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Topic: Magical Door
Message: Posted by: (a)ndy (Jul 13, 2009 10:42AM)
I saw the video demo of magical door and liked the effect. Then not long afterwards I saw Martin Breese's demo of Terri Rogers Blockbuster.

Magical Door


The effect looks similar to me and I was wondering if these use a similar method or different.

I would like to buy one but don't know which. Any recommendations?
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jul 13, 2009 07:57PM)
In my mind, the only thing similar about the two effects is that they are both penetrations. I do have both and they operate on two completely different principles.

Blockbuster is nice because the prop is more natural looking than Tenyo's Magical Door, and more usable without appearing as a toy. However, it is a very quick trick, where the Magical Door is a two-phase effect. Still, I recommend Blockbuster if I had to choose.

Oh, one more thing. Buy the original Blockbuster if you can find it, verses the "improved" version. The new model has a cheaper ring that has a prominent weld. It's solid, but the weld looks questionable. The original version works smoother as well.
Message: Posted by: (a)ndy (Jul 14, 2009 04:51AM)
Thanks. I did like the look of Blockbuster and its more natural look. With it being a very quick trick, and I couldn't work this out from the video, can you tell me:
1. Is the ribbon pulled right out of the block at the end? Martin Breese stops half way on the video.
2. Is it possible to repeat the effect in order to lengthen a routine?
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jul 14, 2009 08:15PM)
Honestly, I can't recall whether you are able to pull the ribbon all of the way out at the end or not. But from my recollection, you don't need to. You are able to hold both ends of the ribbon (above the block) and the spectator can tug on it to ensure that it is actually on the ribbon.

It is not possible to repeat it instantly without a behind the scenes reset.

This is a real fooler by the way. It's fun just to perform it for yourself...it looks that good. The effect is just too quick. I suppose if you have a good story to set up about the mysterious block you can stretch out the presentation, and make it into a true illusion. Otherwise, it is something you may put in the middle of a show, as opposed to the beginning or an end. Just my two cents though. I'm a hobbiest, not a worker, so take my performance advice with a grain of salt.
Message: Posted by: (a)ndy (Jul 15, 2009 07:25AM)
Perhaps it will be one of those items I can put on display in my living room for the occasional 'show' for a visitor.

Thanks for the input. I will add this to the bottom of my "to purchase" list.
Message: Posted by: dragonash (Jul 20, 2009 01:49AM)
No, one can NOT pull the ribbon out at the end.

I have the version put together by Terri herself. unlike the one in the video, the ribbon is thumbtacked to the block and the ends tied together so that it is a loop through the block. the tack "explains" why the ring pulls the loose ribbon up through only one side of the block. the tied ends are the clue the performer will not be removing the ribbon during the performance.

why didn't he demo the routine in which a ring already on the ribbon changes places with a free ring?

look at the blockbuster thread for troubling hints at reliability problems. I don't know if the solution proposed there is dependable; I havent tried it with real spectators.

Message: Posted by: (a)ndy (Jul 30, 2009 10:18AM)
Thanks for the comments dragonash.
Message: Posted by: Maartinrb (Aug 30, 2009 04:43AM)
Thank you for the various comments on BlockBuster. I am not a great performer and my demming ability has lapsed somewhat from the days when I stood behind a dealer counter working hard all day and getting to perfect an effect by demonstrating.

My demonstration leaves a lot to be desired so forgive me. The questions about the loop of ribbon etc etc have been answered by those who are involved in this thread but the main news is that I have never ever been satisfied with the way the various people who have taken on the manufacturing job have manufactured it. I have a new maker who is a perfectionist and he looked at the blocks I had been sending out and saw an immediate way to produce the identical item so that it works smoothly and simply and can never fail. He has made about 100 of the new version and has cut the wood in the correct way and the rough grain that seemed to catch the ribbon has been avoided and the thing works like a dream. Forget the comment about the ring with a weld in it. The cheapest part of this effect is the ring and I am still hunting for a really good looking sturdy ring. If you can find one that looks better and know where I can get a supply please let me know.

A long time ago when this trick was first released I was not satisfied with the way it worked. It jammed and stuck and was horrible. I then had an improvement made and sent out free replacements to various dealers and told them to throw away the previous not so good props and to just offer the latest version. That was yeas ago. One magic dealer who likes to make a bob or a million and works out of a city staring with the letter B didn't scrap the faulty ones and when the even better version came along he didn't order and just took all the faulty old ones out of a box and started to sell them again. I was really upset but there was nothing that I could do and for years refused to sell anything more to this well known dealer.

Anyway as stock of the really latest and much much improved Blockbuster model number 3 are limited (most of the 100 received have already been sent out to a wholesaler) I will be happy to exchange old blockbusters that are rubbishy and don't work well for a new one. I can offer a total of 20 in terms of swops. I will be happy to send them out in exchange for a few dollars or pounds to cover postage. When the old kit is returned all that I will need to have sent back to me is the two bits of ribbon including the one with the shuttle on the end. I will send out replacements free of charge with great pleasure but will have to limit myself to doing this for the first twenty people to respond. I only have a few in stock but when new supplies arrive I will be happy to sort this out for 20 previous purchasers. My email address is mbreese999@aol.com so please email and let me know if you want to replace your blockbuster.

Best wishes to all Martin