyone "Famous Hands" from the ole days in Texas when Amarrillo Slim, Doyle Brunson,Puggy Pierson and others barnstormed Texas...Mark didn't live and partake in those games...But he did read all the Books...Now everyone associates Mark as the Sideshow Wheelbarrow man and the Guy who sits on the "Box" and listens to everybodies "Sad story" with the interest of someone wantin to catch the "creepin-crud"...in short his standard reply when they say "well, see you to later" is..."Don't Hurry Pal!"...So when they found out he was entered..I'm sure they all thought "Easy Money"...Now the way it was laid out was...28 Folks had entered...but about 60 had paid for just the Vittles....So at about 1:15 the cards started to fly!...3 tables...Now being a Carnival Tournament...The Booze flowed freely...The Chips exchanged hands, and the action was FAST!!!....By 2:30 I tuckered out and headed for some sleep...Mark had a good size stack and I figured he'd last a little while, but I needed some sleep...around 5:30 I was awoke by Marks loud voice...So I hollerd out the Door.."How did you Do?"....A big smile came across his face as he flashed 3 Franklins..which meant he had taken 2nd place!...He then went on to tell me that at the Final Table...the disgruntle's were against him...The Carnies were tryin to Rally their Buddies left at the Final table by sayin "Where's your Carny Pride!!"...Apparently a Sideshow Wheel-Barrow man...was sh**in the pool at the Pool party!...Never the less, Mark didn't WIN it all...But the 2nd place that Mark had won represented the BCS more than we could have hoped for...In short, The "Main Event" was a BIG success...Folks from Management to Ride Jocks and Game Agents had entered....And Mark, The Guy everyone had only knew as a Sanitary Engineer for the Freak animals had raised his "Standing" on the Midway!..I can hardly wait to open today as the stories of "Close hands and Lady-Luck" will be circulating the Midway....Congrats to Mark..and To Crabtree Amusements for a Excellent Event!!!!....
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 9, 2009 02:29PM)
Hey Doug...Next time The BCS will have to enter you in as Our "Ringer"....
Message: Posted by: Rick West (Jul 9, 2009 02:50PM)
Great Story Jim! Wish I was there today to hear Mark give
the play by play. Tell him we said, "Well Done!"

Would love to hear the scuttlebutt on the lot today!
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 9, 2009 03:54PM)
Rick, I will tell him when he returns to the Lot...Josh drove him down to Sears to return a leaky hose...Now as you know Rick a few of the "Café" members are in the Guiness Book of Worlds Records...However, as you know...Mark has returned literally Thousands of Feet of Hose for me over the Years(15+) and probaly has set some sort of Record for returned "Lifetime" Guaranteed Hose...not to mention...saved The Curator an untold amount of $$$....We figured Casper would be a good place to update our Hose stock as we have not played Casper in a while and most likely they don't have Marks photo hanging at their Return service Desk...I know he will appreciate your words of Congrats...and the Best part is...your in Texas!...Josh and I will have to hear 'Replays" of the "Main Event" for the next several weeks...or..until we play near a Casino!...Then, at least we will hear NEW stories of triumph or...defeat....
Message: Posted by: abigkahuna/1 (Jul 9, 2009 04:22PM)
Good Going for BCS and Mark! A Big Slick away from the Nuts!

Now I gotta ask, what are you doing with those hoses? I understand the ends going bad, but what gives? The boys and I are very curious indeed...
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jul 9, 2009 04:31PM)
I'd have to rep BCS 'ONLINE'...I couldn't do what Mark did LIVE...2nd place in a live game (with boozed gazoonies) is a real accomplishment...especially if you can walk away with the geetus unmolested.

How's Casper in the Eye burn dept? When I went through in the 70's I barely got out with my sight intact.

You gonna play Cody?
Message: Posted by: Rick West (Jul 9, 2009 04:44PM)
Jim, you know I love those "lifetime Guarantees". I can't remember
the number of time Sears has had to replaced the "Lifetime Battery"
in my 1972 Chevy 3/4 ton.
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 9, 2009 05:39PM)
Kahuna...Only on occassion do the Ends go bad...However the actual Hose part takes a beating when run across a road or the Midway...We sometimes have 2 or more "Blow-outs" (not to be confused with TgN) a spot.....

Doug...Casper has been Super!...as far as the Weather...mid 70's...We will not play Cody...We head to Bozeman MT open tuesday...

Rick...Who ever came up with the "Lifetime Guarantee"...Obviously never had "Show" expierence....Hee-Hee-Hee.....

***!!!...I could have made these replies 3 separate Posts!....Oh well, the "Inner-Circle" can wait!!...Gotta open....
Message: Posted by: abigkahuna/1 (Jul 10, 2009 12:23AM)
Ah, I unnerstan' now... one of those 350 foot lines across the midway and around the outhouses to its final destination....

btw, this is just a gratuitous post, working my way to the sacred "inner circle of doom"