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Topic: Im Building A House!
Message: Posted by: magicmax1 (Jul 18, 2009 09:07PM)
I am going to be building a house and I want it to be magic themed I want it to have like trapdoors and illusions! I want it to be crazy. If you have any idea what I should have built in the house please tell me. thank you so much!

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Jul 18, 2009 11:34PM)
When I first started The Wizards' Journals, I always included a final article called "The Wizards' Den." Many of these describe different ways to design and decorate your house or that special magic room. Check the final articles in Wizards' Journals #1 through 6.

I only stopped because it seemed that few magicians were interested in the subject.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jul 21, 2009 02:08PM)
There is an incredible book titled "The Way of Wizards" by Tom Cross that desribes a Wizard's Tower with details of what it should contain. It is worth getting just for the artwork.
Message: Posted by: Maloney (Jul 21, 2009 02:49PM)
If I were you I'd put a sweet trap right in the middle of the living room. Of course, the trap should be invisible and only operational by you. Imagine all of the people you could freak out if they pay you a visit. Make your wife ACTUALLY dissapear. We all get the saying, "hey buddy, can you make my wife dissapear?". Now actually DO IT in the best possible conditions. I'd also have slots above my windows so I could slip a card physicaly INSIDE the pane of glass.

Basically if you have the money you can create some seriously crazy things.
Message: Posted by: Jay Jennings (Jul 24, 2009 07:35PM)
At the very least you need a bookcase that swings away to show the entrance to your office/den.

Maybe put some electromagnets in the walls, then you can hang pictures over them and with metal shims in them. Hang them "crooked" but the magnet will hold them straight, then cut the juice (foot switch, remote, etc.) and the picture will swing into place, but crooked (if you follow what I meant).

That's more of a haunted house kind of thing, but could be useful if you're doing any kind of bizarre routine.

You also might want to look at running audio/video cable to each room (much cheaper to do it while building than try to retrofit it later). Not sure what you'd do with it, but if it's there you'll come up with something. =:)

Jay Jennings
Message: Posted by: AaronTheMagician (Aug 4, 2009 12:59PM)
I've always thought it would be cool to have a house built with an entirely separate house within the walls. The floorplan and room sizes of the "normal" house would be structured in a way that would prevent you from noticing all the space taken up by thicker walls, etc.
If that makes any sense at all... sounds great in my head though.

Basically, unless you knew about the passageways and extra rooms, you wouldn't be able to tell from the inside OR the outside there was more to the house...
Message: Posted by: jasonmcconnie (Dec 20, 2011 01:13AM)
Sounds like a fantastic project. Any progress magicmax1?
Message: Posted by: stijnhommes (Feb 1, 2012 05:40AM)
I realize this is an old thread but if you're still looking into this, Penn and Teller have shown people around their houses for a documentary at least once. You might want to watch that to get good ideas. Unfortunately, the title doesn't spring to mind.
Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Feb 1, 2012 06:14AM)
Have a show party for orphans and the poor kids in your area every month.

You get to do some good while being able to show off your magical house! :ohyes:
Message: Posted by: Jason Johnson (Feb 18, 2012 10:15AM)
You could make some serious money every Halloween. Let trick-or-treaters for a fee take a tour of house like they do in Graceland.
Message: Posted by: JoshTmagic (Mar 23, 2014 06:15PM)
How did the project Go?
Message: Posted by: ZachDavenport (Jun 16, 2014 10:31PM)
You could have a tool box in the garage that goes into the floor, so a latter will fit in it.