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Topic: Wheat Germ
Message: Posted by: streetmagician_08 (May 29, 2003 06:18PM)
Hey guys,

I know wheat germ oil is good for the bird's feathers, but I have 2 questions:

1. I bought some wheat germ crumbs that are sodium and cholesterol-free. Can I give this to the birds (will it be safe)?

2. I know wheat germ brightens feathers, but what else does it do? Does it make them molt?

Thanks guys. :readingbook:
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (May 29, 2003 09:16PM)
I'm not sure what the wheat germ crumbs are but it doesn't sound dangerous to the birds.

Doves will molt all by themselves. You don't have to give them anything. The wheat germ oil has vitamin E which gives the birds healthy skin and shiny feathers.

Just a few drops in their food each day is enough. When they start to molt, add an extra drop.

Besides the wheat germ, look for Nutrimin. A few squirts of this in their water each day will give them all the vitamins they need.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 14, 2005 10:01PM)
Would you believe that many of the doves I have now (about 100 of them) many will not eat wheat if there is anything else available. The milo and corn are favorites. That may tell a story about wheat germ oil.

Bob Sanders
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